July 7th, 2016


2000 GMT


Ilyushin II-96–300PU
Russian Air Space

Boris Vorshevsky

President of Russia Federation

As the plane left Zakhaev International Airport (ZIA), my minds are everywhere at the moment. I wonder whether my decision is correct or not. But with the death toll rising and a huge possibility we’re might facing criminal charges on our war effort in American soil, peace will be the best solution for all sides. Of course, our pride will take a huge hit but which one will last? Even the most diehard radicals have to admit, our war efforts against the Americans proved nothing more than a dire mistake. Even the sanest man in the party felt peace is the most viable option.

When the Americans heard our proposal, at first they felt our offer is just a ruse. But after some negotiating with the help of my fellow countrymen, they eventually agreed and ready to sit down and discuss terms relating to the peace treaty. For the first time, I asked help from our most dreaded enemy to push through this proposal. Despite our differences in the past, everything has to be put aside to ensure a long lasting peace between us and the West. For the first time, Loyalists and Ultranationalists alike work together on this particular occasion. As a result, both Kasparov and I felt this is the right time for reconciliation. For years, our beloved country is divided due to our different ideals and goals. Once the treaty is concluded, it’s time to heal that wretched wound for good. It’s time for Russia to be united once again.

“Mr. President, the whole Cabinet is waiting for you.” My Chief of Staff, Alexei Sokolov informs me. As I step out from my suite, he whispered, “I’m sure they will voice their doubt over this proposal.” I know it’s going to be very difficult to convince them but I never expected it will also come from my own inner circle. “Like it or not, Alexei. It’s my decision and they must respect my judgment on this particular matter.” As Sokolov and I heading to the Meeting Room, my daughter is also present. And from her looks, I know she’s also very anxious about it. “Vasili’s waiting for you, father.” I simply replied, “I’m guessing he’s expecting an explanation from me.” As we reach the Meeting Room, she voice her disgruntlement, “I don’t like him.” I shared her sentiment and replied, “No one does but he’s just doing his job to our beloved nation.” Then she continued, “What will you tell him? He will not like your answer.” I assured her, “Elena, he along with the rest of the Cabinet must accept my decision. I’m the president of this country; I’m the leader of the party itself. They have no choice but to accept the inevitable.” One of FSO agents then escorted her to a room. I kissed her forehead and tell her with a warm tone, “I’ll see you at dinner, Elena.”

Everyone is present including one of my biggest detractor, Vasili Zhukov. As we take our seats, as expected, Zhukov demanding an explanation over my decision, “Mr. President, this is not the right time to appease our sworn enemies. If we proceed with this treaty, every Russians will be ridiculed for years to come. For the last time, please reconsider your decision.” I take a deep breath and replied, “Vasili, and to the rest of you, it’s time to put an end to this hostility. Of course, this proposed treaty will crush our pride very badly. But I want to create a better future for our next generation. At the moment, peace is a necessity in our country. We must abandon Zakhaev’s pathological hatred right now for the sake of our nation. Ladies and gentlemen, are you willing to gamble on their future in order to continue this endless bloodshed?”

Before anyone could reply my bold statement, gunshots suddenly emerged outside our room. FSO team leader, Commander Leonid Pudovkin exclaimed, “That’s gunfire.” Then a shocking announcement comes from his radio, “Hijackers are taking the plane! The cockpit’s been breached!” As Commander Pudovkin tried to reach his men, Zhukov whispered, “This is exactly what we worried about, Mr. President.” I know exactly what he’s trying to imply. The only man capable to wreck our hope for peace and possibly reconciliation with the Loyalists is him. The most wanted man in the world and a traitor to our country’s aspiration, Vladimir Makarov.

Not long after that shooting, the hijackers managed to break in, forcing the agents to engage them directly. Once the threat nullified, I suddenly remembered, “Commander, where’s my daughter?! I need her now!” Once he dispatched the remaining agents to look after my Cabinet, he assures me, “Mr. President, you shall be reunited with your daughter, I can guarantee you.” The agents pushed through and eventually rescued Elena from the hijackers clutches. I immediately hugged her very tightly. I don’t want to be separated from her. Then, one of the agents exclaimed, “Mr. President, Miss Elena, get ready to brace! Our plane is going to crash!” Then, a loud sound hit the ground.

