April 14th,2016

0900 GMT

White House,Washington D.C,United States of America

Graham Taylor

President of United States

That day,everything change.In the last 24 hours,Boris Vorshevsky declare war on us,swearing to take the fight to our doorstep.He also told the media that they’re not afraid to face our forces,a very bold statement from Kremlin.No one dares to issue such brazen statement like that since Khrushchev.I can understand his reaction but issuing a declaration of war is a bit exaggerating.The only person who want that to happen is Vladimir Makarov.After committing a heinous crime against humanity by launching a massacre at Zakhaev International Airport,now he’s pulling strings behind the scene,urging his associates to wage war against us,base on crimes that we do not commit.

‘Mr.President,the Joint Chiefs are here.’My Chief of Staff,Warren Ellis informs me about their presence.As we headed to the Situation Room,I asked,’Any changes so far?’Ellis shake his head and replied,’No,sir.Nothing yet from Moscow.’I can feel the anger and frustration in my soul right now.Despite that declaration,I still wish there’s a chance for peace,preventing another bloody war.

0915 GMT

Situation Room

White House,Washington D.C,United States of America

Everyone is present in the Situation Room.My Vice President,George Deckert,Secretary of Defence,William Cullen,members of the Joint Staff,Director of CIA,Bruno Hirsch and other security advisors.Also present,the leading commader of Task Force 141,Lieutenant General Hershel von Shepherd.’Gentlemen,give me a sitrep on this latest development?’I asked all of them.Cullen replied,’Well Mr.President,we believe the Russians are mobilizing their troops towards the West Coast.The 6th Fleet,based in Hawaii are already on the scene.Admiral,you can take it from here.’The Chief of Naval Operations,Admiral William H.Caine continued,’We mobilized five carriers to the Pacific as being speak.Our subs are ready to strike any target as you want,Mr.President.’I’m a bit surprised with his explaination and clarify my stance,’Look,tell the subs not to use it just yet.Nuclear is when things not on our side,Admiral.The last thing I want to trigger an all out global conflict that may resulted total devastation to all.’

Deckert,surprised with my stance,immediately opposed my stance.’Look,let’s be honest,we’re now at war against Russia!Using that will show our true strength to them and to the whole world especially to Vladimir Makarov!’Furious with his statement,I rejected his overture and said,’Even if that means bring devastation to both sides,claiming thousand of lives in the process?!’After a few moments,I continued,’I’m still hoping a peace talk can occur between us and Russia.However,as long as that bloody moron is out there along with his associates in Duma and Vorshevsky’s Cabinet,peace is unlikely!If you’re committed to this government,George,then throw your support behind me!Or you can leave!Deckert is a bit surprised with my ultimatum.But eventually,he relented and accept my stance.

Then,Cullen receives a phone call at the time where everyone is still divided on waging war against Russia.As time past,his expression change.I know something is not right.’Sir,we’re just received latest intel from NORAD HQ.Russian forces appeared on the East Coast as being speak.We’re being duped!’Cullen explain it to all of us.Frustrated with this new development,I asked,’How’s that happen?!’Then Shepherd step in and answered,’I can explain that,Mr.President.48 hours ago,both CIA and NSA report that one of our satelite has gone down in Kazakhstan.I already send my men to that area to recover it before the Russians could crack it.It looks like my assumption is wrong,sir.’

With the Russian fast approaching inland,I know I need to leave the capital immediately.Not before I made several decisions.’Gentlemen,use whatever means necessary to bring these armies down!Drive these fools away from our citizens!General Shepherd,you’ll be the one on leading our defence against them.Find Vladimir Makarov,make sure he’ll pay dearly for our misery!’It’s a hard decision but with Shepherd’s vast experience,I’m sure America is in safe hands.I know some of the generals felt he’s not qualified to led our campaign against the Russians due to that nuclear detonation in Kuwait five years earlier,costing the lives of 30,000 Marines.But with his vast experience with Makarov,I know I picked the right man for this task.’I can assure you,Mr.President,America will emerge victorious against the odds.Don’t worry about Makarov.I just received intel from my men in Brazil.It seems like we can use a prisoner to lure him out from his hiding.’He assures me about it.’Do whatever you can,General!He must pay for this!’

