April 15th,2016

2130 GMT

USS Chicago

Pacific Ocean

Captain John ‘Soap’ MacTavish

Task Force 141

Business as usual for everyone.Except for me.While the others are looking forward for this operation,I’m not in the mood.Perhaps the weight of the role becoming a mole inside Task Force 141 are starting to gain on me.Still,I managed to keep it under wraps,at least for now.Sooner or later,when I can no longer able to hide this burden,the truth will come out.Either from me or my mates from intelligence department.

‘Glad to see all of you made it here.’Shepherd started the briefing with a sense of relief.We can only smile to hear such words from our leading commander.Many assume he’s not that bad after all but I still on guard.With that revelation from MI-6,I know I have to tread my action very carefully to avoid any suspicion either from Shepherd or that bloody rat.’Forgive me,sir.It seems like we headed the wrong direction.Shouldn’t we coming back to the fight,General?’I asked.He replied,’Plenty of fight to go around,MacTavish.You’re meeting up with the 6th Fleet.Leading the counter strike.’After a few moments,he continue,’Prisoner 627.We believe that’s who Makarov’s got the mad-on for.But we can’t get to him.’

He then pointed out the location of the gulag,where Prisoner 627 is currently incarcerated.Then,he showed several oil rigs with the first rig is highlighted.Puzzled with this development,Ghost asked,’Oil rigs,sir?’He nodded and explain,’We believe these rigs are currently being commandeered to defend any attacks on Russian East Coast.They’re using them as SAM sites.To make things even worse,they even take oil workers as human shields in case any raid occur in these rigs.’He cough for a few moments and continue,’The one that has been highlighted is the least defended by these soldiers.’Shepherd then look to all of us and take a deep breath before saying,’Boys,I know I’m sending you into the meat grinder in this one…’I immediately extinguish his doubts by saying,’They’re defending it,so it means we want it.Especially if it gets us to Six-Two-Seven.’

As everyone starting to leave the room,Shepherd receives a call,possibly from the chain of command.After several minutes,he hang up and tell us to wait.’Gentlemen,new information just come from the chain of command.It seems like the British want to take part in this operation as well.’Everyone is a bit surprise with that news.’Sir,is it something to do with Prisoner 627?’Our top sniper,Archer asked.He nodded and continue,’MI-6 believe Prisoner 627 is possibly a SAS officer who reportedly went MIA 4 years earlier.They suspected our HVI is Captain John Price.’British soldiers in the task force are very happy and more thrilled to do well tomorrow.The old man is a legend among us and to see him back in the fold is a music to our ears.

April 16th,2016

0730 GMT

Our destination today is Vikhorevka 36 Oil Platform where the objective is to secure the hostages and the oil rig at the same time.Some of us want to finish this matter immediately in order to reach the gulag.I can fully understand their excitement but I reminded them,’We all excited to bring him back.However,focus on this task first.Securing the hostages and the rig is very important.Maintain your focus,understand?’All of them instantly answer,’Yes,sir!’

As we head out towards our SDV,a familair voice echoed through my comms.’Hope you’re not missing me,mate.’As I look right,I see a man waving at me,no one will do that except my best friend,Captain Mustapha Abbas.’Don’t get yourself killed before we found the old man.’He jokingly said to me.I can only smile to that banter and reply,’It’s you who should watch your ass,mate.’Having that reminds me of the old days with the old man where Gaz or Abbas become clowns in our squad,making the atmosphere very cheerful.I really missed that,I really do.But we have to move on from that.Still,that banter helps me to focus on our mission.

0800 GMT

Vikhorevka 36 Oil Platform

All teams went out with their SDVs heading to the oil rig.After swimming for several minutes,we arrived on our destination with the teams swimming to the surface.Members of Navy SEALs,SBS and Task Force 141 are waiting while Abbas and I reach the surface.As we prepared to take on the guards,we can hear one of them whining over the sea breeze,reminding us over our last op in that freighter.’Just like old times,mate.’Abbas whisper to me.Both of us immediately take out the guards,killing them instantly.With them gone,all teams are onboard the rig,ready to storm the area.

Roach and I went first to scout the area,while the rest stay,waiting for new instruction.At the first floor,Roach spotted one.’Sir,tango on the railing.’I silently tell him to take him out.In a blink of eye,he’s down,allowing the rest of the team to approach the first deck.’Team One in position.Team Two,are you in position?’I asked.Team Two respons quickly,’We’re in position,sir.’We stormed the first deck and killed the soldiers inside.Once the hostages secured,Team Two led them out quickly while Team One and Bravo Team led by me and Abbas continue our search.

‘Watch your six.Enemy helo patrolling the area,over.’Overlord informed us through radio.Hearing that word forcing us to tread our steps more carefully.Then,Ghost slowly inform us,’Enemy helo,sir.Get down.’We immediately hide,waiting for that bird to pass.After several minutes,we continue our search to Deck Two.Just like before,we storm the deck,swiftly killed any hostiles and securing the hostages.However,a radio call forcing us to act fast.We set the charges around the corpses before hiding in several area,waiting to ambush them.Within minutes,another group of Russian soldiers appeared on the scene.’Standby…Standby…Standby.Smoke them!’Abbas announced.Within minutes,chaos ensues,compromising our position immediately.

