April 17th,2016


0900 GMT


SAS Headquarters

Hereford,Great Britain


Captain Mustapha Abbas

22nd Regiment,SAS


The government decided to reveal an inconvenient truth to United States of America.It’s a tough decision made by our Prime Minister,Adam Lang but I think it’s a right decision.At least,that should shed some light over what happen at Zakhaev International Airport as well as clarifying both Soap and the old man’s position.I already see the charges made by that bloody treacherous general towards them.In order to escape from any prosecution,he blame his own task force.No wonder both of them are so determined to kill them.To clean their good names and reputation as well as preventing Shepherd’s own version of this war to surface.If I’m in their shoes,I will do the same thing.


With everything in place,I know the world must learn the truth over the massacre and revealed the true mastermind behind Makarov’s operation.The real truth must be revealed,no matter what,even if that means bringing the entire government.To be honest,I’m very nervous and afraid on this particular matter.But then I remember what the old man said back in Russia several years ago,’You’re never walk alone.Remember our motto,son.If we really sincere and honest doing our job,I’m sure God will help us along the way.Have faith in Him,son.’I will never forget those words.


‘Sir,are you ready?Comms will be established in one minute.’One of the operators asked.As I prepared myself,I tell them to start establishing contact with the Circus,Downing Street and Edwards Air Force Base.All high ranking officials including my CO,Colonel MacMillan are present.’Sir,comms established in 3,2,1..Sir,you’re now with the Circus,Downing Street and Edwards.’I take a deep breathe and calmly started my presentation.’Mr.Prime Minister,Mr.President,Directors,Ministers and Commanders.The reason I’m calling you today is to tell the whole truth over this war.To be honest,sir,Shepherd has fooled all of us.It was Shepherd,not Vladimir Makarov who plotted the massacre at the airport.Makarov was his tool to gain his goal,instigating war between you and Boris Vorshevsky.’


Everyone was taken aback with my revelation.No one expected a person,with such calibre committing such crimes against his own country.Only Colonel MacMillan,the old man,Soap,teams that involved in our recent operation and the Circus are fully aware or harbouring deep suspicion towards him.President Taylor angrily defend Shepherd,’You have no idea what you’re talking about,Captain!Shepherd is an honorable man.There’s no way he’ll be involved in that!’But I calmly rejected his assumption,’Sir,with all due respect,you’re wrong on that.If you don’t take my word,perhaps you must listen to these recordings.These materials were provided by CIA operatives in Moscow.’Then,Mr.Lang asked me,’Why these operatives looking for you,not their superiors,Captain?’It’s a huge ask but the truth have to be revealed,’Sir,they believe CIA have been compromised.They believe Makarov has his own inside man that feed information straight to him.They don’t know who exactly they can trust.In the end,they’re looking for me.Ray,play the recordings.’And by that moment,everyone is certain,it’s Shepherd,not Makarov.Even the President himself starting to have doubts about Shepherd.


‘I also have this footage taken during our op in Sukhumi,Abkhazia.If anyone still believing him,you decide on that.Play it.’I can see major changes on their expression.They are terrified to witness such violence committed by Shepherd and his men.As they watch,I continue,’141 operatives,Gary ‘Roach’ Sanderson and Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley are still in critical condition.They currently receiving treatment at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham as being speaked.And so,I will like to ask you,who exactly the war criminal?John Price or John MacTavish?Or the honorable war hero,Lieutenant General Hershel von Shepherd?!’


It’s a huge insult to America.I’m sure if this footage is uploaded to any video sites,the shame will be unbearable.Taylor’s administration credibility will be tainted forever.And I’m sure,somewhere around the world,Makarov is having the last laugh towards us.’Captain,you may dismissed.It seems like we need to have a long chat about your lad,Graham.If anything happens to them,I will use whatever means necessary to bring Shepherd to the Hague,sitting the same dock with Makarov!Even if that’s means dragging you with them!You have my word on that!’That’s the first time we ever see the Prime Minister in such mood.We always know him as a jovial person but we never see him so enrage that day.


1030 GMT


Cabinet Room

No.10 Downing Street,London,Great Britain


Adam Lang

Prime Minister of Great Britain


As communication with Hereford terminated,Taylor is clearly not happy with my tone,’Shepherd should take the blame,not me.Why you want to drag me on this matter,Adam?’I reply,’Because you’re the one who appointed him to his position right now.When I heard his appointment several days ago,intelligence and military officers are not very happy with your choice.They voiced their concern to me about your appointment.I have reservation on that because as the President of United States,clearly you have the right to appoint anyone to lead your war effort.But with this latest incident,clearly you’re making a huge mistake,my friend.’Clearly,he’s not very happy with my assertion but it’s a truth that cannot be denied.


‘Now what?What exactly you want to ensure this matter will not resurface?’He asked.Instead of answering his question,I tell Foreign Secretary,Thomas Raj to send an email to Edwards.’Read it loud and clear.You know our demands.If you do not agree with this,I swear to God,I’m not gonna let you escape from this.Your career will be demolished immediately.Your credibility will be tainted forever.’I deliver a very simple ultimatum to America.His and Deckert’s resignation along with the handover of Task Force 141’s authority to Britain.It’s a huge ask but with 141 in our hands,we shall allow them to continue their manhunt and putting Makarov’s madness to bed.At the same time,that should help clear their names and reputation.’You realized your demands are simply outrageous,Adam?!’But I stand firm on my ground and insisted,’It’s your call,Graham.Or you want to see your government collapse.People will seek other saviors to save America from total devastation.’


1230 GMT


As we hoped for,America officially hand over 141’s authority to United Kingdom with blessings from United Nation Security Council.At the same time,both Taylor and Deckert handed their resignation,leaving their pride still intact.With them gone,the Congress and the Senate appointed Speaker of the Congress,Nancy Thatcher as the new President of United States of America.Dubbed as American version of Margaret Thatcher,clearly she knows what she wants for America.’I’m looking forward to have a very excellent relationship with your country under you,Madam President.’I congratulated her on her appointment.’We both shared a common enemy,Mr.Prime Minister.It’s time to put this madness to bed.’She said to me about Makarov.I agree with her and reply,’That’s why we need to put an end to this war and sorting out any weasels that collaborate with Makarov.Once he’s running out of escape avenues,he’ll be killed or captured.’


Then she asked about about both John Price and John MacTavish,’As promised,I shall clear them from any charges.But if anything happens to Shepherd,what kind of action will you take on them,Mr.Prime Minister?’I calmly reply,’No action will be taken on them.These men have pursued Makarov for years.They’re the best to lead the new 141.’I can hear her taking a deep breath before she utter these words,’Americans must not know the truth about him.If he meet his demise,state funeral will be given.I don’t want soldiers on the front line to suffer after hearing that.’I fully understand her approach on this delicate matter.To be honest,some operatives might be irritated with this decision.But if that means boosting their bid to win this war,it’s a right thing to do.


‘Do you know anything about their whereabouts?’She asked me about them.’As far as I know,they’re heading to a location,possibly Shepherd’s secret headquarters in Afghanistan.That’s the last thing we know about right now.’After a few moments,I continue,’To be honest,Madam President,I just want to see him die for what he did.Hopefully,you’re understand my feelings here.’