April 15th,2016

0230 GMT

Server Room 104

CIA,McLean,Virginia,United States

Captain Viktor Zubarov

25th Regiment,Spetsnaz

The Americans thought we gonna strike West Coast.Well,they are wrong.Thanks to that ACS module that we managed to crack it,we have every keys to America’s defence.America is now vulnerable to our assault.We shall exact our revenge the same way they did with Imran Zakhaev five years earlier.They must pay dearly for our leader’s death.And I can assure that will happen now.

As my men continued their search throughout the facility,I’m here with a reason.Providing our ally with vital informations,not only to help him eluding Western operatives but at the same time,exacting our revenge to the Loyalists for collaborating with Western powers,corrupting our value as a nation itself.Having talks with them is absolute rubbish.They must be exterminate at all cost.

‘Sir,we managed to crack it.The lists that you wanted.’One of my men,Sergeant Andrei Romanov show his findings to me.’Excellent work,Sergeant.These lists proved to be valuable for our campaign against them.’I praised him for his work.I then tell him to email his findings,both to our command HQ and to an address that I jotted on a piece of paper.As he send his findings,I called him to confirm our findings.’Vladimir,check your inbox.You have all the list that you want.’From his tone,I can tell he’s very satisfied with my findings.’Excellent work,Viktor.With these lists,those traitors will have no place to run now.’Then I tell him,’You should know that Western task force are looking for you,my friend.’He replied,’Let them come.With these information,no one will stop me from avenging Imran Zakhaev.Not even these fools!’

0630 GMT

Room 141

Hotel Continental,Istanbul,Turkey

Captain Mustapha Abbas

22nd Regiment,SAS – MI6

I just finished my Subuh prayer when a phone call echoed around my room.When I see the caller,I know it’s already begun.’Polyakov,what is it?’Polyakov or General Dimitri Polyakov is a leading figure in the Loyalists movement.Recently appointed as the new field commander for the Loyalist forces,with the new conflict emerges,he has the work cut out.’Mustapha,I just received intel from my men that Vladimir Makarov have obtain several dossiers,containing information over our safehouses and our representatives around the world.Two Loyalist representatives have been killed in Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok respectively.’Surprised with that revelation,I immediately pressed him for answer,’How’s that happen?’Polyakov explain,’Well,I assume Makarov may have obtain it from his old colleague,probably from Spetsnaz operatives.It looks like we have our work cut out,my friend.’

I take a glance to a document,recently being handed to me by my superiors in London.They want me to lead the investigation over the massacre and Shepherd,as well as continue pursuing Vladimir Makarov.It’s going to be very difficult,after all Makarov wipe out any traces of evidence that could led it back to him.While Shepherd,his credibility appears to be intact.Everything is clean.But there’s one thing I know.No one is clean.

‘Are you still there,Mustapha?’His voice wake me from my delusion.’I’m still here,Dimitri.Do you have any information about Makarov or Shepherd?’From his tone,I know he has something.’Well,my friend.It turns out that attack is connected to a private military company (PMC).They’re the ones who supplied the weapons through Alex the Red.That PMC is Torchwood.’That company reminds me on something.It’s impossibe but on several occasion,Makarov mention Torchwood several times.He even boasted that the company is reporting directly to him in our transcript.This is no coincidence at all.It’s true after all the Americans were involved in the massacre.But not the White House.Instead,these military contractors are the ones who bring war on America’s doorstep.’Can you do me a favor,Polyakov?’I asked him for a favor.’What is it,my friend?’Puzzled with my question,he wants me to explain.’Well,I believe I have several debts that need to be collected.I want to use it against Torchwood.It will be useful for your cause,my friend.’He fully understand what I meant.’I’ll see what I can do,Captain.May God with us in this war.’I concurred with his words and continued,’So do I,Dimitri.’

I contact the Circus and asking permission to pursue Torchwood.’You should fully aware,Torchwood consists of some of the most powerful people in the world.They even received backing from George Deckert.Are you sure you want to go that road,Captain?’Jason Clarkson asked me on that.’Sir,with all due respect,I don’t care about them.Those victims of the massacre want some justice.And so do Americans who currently being slaughtered mercilessly by Russian forces.I’m willing to go to that road,sir,if that means providing some comfort to the victims.’I verify my stance.After several moments,I continued,’What I want is a full backing from London,sir.If we want to apprehend that @#$%^&*,we need to know who provide those fine details to him.These fools are traitors,sir.’From his tone,I know he’s thrilled to see me in that mood.’Alright then.Don’t worry about London.The whole country is behind you.Just find that bloody traitor and put an end to this nightmare.’