That emergency landing separates me and Elena apart. As I regain my consciousness, the scene seems unbearable. Clearly, my assertion on Makarov proved to be true once again. He has no hesitation to do whatever means necessary to gain power over our populace. And this time, I fear he might be successful. Then, a Mi-17 chopper appeared on the scene. I know that means I need to leave her behind. “Where’s my daughter, Commander?! She needs me right now!” Commander Pudovkin assures me everything will be just fine and I should be reunited with her in matter of hours in our safe house in the outskirts of Moscow. As the chopper landed, I thought this nightmare will be ended but then, my hopes are completely dashed. A familiar figure emerged from the chopper, killing everyone on the ground including Pudovkin and Zhukov. “You betrayed us once again. And this time, you even killed your own supporter!” Clearly, he’s unfazed with that predicament. All that matters for him is me. “Zhukov and the rest of them are just sacrificial lambs I needed to launch a new war. Now, don’t waste my time, Vorshevsky. I want those launch codes!” Despite the fact that I’m badly hurt and become a captive to this madman, I simply replied, “You’re mad, Makarov! There’s no way I’ll handover those codes to a weasel like you! You’re worthless just like Zakhaev and those fools who supported you!” Enraged with my stance, he rebuked my stand, “Alright then. Then let see if your stand remains even after we have your daughter in our captivity!” When he mentioned Elena’s name, I know she’s in terrible danger. I know, she’s safe with the remaining agents. But I’m not sure how long her luck will last….
As Makarov orders his men to scour the area to find Elena, one of my captors whispered, “Mr. President, the Loyalists will help you the best we can. Don’t worry about Elena. She’s safe with us.” I don’t know who exactly this man but I hope his assurance is correct. I hope my countrymen could stop this madman before it’s too late…


July 8th, 2016


0930 GMT


Lake Como, Italy


Captain Mustapha Abbas
Task Force 141/ SAS


As the Aston burst through Italian highway to reach MI-6 safe house in Siena, my run suddenly interrupted with this breaking news:

“In a sudden twist of event, Russian government announced that they will pull out from the upcoming peace talk with United States. No official ground has been given following this shocking announcement. However, rumors swirling throughout the country that this withdrawal may related to Elena Vorshevsky’s abduction from her apartment in St. Petersburg several hours ago. Sources inside Kremlin assumed this abduction was conducted by Western operatives, to be exact operatives from Task Force 141 who being tasked to track down notorious terrorist, Vladimir Makarov by Western governments.”

I know from the very beginning, this so-called breaking news is just a smokescreen. Something terrible must have occurred last night that led to this announcement. And I fear Makarov may have just play his next card. Polyakov’s phone call confirms my worst fear, “We need to act fast. Kamarov’s man in the Ultranationalist camp has just confirmed that Boris Vorshevsky is currently detained by Vladimir Makarov.” Stunned with this piece of information, I asked, “How’s that possible because as far as I know, only a handful of people have the access to Vorshevsky’s security details.” But then, a new piece of information send a massive shock to my system, “Barely fifteen hours ago, my men informs me that Makarov is now assuming control over Kremlin. With that kind of power, you shall have everything you need including information. Russian populace has been frustrated with Vorshevsky’s leadership. Proposing the peace treaty proved to be the last straw. That’s where he casually steps in. No one will question his authority due to his long association with Imran Zakhaev in the past and the presence of Inner Circle.”

I know I need to act quickly, which means I need to reach the safe house fast. And my fear becomes a reality when two Alfa Romeos starting to close in on my car. Then, all hell breaks loose. They immediately shoot my vehicle using MP5s without any hesitation at all. As we exited the tunnel, one of the cars hit a lorry, causing a massive crash and traffic jams along the road. Then, a Land Rover with Carabinieri insignia appears on the road, trying to block us. I tried to elude my pursuers by entering a quarry but to no avail. Then, Italian police tried to shoot the second Romeo, causing them to shoot back, derailing the vehicle in the process. Clearly I had enough and decided to put an end to it. When our vehicles being forced to turn to avoid a tractor, I use my standard G18 and shoot them relentlessly, sending them to the cliff.

As I reach the safe house, everyone is present including the old man, SIS Director Muhammad Bakr, Soap and Ghost. As I step out, I asked, “I assume you know about Russia’s withdrawal.” Major Price nodded and replied, “Polyakov inform us while you’re heading here. It looks like that cheeky, good for nothing rat is playing his next card.” Then, Director Bakr asked, “How’s the package? I hope he’s still in one piece, Captain.” Judging from the Aston’s condition, I’m hoping the package remains intact. But I don’t see any sign of damage at all. He may be terrified with the ride but at least, he’s safe. “I can assure you, sir. He’s still in one piece. Ghost, open the bonnet. Get that bloody rascal out of there.” Once the bonnet is opened, both Ghost and Rory carried Harold Jackson out from it. Clearly, he’s not a happy man at all. “You’re nothing! You hear me! No one stands between Makarov and his ambition! And he shall succeed and all of you will be tormented for life!” Unfazed with that threat, Soap rebuked his bold statement, “We shall see about that, traitor. In the meantime, you shall tell everything you know about Vladimir Makarov. If you refused to cooperate, you might find yourself in a place much worst from here! Take a pick, Guatanamo, Canary or Caucasus!” Then, the old man added, “Makarov thinks he can outwit anyone including us. But let me tell you something. He’s underestimating our strength, our resolve for some time. Trust me, when that time arrives, his will shall be broken and his ambition will be in tatters!”