April 17th,2016

2030 GMT

Underground Bunker

Washington Monument,Washington D.C,United States of America

Corporal John Dunn

1st Battalion,75th Regiment

It’s been difficult for the past few days.After we manage to fend off the Russians from burning through our defences in Virginia,now Shepherd assigned us to mount a strong defence in the capital against the Ultranationalists along with other regiments.When we arrived,Washington is longer the same place we know.Everyday,fierce gun battle ensues between us and them with little result.Despite we manage to inflict serious damage to their soldiers,their determination to fight are still alive.

In just 48 hours,they’ve secured many government buildings in Washington.Once there,they erected SAM sites and anti-vehicle weapons to defend the area as well as inflicting more damage on our numbers and vehicles.Reinforcement,under these circumstances,is unlikely.With SAMs targeting our helos,there’s no way reinforcement will arrived.To make things even worse,our supplies are running low.Ammunition and explosives are hard to obtain.The only way we can add more supplies by seizing weapons,ammunitions and explosives from deceased enemy soldiers.

Then,a new order just come in from the chain of command.They want us to recapture the Herbert C.Hoover Building to allow our helos to extract the wounded out from the battlefield.’On your feet,we’re Oscar Mike.’One of my close freinds,Corporal Bill Dayton help me stand and give me my assault rifle.It’s time to head out and do the best we can for our country.Even if that means death to all of us.

The regiment led by Sergeant Foley stormed through the building.Despite continuous bombradment and sniper fire,we manage to enter the building and immediately engage in close quarter firefight with Russian soldiers.It’s very difficult to deal with these !@#$!#$%.They hide in rooms and narrow corners of the building,ambushing us in a blink of an eye.In order to reach the crow nest,they inflicted a huge damage to our squad,causing massive casualtives.Despite these setbacks,we manage to reach the nest and eliminate any hostile elements inside.Then our HQ send a distressing message,’The evac site at the Washington Monument reports several transports away,but they are still vulnerable.Can you provide support from your position,over?’I can see the Sarge’s expression.Despite we manage to recapture the crow nest,we know we’re still vulnerable to any imminent counter attack from the Ultranationalists.Still,he tells them calmly,’Roger that!We’re sittin’ on a stockpile of enemy munitions!We’ll dig in and burn through their ammo!Out!’Using remaining weapon caches on the nest,the remaining Rangers destroyed any enemy vehicles that closing in on the bunker,giving them more chance to escape.Then our HQ radioed us again,’Hunter Two-One,you’ve bought the evac site valuable time!Well done!Now get your ass to the roof ASAP…you are in danger of being overrun!’

We immediately head out to the roof and leave the building immediately.Despite our assault on their vehicles,it seems like these Russians still threatening our helos using RPGs,Javelins,Stingers and even BTR.To give the evac site more time to evacuate the wounded,Sergeant Foley tell our latest member in the regiment,Private James Ramirez to use the minigun towards the Russians.At first,his aiming is a bit disappointing but after few more rounds,he seems able to handle it.I know he’s a bit nervous.After all,this is the first time he’s heading to the battlefield.But I always tell him,’Take it easy.Soon,you’ll be able to handle it.’It seems like he’s finally putting that difficulty behind and become a real Ranger.

After hitting several targets in WWII Memorial,suddenly several SAMs hit our ride causing it to wobble so badly.Despite of that,our pilot manage to maintain the altitude.To avenge our fallen comrades,Ramirez shoot our minigun towards the floor of Department of Justice.And to ensure that we’re the last victims of these SAMs,Sarge order Ramirez to spray full barrage of bullets towards SAM sites.Despite our best effort,several SAMs hit our helo,causing it to crash…

All of us are shell shock for a moment.But there’s no time for that.With our numbers dwindling and our ammo running low,we stand firm and fight to the very end.After a few minutes,Ramirez join us as well,shooting towards them.But then,I can’t believe it.I’m running out of ammo and I feel my shoulder is starting to be very happy.There’s no way we can win this unless a miracle happen….