‘Overlord,we being compromised.’I radioed Overlord on our situation.’Copy that, intel still indicates hostages and possible explosives on the top deck.Your team needs to secure that location before we can send in reinforcements to handle the SAM sites,over.’Overlord give us new instructions.Knowing these @#$%^* will execute these hostages,we immediately rush to the top side.Despite fierce resistance from Russian soldiers,especially from that bloody helo,all of them are eliminated in no time.We breach the area and quickly neutralize hostile forces inside.With all hostages secured,all teams head to the helipad,now heading to the gulag.’Ready,mate?’Abbas asked me.’Ready when you are.’

1230 GMT

The Gulag,40 Miles East of Petropavlovsk,Russia

All teams now heading to the gulag with one goal in mind,liberating Prisoner 627 or for us,John Price.As we getting closer to our destination,Ghost asked Abbas,’How do you know Price is being held there,sir?’He calmly reply,’Polyakov’s man inside Ultranationalist camp provide us with that intel.We’re not the only ones will be here.Loyalist forces are also here to liberate their comrades,Simon.’Hearing that intel makes me a bit worried.’Mustapha,are they fully aware about US bombing over the area?’He reply,’They already know.That’s why we need to attack now.At the moment,these fools are busy fighting Loyalist forces at the moment.’

2 US fighter jets,codenamed Jester One-One bombed a radio station outside the gulag,destroying their hope for reinforcement.With that gone,we switch our assault rifles with sniper rifles and killed sentries on the tower.While we’re busy mopping these fools,somehow a jet pass our helo in high speed,causing the chopper to wobble briefly.’Shepherd!Get those fighters to cease fire immediately! That was too close!’I tell Shepherd through radio.However,his response is a bit disappointing,’I’ll try to buy you some time.One man in a gulag doesn’t mean much to the Navy at this point.’Angered by his response,Ghost exclaimed,’Bloody Yanks!I thought they were the good guys!’Knowing his words might spark a fallout among us,I tell him,’Ghost cut the chatter.Stay frosty.’

Little Birds begin to land,dropping us along with the rest of the team.Abbas led the first wave and immediately,fierce firefights ensues between us and Russian soldiers inside the compound.To make things even worse,snipers are also here.Fortunately,the Little Birds unleashed a full barrage of bullets from their miniguns,annihilating those stand between us and 627.

We entered the gulag with SAS team led by Abbas and Ghost seize control over the control room.’John,you led the rest searching the gulag.Ghost and I will assist you to look for the prisoner.’Abbas tells me to go ahead.’Alright then.Boys,we’re on cell duty.’As we search the cells,more soldiers appeared,giving us a very hard time.Fortunately,both of them switched on the searchlights,allowing us to hit them hard.However,the prisoner is not on this level.’Talk to me Ghost…these cells are deserted!’After a few moments,he reply,’Got it!Prisoner 627’s been transferred to the east wing!Head through the armory in the center – that’s the fastest way there.’We immediately headed to the armory to reach the east wing.With plenty of ammunition,we replenished our supply and ready to move on.However,bad news emerged from our radio.’Damn it.Soap,I spotted three,no,four hostile squads heading to your location,over.’As the door to the east wing open,suddenly it went jammed.I urge Ghost to open the door quickly.But another spanner hit our progress,’Bloody hell, they’ve locked it from the hardline.I’ll have to run a bypass.’But it’s too late.Russian soldiers appeared and immediately pinned us down.To soften their resistance,Abbas appeared with several SAS members,providing covering fire on our position.With the door finally open,we storm pass the soldiers,leaving a trail of destruction behind.

As other teams finished searching the cells,it’s very frustrating for us.It seems these fools hiding manage to hide him from us.Then,Ghost inform us,’Ghost here.Recommend you bypass the lower floors by rappelling out that window.’Once we rappeled down,we regroup with other 141 operatives and continue our search.However,a serious reminder comes from Abbas,’Be careful.The camera feed in solitary confinement is dead.The power must be down in that section.Those fools might be waiting for you.’We activated our night vision goggles and hit the bottom floor hard.Anyone stands between us are quickly killed.Then,a loud explosion hit that area,shocking us pretty briefly.Furious with these bombings,I radioed Shepherd,demanding the Navy to stop firing.After a few minutes,the Navy stopped firing.But I know,in short period,anything can change.Somehow,I feel my doubt towards Shepherd slowly become a reality.

We continue to push forward in an attempt to grab the old man out of here.But these Russian soldiers relentlessly attacking us to foil our attempts.Despite taking many casualties in the process,the remaining operatives manage to reach the cell that we believe holding our HVI.’Roach,Ozone set up the explosives.’With explosives set,we breach the wall and find a prisoner strangling his guard with his chain.Roach tried to disarm him but instead,he’s being thrown off the ground.’Drop it.’I tell the prisoner to drop his weapon.Then,I realized it’s the old man.’Price?’Price look to me and called my nickname,something that I never mention a long time ago.

But then,a huge explosion hit our area,forcing us to flee.’We need to get out here right now.Move!’Then Shepherd radioed me,’Hotel Six,be advised, they’ve started the bombardment early!Get the hell outta there now!’All of us then see a hole emerged from the end of the tunnel,with Abbas screaming,’Come on!You can make it!’But then,the tunnel collapse,forcing us to find another way around.We reach the canteen and find a huge hole on the ceiling.However,the pilot failed to spot us.Then,pieces of rubbles hit Roach.Fortunately,the old man manage to help him up.With time not on our side,I fire a flare towards the ceiling.The pilot spotted my flare and inform us,’Bravo Six,I see your flare.SPIE rig on the way.’We hook up on the rope and leave the gulag in one piece.’Glad to have you back,Price.’He can only smile to those words.Welcome back,sir!