Ever since I use the social network to interact with people around the world especially with my mates,there is a slight disappointment and frustration in me.It seems most people always issued harsh and negative comments on certain issues such as person’s view on certain subject or shocking events throughout the world.They even going as far as launching a personal attack on that person which was intolerant,despicable and nasty.These days,people are more interested becoming an executioner rather than being a good listener.

In my opinion,such comments like that should never be published in the first place because it represents your personality and behavior to others.By issuing comments like that,people will have second thoughts the next time you posted a comment or a post.Perception can be your best friend or in this case,your worst nightmare.Despite you objected that comment represent his or her personal view,the damage has been done.People will paint you in a bad light,resulting your reputation to take a huge hit and your pride to be destroyed completely.

Sometimes,some issuing comments on sensitive issues,provoking a huge uproar among the populace.I read some of this comments and to be honest,some points were valid while others filled with raw emotion without any knowledge at all.On matters like this,it’s best for us not to voice our inner voice to the outside world.It’s because people tend to strike hard on these comments,sometimes even as far as labeling these comments libelous and absolute bollocks.If you still want to post a comment on articles like this,then you must never let your own fanaticism influencing your writing.You must write it based on hard facts and possessed a strong stand against these waves.I’m sure having these ingredients will silenced these detractors for some time.

I think that should do for now.Be careful while posting a comment or an article to the Net because the last thing we need is a ghost that will haunt us for years to come.