April 30th, 2016

0745 GMT


Area 51

Nevada, United States


General James Hawk

US Army

Codename: Overlord

Despite the situation vastly changed, the Russians manage to dug in and continue their defiance against us. To make things even worse, they setup a jamming rig on top of the New York Stock Exchange, jamming our communication lines completely. As a result, any attempts to recapture New York will be completely futile. With Russian reinforcement around the corner, if we fail to destroy the jammer, any chance of success will diminished in no time.

“Gentlemen, do we have any special forces near the area? Right now, our only chance for success lies on them now. If we fail to destroy the jammer, America will suffer total humiliation and we might find ourselves as servants to these Ivan.” One of the officers, Captain Martin Murdock replied, “Sir, J-SOCs got a Delta Force team at Bennett Field. Call sign Metal.” After a few minutes, their team leader is on the line. “This is Sandman – understand we are OPCON to you, over.” As the satellite shows the exact location of the jammer, I briefly explain their main objective, “The Russians are using electronic countermeasures to jam our communication lines and guidance systems. The primary emission tower is on top of the Stock Exchange. The jammer is fully operational at this moment so until then, you’ll have no radio contact. I have ground assets to get you close, over.” After a few minutes, Sandman replied, “Copy all. We’ll get it done in no time, sir.”


0800 GMT


Manhattan, New York


Sergeant Derek ‘Frost’ Sandbrook

Team Metal, Delta Force


A huge sound suddenly hit our vehicle very hard, causing it to crash on the street. Moments ago, we’re just pushing through the streets of New York, hoping to close in on the jammer’s location. Then, someone shouted that magic word, “RPG!”

As I push myself out from the Humvee, I can see several Russian choppers run riot on our sky. With the jammer in full spectrum, it was no surprise why our military units become an easy prey to these Russians. Still, despite the odds stacking against us, I’m sure we will prevail in the very end. If we can drive the British insane that led to their downfall and our own independence, then these Russians are no different as well.

With the battle raging on, team leader and my close friend, Sandman aka Staff Sergeant Thomas Harris immediately jump out from the Humvee and throw an ammo to me. “Alright, listen up! Our main objective is the jammer. Destroy the jammer, kill the bad guys! Let’s go!” With that goal fully sealed in our minds and souls, we head out and immediately engage with the Russians. Fully caught off guard, we easily overcome their resistance and regroup with other Delta operatives.

As we continue our fight to reach the Stock Exchange, suddenly a Hind appeared and destroy one of the Strykers that escorts us. With situation look bleak, Sandman shouted to all of us, “Get off the street! Go right! Go right! C’mon, Frost, let’s go!” As we entered a ruined building to seek shelter from these fools, our no.2, Grinch asked, “What’s the plan, boss?” He replied, “Same plan, Grinch. Destroy the jammer. Kill the bad guys.” We continue to push through the building, hoping to carve through another path, away from those Hinds. At times, we even engaged in fierce firefights against the Russians as we closing in to the Stock Exchange.

We’re emerging from an abandoned megastore, hoping by the time we reach the Exchange, the resistance will be minimal. But immediately, our dreams were dashed. Fully aware the importance of this jammer to their war effort, they dug in around the Exchange’s perimeter and wage a strong defense against us. Equipped with heavy duty weapons and vehicles, they can survive any incoming assault and turn the tide against us in a short period. “Damn it! It looks like they’re not giving us an easy way in, sir!” Truck aka Private Hisham Richards voiced his frustration. Clearly, we’re not in an ideal situation. Still, it doesn’t give you an excuse to throw the towel now. I immediately tell Truck, “Don’t give up yet. We can still make it!”

After a few moments, reinforcement arrives in form of Team Anvil. With their numbers dramatically decreasing, we use our numerical advantage to crush their last bastion of defense. As we enter the lobby, Sandman asked with an anxious tone, “Any news from the top brass?” Anvil’s team leader, Grizzly simply shook his head and replied, “Nothing from the top brass so far. Guidance systems and communication lines are still down. We need to bring that thing down.” With time not on our side, it was decided that Team Anvil will continue monitoring the lobby while we will continue to press on, hoping that we’re not too late.

When we reach the trading floor, more Russians appeared on the scene. With their defense finally being brought down, they only have two options, surrendering the jammer or defend the area. Clearly, they choose the second option rather than surrender. For these Ultranationalists, admitting defeat is a disgrace to their pride. They rather die bravely on the battlefield rather than facing shame back in their homeland. Despite their seemingly overwhelming numbers, we manage to reach the top and fulfill our main objective: destroying the jammer.

Moments after the tower was down, all systems were back online. To ensure everything’s back to normal, Sandman radioed Overlord, “Overlord, this is Metal Zero-One! Target neutralized! Do you read me?” A few moments later, Overlord replied, “Roger, 0-1. All systems are operational. We’re sending a Black Hawk to your location for exfiltration, ETA 3 minutes.” As we wait for our ride, suddenly tens of Russian soldiers appeared on the opposite buildings, raining us with sniper bullets and grenades. Then, Overlord relays a new instruction, “ISR is back online. We are detecting multiple hostiles on the rooftops in your area. You have OPCON of a fully armed Predator.” Using the newly acquired Predator, we manage to fend them off with ease. After facing harrowing moments on the roof, our ride was finally arrived.

Still, it wasn’t a smooth ride at all. Despite the fact we destroy the jammer, technically the Russians were still the king of the sky. It’s no surprise after a few minutes, Hinds appeared behind our tail. “Damn it! Sir, it looks like we have some friends following us!” Truck exclaims as I manned the mini-gun to deal directly with these Ivan. After we take out several Hinds, we thought the danger was over. But another Hind appeared behind an abandoned construction site, forcing us to engage them directly. The Hind did destroyed, almost claiming me in the process. But luckily, both Grinch and Tom manage to pull me back inside. “Huh, that’s a sense of relief.” I exclaim as I tried to digest everything that happen today. While I’m doing that, Sandman’s having conversation with the Overlord. It looks like we have a new assignment.

