It’s very weird these days people seems to take easy on History despite the fact it contains some of the most important moments of our time.Recently,while taking Malaysian Studies class,when my lecturer mention historic figures and terms of our laws,some of my mates find it very amusing and absolutely funny.I don’t see the funny side of that joke.Making jokes like that to our piece of history is a huge insult to our pride as a citizen of a country,in my case,as a Malaysian.To make things even worse,it seems like no one is feeling bothered to take interest on this subject.They find it very difficult and absolutely boring.It seems like History is increasingly become a quagmire for some of my mates.

Why such conditions like that be allowed to happen?Failure to take lessons from the past may resulting us to repeat the same mistakes,leading to our downfall.But if we do take lessons and inspiration behind it,the sky is the limit.Using these precious knowledge will allow us to create a new,better civilization and steering ourselves away from those trouble waters.At the same time,we can use these to improve ourselves as a person.George Santayana once mention in his famous quote,”Those who will not learn history will repeat the same mistakes all over again.”

I can understand some of these jokes were made to lighten that miserable atmosphere.But we must know that sometimes,it can be very,very insulting.If you telling that joke in front of a veteran servicemen,I’m sure moments later,you will be scolded due to lack of honor and respect to our own history.Like it or not,please treated our history with respect.We should be proud of it and vow not to repeat the same mistakes all over again.

Last but not least,please take some time to read historical books.We maybe unable to understand the style of the language or verify its accurateness but read it like any reading materials.I’m sure in matter of minutes,you’ll find subject matters inside of it very,very interesting.I’m fully aware to read these materials requires full concentration and time needed for that but give it a try.I’m sure it can tackle that lack of awareness and passion in no time at all.