It’s all started several years ago when several politicians across Europe proposed that there’s should be some sort of a ban on religious clothing such as jilbab,burqa and turban.Despite received overwhelming resistance throughout Europe,some government felt banning these clothing will preserve their citizens identity of their nation.For example,anyone wearing jilbab in France will find themselves being fined several hundred euros for failure to obey this particular ban.The question is why this rule was not extended to other religious groups such as Christianity and Jews?As far as I know,anyone wearing outfits from this group have so far escape from this prosecution.It’s unfair to everyone because they felt this rule should be applied to anyone.No one should be allowed to be given a leeway and yet,it’s a damning truth.I wonder if these lawmakers who propose such idiotic ban will think that far.If they do,surely the entire community will launched a crusade to crush this ban completely.Let’s take another example in Roberto Maroni, Italian Interior Minister.Despite his radical views towards immigrants,he’s not a big fan at all when it comes to this ban.He said,if priestess were allowed to wear a veil then why should he support a hijab law ban?Even one of the most radical politicians in Italy have to concede these particular fact.And so,when this ridiculous ban will be dropped?It’s comical and nothing more than a mere hypocrisy.