April 17th,2016

0800 GMT

Camp Arifjan

Arifjan,State of Kuwait

Sergeant Gary ‘Roach’ Sanderson

Task Force 141

It’s been a difficult week for all of us.First,Allen’s demise at Makarov’s hand.Then,as an act of retaliation,Russia declare war against United States and launch a massive invasion towards the East Coast.With Makarov still on the loose,it’s our duty to bring him to justice,to face trial for his crimes against humanity.And this time,Shepherd make this very personal,’It’s been a tough week, gentlemen.We’ve lost more than we ever dreamed.But we will recover.I’ve got a blank check.And we’re gonna use every cent of it killin’ Makarov.Despite what the world may say,we are not savages,we don’t kill civilians.We use precision.There’s an evil man hiding in these shadows and we’re gonna bring him into the light.Once his face is revealed,we will write history,gentlemen.’

He then pointed out on two possible locations where Makarov might possibly there,’These are the last safe havens left on Earth for Makarov and his men.His safehouse in the outskirts of Sukhumi,Abkhazia while according to CIA,Makarov is expected to make a deal with several arms dealers in a boneyard in Kandahar,Afghanistan.’Captain Price commented on these locations,’Sounds like we gotta be in two places at once.’Shepherd can only shake his head and said,’Impossible to you?’He reply,’Not for 141,sir.’Then it’s Ghost turn to speak,’Fifty-fifty chance to take out Makarov,eh?Captain Price,request permission to take the safehouse with Roach.’He nodded to his request,meaning Ghost and I will lead the raid on Makarov’s safehouse.While Price and Soap will head to Afghanistan to monitor the dealings.With that done and dusted,Shepherd wants this matter to be concluded immediately to provide closure for everyone.

1515 GMT

Makarov’s Safehouse


Ghost led a team consisting of me,himself,Trojan,Scarecrow,Ozone,Archer,Toad,Redcell,Gaz,Pyro,Hydro and Worm to this address.According to the Loyalists,this safehouse is highly guarded and they will use whatever means necessary to recapture it,even if that means resorting to mortar or sending Hinds to this location.From the looks of it,I thought they’re just bluffing but Ghost,having worked with them for some time in the past tell us all to be careful.’You may think they’re bluffing but believe it.They’re pursuing him much longer than us.That’s why we need to listen and carefully tread our steps.’

Ghost lead the others to Makarov's safehouse.

With Archer and Toad on the ridge,ready to provide sniping fire,the rest of us went down and heading to the forest.All seems well,too well.Then,mayhem ensues…..’Ambush!’Ozone exclaim as operatives in front of us killed after stepping the mines.Then,gunfires and RPGs starting to rain down on our position.Noticing their position,Ghost tell us to move to the left flank and hit their defence hard.As we plow through the forest,firefight ensues between us and Makarov’s loyalists,most of them wearing ghillied suits.Despite the odds against us,we manage to fend them off and reach the perimeter of the safehouse.Then,we see several SUVs leaving the area,forcing us to shoot their vehicles.Despite being shot repeatedly,the vehicles continue their journey.Ghost radioed Archer,’Don’t let those trucks get away!’Both snipers use the Javelins and within minutes,both vehicles are destroyed.

As we heading to the house,Archer give us a stark reminder,’Moving vehicles have been neutralized.Be advised,we have not,I repeat,we have not spotted Makarov and no one else has left the house.Those trucks may have been decoys.Over.’With Makarov is not in the area,we breach the safehouse and sweep through any resistance.After half an hour,the house is secured.’Shepherd, this is Ghost.No sign of Makarov,I repeat, no sign of Makarov.Captain Price,any luck in Afghanistan?’After a few moments,Price reply,’Plenty…at least fifty hired guns here,but no sign of Makarov.Perhaps our intel was off.’Ghost then switched on the computer and his expression change.’Well,the quality of the intel’s about to change.This safehouse is a bloody goldmine.’He then tells me to insert the DSM to copy any information inside the computer.After a long pause,Shepherd reply,’Copy that.Ghost,have your team collect everything you can for an operations playbook.Names,contacts,places everything.’As he tells Ozone and Scarecrow to record everything inside the house,he said,’We’re already on it sir.Makarov will have nowhere to run.’Shepherd then tell us that extraction force will arrive in 5 minutes.It’s a huge relief but with that computer’s condition,I don’t think we can reach that window.

And my assumption proved to be correct.Once we rig several places with claymore and replenish our supplies,a disturbing news comes from our radio,’Be advised,you have a large concentration of hostiles moving in from the southeast,they’ve just breached the perimeter!I’ll try to thin ’em out before they get too close.Recommend you switch to scoped weapons,over.’We can hear explosions several clicks from our position,which means they’re closing in on our location.Using everything in our disposal,we bravely defend ourselves and the DSM from incoming Ultranationalists.To make matters even worse,Ozone is killed while defending our position.With numerical advantage on their hands,we know we have to act fast.

‘Roach,I’m covering the front!Get the DSM!We gotta get outta here!’I immediately grab the DSM and headed to our exfil point with the others.At times,we have to stop and shot several militias to put some distance between us and them.But,everything change when they use mortars on our position.With our escape route is getting narrower,we know we might be pinned down.But I can see from afar,salvation.Extraction team are finally arrived.But then,a huge explosion hit me hard…….