1700 GMT

14 Miles SSE of Petropavlovsk

Sergeant Gary ‘Roach’ Sanderson

Task Force 141

With the war in America still raging,Captain Price suggested to Shepherd to commandeer a Russian navy base in Petropavlovsk i.e launching an ICBM towards the East Coast of America to give a strong chance for America to wage a counter assault and possibly driving these Russians away from their soil.However,it seems like Shepherd is reluctant to sanction our mission and insisted on taking down Vladimir Makarov.Despite his reluctance,using his authority as the new field commander for 141,Price manage to convince him and even manage to rope in some help from the Loyalists and our government to pull what Soap called,a rabbit from a hat.

‘Sir,this is Mustapha.Bravo Team is several clicks away from the base.We’re rendezvous with Kamarov before we’re hitting the base,over.Soap,you got this?’Captain Abbas inform us over his position.’Solid copy.I can see you on my feed.Old man,the rest of the team landed near Ghost,pretty far to the east.’With teams in position,Captain Price tells them to proceed first as both of us find another way to sneak past these Russians.

As we make ground to the base,we encounter several security personnel along the way.Equipped only with a suppressed sniper rifle and a UMP.45 pistol,we know one slight mistake and this snowy forest will be our grave.That’s why Captain Price always reminded me,’Follow my lead and don’t do anything stupid.’When these fools separated,we immediately knock them out quickly and hide their bodies to prevent our presence from being known.

We reach a ridge not far from the base.It’s a perfect place to use our UAV to strike them hard,really hard.But then things change when I spotted several SAMs near the main post.’Damn it.Sir,looks like SAM sites in the area.’I voice my concern to Price.And our fear proved to be correct.One of the sites manage to locate our UAV and shoot it down immediately.’Bollocks!’After a few moments,Soap asked,’What just happened?’Captain Price exclaim his frustration,’There is a mobile SAM site in the village.It just shot down our Predator.Soap,we need another Predator.Roach,let’s go.’We slide down the ridge and immediately switch our sniper rifles to assault rifles and engage hostile forces down below.

Then I can heard Ghost screaming,’Check your fire!Check your fire!Friendlies coming up at your 12!’Reinforcement arrives,allowing us to mop the first wave.With that gone,Trojan and Granite place several C4s on the remaining SAM sites and destroying it in minutes.’Nice work on that SAM.’Ghost nodded and continue,’Thanks,but we better hurry.Those explosions are gonna attract a lot of attention.’And his assumption is correct.Not long after we destroy the SAMs,a second wave enemies hitting us hard.’Soap,we’ve linked up with Ghost and the rest of the team.’Price inform Soap on our development.Much to our relief,another UAV is almost in position,giving us more chances to infiltrate and commandeer the sub.

Firefight ensues between us and Russian soldiers.With their numbers are increasing,Captain Price tells me to strike them hard.’Roach,use the UAV.Soften up their defence!’After several hits on their positions,we manage to breakthrough their defence and headed straight towards the base.’Echo Team,this is Bravo Six.We’re outside the base now.Awaiting for your signal,over.’Captain Abbas inform us on his position.With everyone in position,Price tells me to use UAV to soften their defence.Several explosions can be heard,causing the base on high alert.’That got their attention!The whole base is on alert!You better hurry.You’ve only got a couple minutes before that submarine dives.’

Both teams engage Russian soldiers immediately with Russian Loyalists provide mortar fire on enemy position.Once the entire base is clear,both Abbas and Price headed straight to the sub.’Wallcroft,support Echo Team with everything you got!Make sure those weasels will never reach the sub!’Both teams taking defensive positions with us on the roof of the guardhouse.As expected,more ‘guests’ appeared on our doorstep.Using our weapons cache and RPGs,we manage to fend them off while Abbas and Price continue work their way through the sub.As the Russians retreating,one of the sub’s silo doors is open.’Price,are you there?The silo doors are opening on the sub,I repeat,the silo doors are opening on the sub!’No one responding to his call.Ghost calls in once again,’Price,come in!They’re opening the silo doors on the sub!Hurry!’Much to our surprise,he said,’Good.’The ground shakes as a nuclear missile are launched by the sub.Earlier,we thought our original mission was disabling this submarine base.Instead,behind our back,Soap,Abbas and Price have other plans for it.

