April 17th,2016


2030 GMT


Red Square



Vladimir Makarov

Inner Circle


As long as Shepherd is still alive,I’m a dead man.With his vast resources,I’ve no longer able to elude his hit team.Even the likes of Jackson will not lend me a hand on this one.Even if he manage to assist me eluding these fools,it will not long before authorities noticed something’s going on between me and Jackson.I never expect I have to ask a favor from my own enemy,the man that I put behind bars five years earlier.In my opinion,he’s the last person I will like to ask for help.But since we share a common enemy,all hostilities must be put aside,at least for now.As long as Shepherd still exist,my chance to survive is a bit slim.


As I contemplating my plan in case Shepherd survive the assault,a phone call suddenly interrupt my concentration.As I see the caller’s name,a broad smile appear on my face.’I hope you have good news for me,Director.As long as Shepherd still alive,there’s no way I can conduct my operation in secret.’But the caller assures me everything is fine,’Shepherd will no longer bugging you.He died at the hands of his own men.SAS operatives confirmed his death several hours ago.’His tone seems very convincing.Now,with him gone,I can concentrate on tracking down the last operatives of Task Force 141.I ask him,’Do you know their whereabouts,my friend?’After a few moments,he reply,’Even better.One of them is badly injured.Chatter says they’re now in a Loyalist safehouse in Himachal Pradesh,India.’


After he hang up his call,with Shepherd’s no longer existed,the last loose ends for me are Price and his comrade,MacTavish.It’s time for them to join Shepherd as well.


April 18th,2012


0900 GMT


Nikolai’s Safehouse

Himachal Pradesh,India


Captain John Price

Task Force 141


Barely a few minutes ago,I received a distress call from Abbas.From his tone,I know something’s gone wrong.’Sir,you better be ready.Makarov send his men to your location right now!’I’m a bit surprise with that because the only person I told is him only.’How he manage to get our location?It seems like you have a leak on your side,son.’But he insisted,Sir,I’m telling you,I don’t tell any soul at all.Unless…’I pressed him,’Who else knows about this?’After a few moments,he reply,’Only the Circus.It looks like someone’s feeding information to Makarov.’


Then,one of the Loyalists reporting to us,’We’re picking up inbound signatures.’Nikolai shake his head and said,’It looks like we have company.Probably Inner Circle.What puzzles me,how they manage to locate us in a short time?’I reply,’I suspect someone inside British intelligence feeding Makarov about it.’After a few moments,I continue,’No time to think about that.Who’s your best men?’I ask Nikolai.He pointed his finger to a soldierthat guarding the room,’Yuri.Ex-Spetsnaz.Only man I know who hates Makarov more than you.’Knowing that I have someone to rely on,I tell Nikolai to setup the perimeter while pointing out these fools might fly in from the south.’How do you know?’One of the Loyalists ask.I simply reply,’It’s what I’d do.’


1000 GMT


Our worst fear become a reality.Three Havoc gunners and five MI-27 helos approaching our position with commandos rappeling down and fast with one objective,obliterating all of us.With the odds against us,it will be very difficult for all of us to escape,especially with Soap’s condition.As Nikolai and the doctor continue monitoring Soap,a helicopter crush through the wall,knocking everyone down.From that hole,I see more Ultranationalists rappeling down from MI-27s,heading towards the courtyard.’What you need me,Price?’Yuri ask.I pointed to a balcony and reply,’Yuri,take a position on the balcony!We need to buy the doctor some time!Keep your eyes on the courtyard.’Then,hostile forces appeared on the courtyard,triggering a fierce firefight between both factions.We thought that’s the end but an enemy Hind,appeared out of nowhere,firing a barrage of bullets towards us,killing the doctor immediately.’Yuri,we need your help!Give him the shot!’Nikolai continues patching the wounds as Yuri injected a shot of adrenaline to keep his heart beating.