“Alright, listen up. Top brass wants us to infiltrate an Oscar-II submarine at New York Harbor. Once we’re in, we launched every cruise missiles available, enough to level the entire Eastern fleet. SEAL’s Team 7 is already at the scene, Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel.” When he mention about that tunnel, I remember during the first days of the conflict, that tunnel was completely collapsed after our defense have been overrun by the Russians. Hundreds of civilians who fail to escape were instantly killed. It’s a national tragedy on a larger scale.


1130 GMT


New York Harbor


As we dive through the tunnel to reach the rendezvous point with Team 7, there’s nothing in the world could describe the horrors of this war.  I hope by putting an end to this nightmare might give everyone a peace that they seek for. Several feet away, I can hear Truck’s muttering about something, possibly a Muslim prayer to the victims.

As we cut the vents to reach Team 7, Grinch issuing his usual remark, “I hope the SEALs not starting the party without us.” We can only smile to hear his quirky remark. It’s a good thing especially when you’re working under pressure. With the vents out of the way, Sandman reminded us, “Primary entry point is open, stay tight, easy to get separated down here.”

We reach the end of the tunnel with Team 7 leader, codename Mustang radioed us, “Metal 0-1, got you on the tracker.” After several minutes, we regroup with Team 7 with Grinch asked, “Any news about that pile of crap?” Mustang replied, “Sub’s on the move. Intercept window is closing fast. To make things even harder, these Ivan are laying mines around the coast. Watch your sonar and be very careful.” With that in our minds, we head out with a sense of optimism. We know victory is in our grasp.

After passing through several mines, Mustang signaled us to power down our SDVs. Few moments later, our primary target is passing through the waters. Clearly, they’re fully unaware about our plans with their beloved sub. Then Sandman ordered us to plant the mines on the sub with me planting on its Achilles heel, its own tail rudder. With the charges set, it’s now or never. Then, a huge explosion hit the submarine, forcing it to surface in a record time. As we climb up the sub, Russian sailors emerged from the hatch, triggering a brief firefight. To ensure our entrance is smooth, Sandman threw a frag grenade inside a hatch, killing anyone down below. The rest of the team stays behind on top while Sandman and I push through.

Once we’re inside, more firefights ensues. To make things even worse, as we closing in to the bridge, a Russian announcement followed by a blaring alarm suggesting that we’re running out of time. “What exactly going on?” Sandman replied, “They’re going to scuttle the sub. We need to move, now! Frost, take point.” Eventually, we reached the bridge. Using explosives, we carve in and clear the area. “Overlord, this is Sandman. I send checkpoint Neptune, over.” After a few minutes, Overlord replied, “Roger, 0-1, copy Neptune.” After we manage to acquire the coordinates we needed, Sandman and I use the keys we retrieved from one of the corpses, possibly the captain of this sub to launch the missiles. With that piece of business done and dusted, we head out and leave the area immediately using the Zodiac.

Moments after we left, all hell breaks loose. It’s a struggle to drive our boat in this midst of chaos. To make things even more difficult, several Russian PT boats relentlessly pursuing us. “Damn it! I thought those fools are gone!” I exclaim in frustration. In order to put some distance between us and them, Sandman tells me to shoot the mines inside the boat. “It’s our only chance, Derek. Otherwise, we’re doomed!” I shoot the mines, destroying the boat in a matter of seconds. In the end, we reach the Sea Knight and leave Manhattan with our heads held high. This is the day Russia will suffered another total humiliation and America emerged victorious.


May 5th, 2016


1145 GMT


Atlantic Ocean


Captain Victor Zubarov

25th Regiment, Spetsnaz


Clearly, we’re underestimated America’s strength. Despite the odds stacking against them, it seems they will always emerging victorious in the end. It’s hard to swallow that bitter pill. But it’s the truth that cannot be denied.

Clearly, my irrational hatred towards the West especially to America decreased dramatically while I was here. During our stay, I see another side of the Ultranationalists. I thought it’s just rumors but it turns out to be an inconvenient truth. They slaughtered civilians like animal livestock, without any mercy at all. All in the name for revenge. They even raped and molested children. It’s awful and disgusting. At times, I tried to stop them but they insisted, “This is the price they have to pay. America must pay dearly for every single drop of blood of our people.”

I believe this is by far, the biggest mistake the government has ever done. We let our emotions clouded our judgment. It is true Vorshevsky’s the one who made the call but I felt his advisors should take the blame as well. These hardliners know nothing about politics. All they care were to exact revenge against the so-called enemies of the civilization. As a result, we find ourselves in this muddy bloodbath, claiming more lives than we could ever imagined. They thought by waging war against Americans will restore belief and pride on our nation. But their assumption proved to be wrong.


As I contemplating my next move, my phone is ringing. As I see the caller’s name, the only thing I want to give is a piece of my own sane mind. Makarov must have full reality check before proceeding with his own plan. “You realized your grand plan have led to deaths of our countrymen on foreign soil?! To make matters even worse, I heard UN will conduct full inquiry not just on the massacre but on our conduct on American soil as well! There’s a possibility that all of us might be prosecuted including you!” He tried to appease me by saying after gaining full control over Russia; no one will be extradited for crimes against humanity. But I simply reject his overtures and tell him to go away. “Don’t ever call me again. I shall keep my mouth shut to honor what exactly remain in our friendship. You’re on your own now, Vladimir. I believe the others might feel the same way. Da svidaniya, comrade.”