1630 GMT

Captain Mustapha Abbas

22nd Regiment,SAS

With chaos ensues around the perimeter,I know Makarov’s loyalists targeting the elements of 141 very hard.’Team Two,tell me you have secured those bloody mortars?’After a few moments,Wallcroft reply,’Mortar secure,sir.’I reach Archer’s last position and find several mercenaries slowly advancing towards them.I use my suppressed MP5,killing them instantly.Both snipers are a bit surprise with my presence.’I thought you’re still in Credenhill,sir.’Archer asked.I can only shake my head and reply,’Well,changing plans.The government is making a move on Shepherd.I explain everything later.Right now,show me the best position to survey the exfil point.’Both snipers led me to a narrow ridge,covering the entire the exfil point.’What exactly going on,sir?’Toad asked.’Let’s just say Shepherd’s betraying you.All of you.’

I can see clearly from my scope that both Roach and Ghost are running for their lives.’Kamarov,tell me you’ve secured the safehouse.’After a few minutes,he reply,’My team have secured the safehouse.They currently downloading the computer’s content with the DSM.’With the safehouse secured,I know once he obtain it,he will destroy everything including the house.’Listen,if any mercenaries approaching your position,fire at will.If they intorduced themselves as US soldiers,don’t trust their bluffs.They just want to destory anything related to Shepherd.Can you do that,comrade?’Few moments later,he acknowledge it,’Da,I’ll do my best.’After sorting through that matter,I switched my frequency to 141 official comms and my word,I’m shock….

Several gunfire can be heard as Shepherd shoots Roach and Ghost.Furious with his betrayal,I contacted Shepherd as he ready to deal with them.’Who’s this?’The only response I give to him is,’Your own nightmare.’All three of us shoot several Little Birds causing them to crash immediately.Then,Team Two target Shepherd’s position with mortars,forcing him and his men to leave the area.’Rowlands,get Roach and Ghost!Both of them need medical attention immediately!’

Team Three led by Leftenant Nathan ‘Rory’ Rownlands reach their position and immeidately providing them with proper medical care.’Rory,give me a sitrep on them.’I asked as I lead the snipers to the safehouse.’Both of them are still alive but with those wounds,without proper medical attention,I don’t they will last long.’Rory give us a very frank assessment on their condition.If only I act fast,maybe this will never happen in the first place.But,it’s already history.There’s nothing we can do except to move forward and continue our hunt on Makarov.’Rory,patch them as best as you can.We cannot lose them.’My tone changed as tears starting to flow out from eyes.’My men are doing that right now.I just make contact with Baseplate.Helos should pick them up in five.’Rory informs me as he himself could no longer hold those tears.

Then,I can hear clearly Soap calling them,’Roach?Ghost?Come in,Ghost.Do you copy?Does anyone copy?’I verify his call,’It’s me,Soap.Both Roach and Ghost are currently receiving treatment from Team Three.Rory and his team is doing their best,mate.’Then,it’s the old man asked,’Where’s Shepherd?’I reply,’Probably on the run.Before he manage to finish them off,Archer,Toad and I rain them down with sniper fires.While Wallcroft bombarding their locations with mortars.’Then Soap try to say something,but it seems stop at his thorat.Then,he exclaim in frustration,’Shepherd betrayed us.’Price commented on our situation,’Have to trust someone to be betrayed.I never did.Nikolai,come in.Do you have our location?After a few moments,he delivered a shocking news,’Da.Inbound,Price.But I am not the only one.You’ve got Shepherd’s men on one side,Makarov’s on the other.’With this new evidence,that should be enough for us to pursue him more aggressively.’Sir,141’s not alone in the area.Baseplate just dispatch 20th and 25th Regiment to assist your escape,sir.’With that manpower,that should help them to escape.Then he said in the radio,Even with that reinforcement,we still need to take them out or…’I continue,’Or let them killing each other.’

1745 GMT

Frontline Medical Services


Both of them are now in surgeries.There’s nothing we can do except pray for their safety.Then,my phone is starting to vibrate.As I see the caller’s name,I can breathe a huge sigh of relief.It’s Soap.’Glad you made it out from Afghanistan.Where are you now?’I asked.He slowly reply,’Price and I are in Nikolai’s safehouse in Peshawar,Pakistan.At the moment,the heat is still on.Just hours ago,Shepherd just labeling 141 as terrorists group while both of us being labeled as international criminal.’When I hear such news like that,I know I had to act fast.’Listen,the government’s behind you.I’ll do whatever I can to help you out.’But he politely decline my offer,’Don’t worry about us,mate.We’re more concern getting back on Shepherd.’

Then he ask me for a favor,’Can you confirm Shepherd’s location known as Site Hotel Bravo?’As I check my intel,I asked,’How do you get that bloody intel?’He calmly reply,’Let’s just say ‘Kingfish’ is the one who provided the intel.With Shepherd hot on his heels,the only way for him to survive is providing us intel about Shepherd.’I can only take a deep breathe on that.I’m sure the Circus will not be very happy with this new development.’Listen,these mercenaries are also telling the truth.It’s Site Hotel Bravo as you mention,mate.’I then asked,’You know getting there is bloody suicide!At least,have a word with our superiors about this.We want Shepherd,alright?I want to see him suffer for his misdeeds,not this way.’But my persuasion fail to change his stance.’Mustapha,using your method might take some time.Besides,both of us want to see him taste his own medicines.We want to see him dead!’