2035 GMT

Washington D.C,United States of America

Corporal John Dunn

1st Battalion,75th Regiment

Our hope is now gone.With our chance to win the war now over,death is certain for all of us.But then,all of a sudden,electricities gone in a blink of an eye.Then,we can hear aircrafts falling down from the sky with a MIG hitting nearby building while choppers gone down.After helping Ramirez out from the wreckage,all of us run for our lives,trying our best to dodge falling vehicles.One of the Rangers asked,’What the hell’s goin’ on?!’I reply,’EMP!’It’s a struggle to find a shelter in these conditions.Fortunately,we find a bookshop and find some weapon caches,allowing us to replenish our supplies.’What the hell are we gonna do now,man?Russians got us out numbered,shit’s falling from the sky,we’re screwed,man!We’re totally..’Sarge immediately tells me to stop and urging all of us to continue fighting.

As we move forward,I realized I still need to nurse my shoulder.If I let those wounds,I might joining the rest who fall honorably against these bastards.We stop for awhile,allowing me to patch the wounds as best as I can.’You’re good to go,son?’Sergeant Foley asked.I nodded and we continue head on,hopefully to regroup with the others.As we reach a building,a shadowy figure suddenly coming out of it.I shout our countersign,hoping that figure is one of us.Furious,I shout,’Star,or we will fire on you!’That figure turns out to be one of our own as he explain,’I don’t remember the countersign,alright?I’m just a runner!Don’t shoot!’Satisfied with his explaination,Sarge reminded him that proper response for that countersign is Texas.Then he asked,’What do you got for us,soldier?’The man introduce himself as Private Vaughan and explain that Colonel William Marshall is gathering a task force to hit Whiskey Hotel.Then he run once more,probably telling everyone to do the same.

We entered the building,hoping to find more survivors.Instead,we encountered Russian soldiers inside the office floor.That encounter triggered a fierce firefight between us and them.With darkness become a huge problem for all of us,both sides having troubles adjusting themselves to this new environment.As Rangers,darkness is common to us,allowing us to gain an upper hand over the Russians.After an hour of fierce firefight,all of them finally dead.

As we heading to Eisenhower Building,we find a secret tunnel that linked to the White House.Once we reach there,chaos ensues.We know,this will be the fight for our lives.

2200 GMT

South Lawn,White House

Washington D.C,United States of America

We find ourselves in the South Lawn and looks like the firefight is still raging.Sergeant Foley reach Colonel Marshall and asked,’Sir,what’s the situation here?’The Colonel reply,’You’re lookin’ at the ‘high ground’ Sergeant!There’s still power in the White House!That means we still have a way to talk to Central Command if we can retake it!Now get your squad movin’ up the left flank!Go!’We hit the left flank and slaughtered every Russian that we could find.

As we enter the Oval Office,more Ultranationalists dug in,trying to defend their positions from us.But for all of us,all resistance are futile.No one stand between us and our goal,recapture the White House.As we getting closer to the roof,we can hear several chatters from the radio,suggesting the high command will use carpet bombing to eliminate any resistance left.With less than 2 minutes,we know we need to reach the roof immediately.After surviving more firefights,we barely made it.’Ramirez,popped the flares now!’Sarge urges him.Ramirez along with other Rangers pop their flares and wave it to the air,allowing the Air Force to abort their mission.But then,Ramirez fall down,surprising all of us..’Ramirez,can you hear me?Come on!Stay with me!’But it’s too late.He’s gone.’Sir,I swear to God,if we reach Moscow,I just want to see it ablaze!’I’m enrage to see another friend another died.But the Sarge consoles me and give his assurance,’Be patient,Corporal.When time is right,we will do it.’