July 5th, 2016

2300 GMT


Torchwood Safe House

Tripoli, Libya


Captain John Price

Task Force 141


Despite the fact the war is already over, the real mastermind behind the conflict is still on the loose. Makarov knows how to slip through everyone’s fingers, including us. Thanks to assistance from the likes of Shepherd and his associates, we’re the ones who have to take the blame. Our good names and reputation have taken a huge hit. As a result, in order to avoid prosecution, the remaining members of 141 including Soap and I were forced into hiding.

But luckily, our old associates fully realized what exactly going on. If it wasn’t for them, Ghost and his team might meet their demise at the hands of Shadow Company in Caucasus Mountain. I’m grateful to have them on my side once again because I know exactly their loyalty lies. I know who exactly I can trust. Due to their actions, Task Force 141 has being allowed to return to action in order to pursue ‘Kingfish’. The Americans have also decided not to press charges on us despite the fact we killed Shepherd. Everyone including their own President felt the kill was justified.

Apart from us, Vladimir Makarov, America and European Union (EU), no one knows exactly what really happen during the conflict and Shepherd’s role as an instigator. In order to prevent the truth from ever reaching the surface, the State Department tells the whole world that Shepherd died in a botched 141 operation in Afghanistan. They even give him a state funeral, which is ironic from our perspective. But I remember what MacMillan said during my early days in SAS, “Remember, Leftenant. The first casualty of the war is the truth. If you let the truth come out, it will leave a significant impact to soldiers and nations alike. Either it will demoralize you or it will lead you to victory.”

Not much can we do at the moment except gathering more information and making inventory list. With Soap, Ghost and Roach still recovering, it’s best for them to recover fully from their injuries. Although they have reservations on this, it’s what exactly they needed now. I want to see them back in a good shape and fully fit, raring to go. I know they’re all bored but with the heat still on us, what choices do we have? Despite the fact the threat posed by Shadow Company has been nullified after Mustapha Abbas taking control over Torchwood, Makarov’s Inner Circle is still on the loose. It looks like that hit order still intact, further driven us to find him as soon as possible.

To ensure history will not repeat itself, the Americans handed the control of 141 to us. Their government realized with our extensive knowledge over ‘Kingfish’ and our previous encounters with his terrorist cell; we’re the best bet to deal directly with Makarov. Despite they felt catching Makarov is very important, it’s best for all efforts to be concentrated on rebuilding America. Once the handover was complete, Minister of Defense, Alastair Dulwich and Director of Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), Muhammad Bakr decided it’s best for me to continue leading this task force. To boost our numbers, military personnel from Commonwealth nations were drafted in. I also decided to appoint Mustapha and Soap as new field commanders for this new task force. Many were convinced with this new looking task force, apprehending Makarov will no longer be an impossible task. But all of us remain cautious. He’s still a threat to anyone especially against his own countrymen.

On June 15th, 2016, Boris Vorshevsky announced all military actions against United States of America will be halted, much to the disgust of the hardliners especially Makarov. It’s a bitter pill to swallow but it’s the truth that they can no longer avoid anymore. From their views, we know Vorshevsky’s action is an act of cowardice, a betrayal to their original struggle. They want to continue their war efforts against the West. But for the President himself, it’s a right call. With the death toll rises and possibility to be charged for crimes against humanity, it’s the best option for Mother Russia. At least, with this peace agreement, their pride and honor as a nation will remain intact.

For the Loyalists, their reactions were mixed. For leaders like Kasparov and Polyakov, they cautiously welcomed his decision but they demanded Russia’s commitment towards long lasting peace with the West. I can fully understand their sentiment on this particular matter. In the past, Ultranationalists have that sort of tendency to violate their agreements with the Loyalists in order to gain an upper hand during the Civil War. One of them happens to be the handover of Moscow whereas promise, Loyalist leaders will be given a safe passage out of the country. But hardliners led by Makarov using this term to their advantage by killing many influential figures including President Markhov himself. This is why up until now, many remain bitter towards the government. Still, they’re never close the door for any chance of reconciliation. For now, the Loyalists will send Ilya Limonov as an observer for the peace summit held in Hamburg, Germany on July 10th. If the outcome from the meeting suited nicely to Russian needs, it might be a right time to engage the government, paving a way for reconciliation a nation desperately need now.

But on my personal view, there will always a distant possibility that bloody rat will use every opportunity to make profit for himself. Over the last couple days, Russian populace and political figures demanded Vorshevsky to resign following his shock announcement. Despite being put under tremendous pressure, he defiantly rejected their overtures and insisted this decision will benefit Russia for the long run. We know he’s the one behind this incident. Makarov thought he will give up but Vorshevksy was adamant. There’s no turning back. And that makes me very worried. I wonder if he’s willing to go that path. If so, this will be one of the bloodiest period in human history.