For the last several years,I’m getting tired and bored with these petty bickering about Sharia law especially when it comes to Hudud.Every time this issue being raised,there will be labels on it such as irrelevant,inhumane and ancient.To make things even worse,even some Muslims felt the same about it,which was very disappointing.It seems everyone felt this law brings nothing than misery and cruelty to others.But,what’s more even more disappointing,no measures were taken to stop this wildfire.Clearly,this image must be removed immediately and fast.

I’m fully understand why non-Muslims developed negative perceptions to this law due to lack of information about it.To make things even worse,some politicians using it as a platform to further boost their popularity by tarnishing its image and reputation even further.Clearly,I’m not impressed the way the media and the politicians portrayed it at all because when it comes to this,they show lack of  responsibility and professionalism.As a result,hatred spreads like wildfire,further tarnishing its credibility.In order to avoid this confusion,Muslims especially the clerics should step forward and explain it to the general public.By doing that,any confusion surrounding the law especially Hudud will be quashed immediately,putting an end to this wildfire.

General public should not rely on politicians when it comes to matters like this.Instead,we should refer to intellectuals and clerics to get a very clear picture about this.For example,if someone was caught for theft,he or she will be amputated for that offence unless there are factors that prevent amputation will be made as stated by Imam Malik  in his book,al-Muwatta.

People should know that there are other components that form the Sharia Law apart from Hudud which are Qisas,Diyya and Tazir.Qisas  is a form of retribution on the principle,’an eye for an eye’.Diyya is a form of compensation paid to the heirs of the victims while Tazir is a punishment,administered at the discretion of the judge.

People might say,why you’re defending this barbaric law?Well,it’s my responsibility to defend its credibility because it’s His law.Of course,the punishment a bit severe but it serves as a reminder,not only to the offender itself but to general public as well.Serving these punishments will make anyone think twice before committing a crime.If you don’t believe me,several days ago,I read several statistics involving crime rates in several countries including Malaysia and Arab Saudi and my word,it’s unbelievable but it’s true.Saudi Arabia has the lowest crime rate compare to other nations including United States.Then I stumble upon a picture showing several guards carrying money to their bank without fear at all in Saudi Arabia.It shows how effective is this law compare to others.

Please do more researches before putting inaccurate accusation on Sharia Law.Be open minded and listen carefully to what these intellectuals have to say.Once you gathered all,you’ll have a complete picture on Sharia Law.