Then,out of nowhere,one of the commandos manage to breach the door,forcing me to shoot him immediately.’We need to get moving.Looks like they’re already on the roof.’Yuri exclaims as Nikolai continues carrying Soap.As we walk into the hall,more idiots barging through the window,forcing me and Yuri to kill them immediately.As we headed down,more bloodshed continues between Makarov’s men and the Loyalists.’Come on.If we want to escape,we need to obliterate the remaining resistances!’I rallied the remaining Loyalists to continue fighting for their cause.With renewed spirits,we engage them swiftly,clearing the courtyard.But I know this is a long way to go.With Makarov’s drone is in the air,the advantage is still in his hands.


‘Damn it.Price,more mercenaries rappeling down from the chopper on the street!’Yuri exclaims as he led more Loyalists to aid civilians and clearing a way for our escape.With the condition is not on our side,I immediately tell Nikolai,’We’re outnumbered and outgunned.We need some heavier firepower,mate!’Fully understand our dire situation,Nikolai informs me about a weapon cache at the edge of the town where a UGV is stored there.Before I leave the safehouse,I tell him to stay back and protect Soap.


We continue to push our way to reach the cache.Despite continuous resistance from Makarov’s men,we manage to reach the weapons cache in one piece.’Unmanned ground vehicle.2 centimeter armor plating,mounted mini-gun,and grenade launcher.Controls are going to be in Russian.Yuri,you’re up.’As he control the UGV,he said to me,’Make it fast,Price.Just make sure you’re reach the chopper in time.’I only nodded and reply,’So do you.’I lifted the garage door and the UGV immediately killed or destroyed anything on its path.With our route clear,Nikolai and I carry Soap to the chopper.Suddenly,as we successfully loaded Soap into the chopper,the drone fires a missile towards the UGV,destroying it in a blink of an eye.I immediately radioed Yuri,’Yuri,run to the chopper!Move!Go!Go!’As we leave the area,Yuri struggling to evade those missiles.As he reach the roof,another missile hit the building,causing it to collapse with Yuri fall to cliff.


We thought he’s dead in that attack but then we see a figure,recuperating from exhaustion,holding tight to a tree root.’There he is!There’s Yuri!’I can only sigh with relief to see him in one piece.As we mention Yuri,Soap suddenly interrupt,’Who the bloody hell’s Yuri?’I can only smile to hear that phrase.The same thing I said about him several years earlier before he do the CQB test.


1130 GMT


Secret Intelligence Service Headquarters

Vauxhall Cross

London,Great Britain


Captain Mustapha Abbas

22nd Regiment,SAS


I’m fully aware that several DSMs have been recovered from both Site Hotel Bravo and Soap respectively.But with this revelation,I fear the DSM may have been compromised.Who knows how many information Makarov’s mole have erased over the last 12 hours.The only DSM left is with the Loyalists,under Polyakov’s care.’Hello,it’s me.I need a name from the DSM.’Puzzled with my request,he asks,’There’s something troubling you,Mustapha?’I briefly explain about the leak as well as Makarov’s assault over Nikolai’s safehouse in Himachal Pradesh,India.Realizing how damaging the leak is to everyone,he orders his men to run full diagnosis on the DSM.’Can you give me a name?’I reply,’I don’t have names but I suspect the leak comes from the highest echelon of British intelligence.’After a few moments,he asks,’Is this the name you asks for?’I could hardly believe it as Polyakov utter that name.Clarkson.


April 25th,2016


1405 GMT


Following the revelation from the DSM,Prime Minister,Adam Lang orders our intelligence to put the house back in order.To speed up the process,he appointed Director Bakr to Clarkson’s original position,making him the new head of British intelligence.With that information,we launch a spring cleaning,removing anyone suspected becoming Makarov’s mole.Other agencies around the world doing the same thing,arresting anyone who had ties with Vladimir Makarov.That includes the arrest of several CBI officers and Indian Defence Minister,Vishal Mukherjee,who at the time,turning a blind eye while Makarov ordered Inner Circle to attack Himachal Pradesh.Despite those arrests,some manage to escape from our grasp.One of them is Clarkson.To avoid further leaks in the future,Director Bakr appointed me and MacMillan as liaison officers for 141 operatives.And to ensure these traitors suffer even more,with approval from the Queen herself,anyone collaborates with Vladimir Makarov will be declared as enemies of the crown by the government itself.Still,I wonder if that’s already too late……