It’s a short title but that’s exactly the target set by the Opposition for the next general election. Since 2008, after preventing the ruling party, Barisan Nasional (BN) from gaining absolute majority, they harbor an even bigger ambition, wrestling control of the government from the incumbent BN. I have to say it’s very ambitious but to be honest, I’m not sure whether that ambition could be realized in a short period.

First of all, they have to fulfill their own manifesto to voters to show themselves as credible and transparent government. Unfortunately, I don’t see that being executed over the last couple of years. Instead, after gaining control over state government, they revealed their own dark side. Their failure to govern their states properly led to a series of problem across the state. To make matters even worse, they’re more interested on blaming the previous government rather than solving the problem itself. As a result, their credibility as a political entities are completely damaged. At the same time, people will question their leadership qualities as well as their abilities to bring Malaysia forward to the future. If they still dreaming about Putrajaya, they better sort themselves out. Otherwise, the next general election will become a survival game instead of a blitzkrieg.

Secondly, the Opposition must cut loose figures who considered to be as liabilities to avoid a crushing defeat in the next election.Perception is vital for someone to survive that treacherous path. Candidates with excellent track record as well are well-received among voters. However, it’s no use to field such candidate if the party itself shrouded with various problems such as infighting among party members, appointing corrupted leaders as party leaders as well as inconsistent stands made on issues that affecting the welfare of the people. A person like that will be rejected completely by the people itself. Like it or not, despite the leader itself may be a cult figure among his supporters but it’s best for him to leave this political arena with his pride still intact. It’s very painful but one has to take to give the party a serious chance for the next election.

Last but not least, it’s time for the Opposition to show some clarity over their policies and problems that plaguing them. The Opposition, also known as Pakatan Rakyat (PR) do not have any concrete, firm policies on issues surrounding the people. As a result, complications emerged when leaders issued different opinion on issues such as the hudud law and Lynas plant. It seems no one is able to agree on particular matter at all. Although most dismissed it as a sign of positive development to foster a close relationship between parties alike, it actually revealed the hidden cracks among the party itself. Trust and difference in ideology seemingly always put them on collision course. As a result, disgruntled members and leaders of the Opposition left the party, leaving the party seriously in a deep quagmire. Only time will tell when the pact will last….