For the last couple of years,all of us have been haunted with this ghost.It’s not a paranormal creature,instead it’s our own creation.This ghost has a name called racism.When it comes to this matter,it’s a taboo that must not be disturbed at all.Otherwise,you might find yourself trapped in a deep,muddy quagmire.Recently,Luis Suarez received an eight game ban for insulting Patrice Evra,calling him Negro several times at Anfield last year.Suarez tried to defend himself by saying it as affectionate call to Evra just like he called his teammate,Dirk Kuyt as ‘Blondie’,a reference to his blonde hair.However,judging by the video recordings at Anfield and testimonies from linguistic experts shows that Suarez was guilty for racism charge.His own testimony sealed his fate before decision being made already.As a result,both Suarez and Liverpool’s image both badly damaged.To make things even worse,Suarez refusal to shake Evra’s hand during a league game in Old Trafford a week earlier further tarnished his already battered reputation.

Clearly as a neutral,I sympathize with his fate but when it comes to matter like this,there’s no room for him to maneuver.At least before this incident continue to flare,he should at least apologize to Evra and the football world for his behavior that day.Is it hard to say sorry and admit your own fault rather than waiting for an inquiry?It’s a shame because he’s a world class talent but his attitude is a huge disappointment to everyone.

But most importantly,Liverpool should also take the blame as well.The fact that they continued their support towards Suarez are very amusing.They wear a T-shirt with Suarez image during their warm up session at DW Stadium before their match with Wigan which disappoint everyone.Clearly disappointed,former Manchester United and Aston Villa player,Paul McGrath even launch a full rant towards them in Twitter,resulting a war of words between him and Liverpool’s right back,Glen Johnson.The Reds should take responsibility for Suarez’s behavior by setting a huge fine and suspension to him,not defending him like some sort of a cult figure.By putting severe sentences like that,that should make other players especially Liverpool players to think twice before committing such idiotic act.Liverpool should also apologized to Manchester United,their supporters and their players especially Evra for their failure to control their players behavior that day.At least,by doing that,Liverpool is still able to command some respect from its contemporaries.

It was only after their encounter at Old Trafford,finally their owners and sponsors step in to put an end to this shambolic feud.Reports emerging from Asia that Standard Chartered,Liverpool’s main sponsor have pressured Anfield’s hierarchy to apologize following Suarez recent behavior and Kenny Dalglish’s inappropriate response to the latest incident.For the owner,John W. Henry,losing a lucrative contract over this bloody incident is a huge disaster for a club with such stature like Liverpool.In these times,it’s difficult to find anyone to provide such funds needed to continue their revival.I also believe in the wake of this latest incident,Mr.Henry may have felt it’s time to draw the line,showing who exactly in charge in Anfield.It may be one of the most painful decision he ever made but he needs to act now.Giving ‘King Kenny’,sporting director,Damien Commolli and managing director,Ian Ayre too much power prove to be a disaster.I’m sure following these incidents,both Suarez and Dalglish may watching their shoulders,probably counting their days.Despite Liverpool’s insistent that both of them will stay but with this fog surrounding them, I’m not very sure.