For the last couple of days,Syrian government led by Bashar al-Assad is under intense pressure.Continuous bombing campaign on civilians in cities like Homs and Latakia have claims thousands of lives there.They don’t care how many people will die because they just want to put an end to this new form of political revolution in Syria.The question is how long this campaign will continue?

In the long term,I’m sure even the most sane person will go haywire,haunted by his own wrongdoings over his own countrymen.Where exactly your conscience at the time?You may argue that you just following orders but is that mean you should let yourself to be tools for mass murders?No,not at all!

Of course,these fools might say,if you don’t do that,you’re actually betraying us and our country.I call such remark like that as tasteless and absolutely idiotic.There’s no loyalty when you ordered the mass murders of your people.In fact,hatred,anger,frustration and misery will spread like wildfire,triggering a fresh,new wave that could potentially lethal to al-Assad’s own reign.In times like this,loyalty will cease to exist and people’s faith to Syrian government will diminished completely.Even the most diehard supporters will wonder,when this madness will end.

To make things even worse,over the last couple of months,several journalists that covered the conflict were found dead or wounded after being hit with artillery shells or sniper fires.Majority of these journalists are Syrians,reporting these events to the world to allow them to know the reality behind these conflict,contradicting every statement issued by state news agency.For al-Assad loyalists,they said their deaths were necessary to prevent any knowledge of their country found its way to the outside world.Such statements like that are total bullshit and absolutely useless.It’s just an excuse to cover up their crimes against their own countrymen,against their own flesh and blood.It’s just an excuse to boost their chance to cling to power,giving a breather to the embattled government.

Several weeks earlier,Russia and China’s decision to veto a resolution to force Syria to back down disappoints everyone in the world.They reason that by allowing this resolution to pass,it’s actually giving a chance to Western powers to step in and bring down al-Assad’s government.I find that excuse as absolute bollocks.Are they just plain dumb or trying to maintain the status quo when it comes to Iran,another nation making headlines for wrong reasons?They see Syria’s existence absolutely necessary to preserve their interest over Iran.They don’t care about what exactly happens there despite various statements issued by Sergei Lavrov,Russia’s Foreign Minister.If you do want to see the conflict ended peacefully,you should pressured them as well.If I’m the leader of a nation,I shall bring my people back immediately and pressured Syria to act accordingly or facing a terrible backlash,either from the West or from Islamic nations as well.There’s no such thing of allies when such atrocities were committed against your own countrymen,your own Muslim brothers.

I’m sure people will blast me for being bias and unwilling to support a Muslim nation against these waves.But after witnessing these atrocities,I’m not sure showing unwavering support to this bloody regime is the right move.Instead,I’m more interested to lend a hand to Syrians.They’re the real victims of this bloody quagmire,first triggered by al-Assad’s loyalists a year earlier.All they want was a change in their country.But it seems like these fools have other ideas of their own.

For those who want to lend a hand,please make a donation to this account:

Muslim Care Malaysia Society

RHB Bank : 26-2120-0000-4747

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