April 14th,2016


1630 GMT


Pave Low

Pacific Ocean


Captain John ‘Soap’ MacTavish

Task Force 141


As the others recuperating from our ordeal,I use that time to call an old friend,back in the old days in Scottish Batalion.Captain Nicholas Chen,now a MI-6 Station Chief in Hong Kong.I’m not surprised why Abbas look for him first because he’s one of the few people that we can trust.


‘It’s been awhile,mate.How can I help you?’After that brief conversation,it’s time to get some answer.’Nick,I understand Abbas provide you with several intels that connected to the massacre.Is it true?’From his tone,I can feel his hesitation.’Before I’m telling this,promise me that you’re not gonna be angry.It’s something to do with your task force and Shepherd.’When I heard that last sentence,I’m a bit divided.Should I hear or immediately dismissed his information?In the end,I let my gut to decide that is to hear that piece of intel.


‘According to several transcripts Abbas obtain from CIA Station Chief of Moscow,it is believed that a well known private military contractor (PMC),Torchwood supplied American weapons and ammunitions to Makarov through Alejandro Rojas.The one who arranged this deal was its founder and CEO,Harold Jackson.’To hear a prestigious company to assist a terrorist is absolutely absurd.’There’s no way he will do that,Nick.’I dismissed his theory.However,Chen retorted my defence and reply,’I myself quite surprise to hear that intel but these transcripts are real.I even have several recorded conversation between him and Makarov.’It looks like Vorshevsky’s assumption over America’s involvement was true after all.But Taylor’s administration become Makarov’s scapegoat,not Torchwood or its associates.That bloody PMC is the one collaborate with ‘Kingfish’.Allen’s presence is only to strengthen public perception over America’s involvement in the massacre.


‘How’s Torchwood connected to us and Shepherd?’I asked.I can hear him taking a deep breath,suggesting that intel is very disturbing.’What if I tell you that Shepherd is the one who arranged the massacre by enlisting Vladimir Makarov to lead the assault.Through Jackson,he also feed him valuable intels that allow him to elude us since ‘Operation Kingfish’.’I wish I can scream as loud as I want to release my anger.’It’s a lie,Chen!He’s a patriot,there’s no way he’ll be involved in that massacre!’But he throw a spanner on my defence once again,’If it’s true he’s not involved,how Makarov know Allen’s real identity?I checked the transcript once more and find Shepherd contacted Makarov over his op for the last 2 years.He even provides Makarov with Allen’s identity,latest transcript shows that Shepherd contacted him,18 hours before the massacre.’After a few moments,he continued,’If you don’t want to trust us,fine.But with this compelling evidence,his words against ours,which one will stick?’


I’m still divided over this information.Should I tell the others or dismiss it altogether?Bottomline,doubt starting to appear in my mind and soul.That feeling should be removed completely,yet with these evidences,even the sane mind must somehow wonder if this is true or not.’Listen,MI-6 is currently investigating Torchwood and Shepherd.Abbas is heading back to London as being speak,probably trying to link these clues altogether.’I asked,’If it’s true ‘Caterpillar’ involved,what exactly he will achieved by pitting America against Russia?Chen replied,’You should know,your CO lost 30,000 men in Kuwait 5 years earlier.I’m sure he’s seeking revenge for his men.Besides,after suffering that huge loss,his credibility as a military leader is badly damaged.For a man like Shepherd,he will do everything necessary to restore his image and America as the dominant force on the planet.’


‘So what now?I asked him on my position.’If you contacted me or London,SIS want you as our eyes and ears.You cannot tell this to anyone because we believe there’s a rat among your men.’Hearing that last sentence makes me even more concern.Oh,I wish the old man still with us.’I have one for you.Rojas informed us that there’s a piece of meat that Makarov more despised than the Americans are now locked up somewhere in the gulag.’I tell Chen slowly,fearful if the others know about my conversation.I even signalled to Nikolai to remain silent on that as well.’Thanks for that intel.I shall informed the government as soon as possible.’I asked him,’What if Shepherd asking questions about it?’From his tone,I know he’s also very concern over my position.Still,he assures me,’Don’t worry about it.Leave it to the Circus to pull that string.I’m sure Shepherd might buy with their explaination.Besides,141 is not the only force that looking for Rojas.’


Feeling relief with that assurance,I thanked him for his intel and immediately end the conversation to avoid further complication.As I still trying to digest those intel,Nikolai asked me,’Is this something to do with that massacre?’I only nodded and reply,’Yes.But I can’t give you any details just yet.When time comes,I explain everything.’Noticing my reluctance to speak about it,he fully understand and continue his duty.To be honest,being the first to hear that bloody intel and taking a role as mole proved to be difficult to my system.I hope those intel proved to be unfounded but if it’s true,I know everyone is in jeopardy.Including me.