Over the last couple of years,it seems like our artists are starting to do something that can be considered taboo in our culture,all in the name of popularity and fame itself,taking racy photos.Sometimes,I’m a bit puzzled with their decision to do these poses.Recently,television host and actress,Julie Woon’s daring pictures emerge from the net,with her looking sexy alongside a male model.

People will say,leave these people alone.They can do anything they want.But not from my point of view.Haven’t they consider this matter very thoroughly before taking some of the most daring pose I’ve ever seen?Are they realized,by doing that,they actually destroying their own career?And don’t forget,there will be labels for them back home.People will see them in a very different way.At the same time,their moral standpoint will be questioned as well.Are they ready for all this?

Then,how about their families thoughts about this matter?I’m sure deep down in their hearts,they will be absolutely devastated with their daughters action.How they can hide their faces from this embarrassment and humiliation?It’ll be very painful and bitter for them to swallow.Some will say,you should be proud of her.If I hear such remark,I’m sure that person might end up in hospital because there’s nothing to be proud of about it.These photos will only tell one damning fact,these artists and celebrities are exploited for the sake of beauty and art.

There’s no beauty behind nudity,only misery and humiliation.Apart from getting several thousands quid,the only thing they will get back home are condemnation and humiliation.With their most prized possession being presented throughout the world without any restriction at all,how much dignity that we can still cling on?How much honor we can redeem when these miserable photos continue to circulate worldwide?One word,nothing at all.

Back in the old days,women are held in high regards.But now,women are treated like a livestock,exploited for the sake of money and popularity.I don’t care about those matters.I want women to be treated well,not in this particular manner.You may think I’m a bit old fashion,rejecting women right to be free.I do not oppose it at all.If not,why in some countries,their respective leaders are women.But that freedom must come with restrictions,all to preserve order and honor to all.We’re not like those celebrities in the West.Here,we still hold firm to our beliefs and customs.We can still look stunning and attractive,but in the right way.If you don’t believe it,then have a look towards Eastern celebrities especially Chinese superstars and Japanese celebrities.I don’t think we heard any of them taking those photos.In fact,they rejected these offers completely because they felt it will downgrade their pride as a performer and as a person.

Ladies,please take heed of my concern.I personally felt you’re the most beautiful creation Allah has bestowed on us.But not in those photos,please.You have your rights,exercised it without any fear and shame at all.Everyone must know about it and they also must know the limits while working with you.Ignore what people will say because to be honest,I’ll be absolutely proud for you to establish your career and build your own success story with your own hard work,not with these racy photos.And so will be your families and loved ones as well.