April 13th,2016

2030 GMT

USS Swordfish

Atlantic Ocean

Captain John ‘Soap’ MacTavish

Task Force 141

It’s been a tough day for all of us.After we successfully recovered an ACS module from Tian Shan,to hear Allen’s demise is a huge shock to our system.To make things even more difficult,these Russian politicians used Allen’s presence as a reason to declare war on the West,to be exact,United States of America.He’s no spy to them.He’s just an operative,being assigned to infiltrate Vladimir Makarov’s cell to obtain enough information to bring him down for good.His disappearance will be a blessing to the world,especially to Vorshevsky’s administration.His disappearance will allow him to stamp his authority,allowing moderate factions inside Ultranationalist Party and opposition sides to further strengthen their grip on Russia.But now,everything change…Allen become a scapegoat for something the Americans do not commit…

‘The Russians ain’t gonna let this massacre go unanswered.It’s gonna get bloody.’Riley commented on Vorshevsky’s declaration of war.I concurred and said,’Too right, mate.Now,in the eyes of the world, they’re the victims.No one’s gonna say a word when the Russians club every American they can reach.’Shepherd can only shake his head in disbelief over the massacre,’Makarov was one move ahead.Now he’s left thousands of bodies at the feet of an American.’I have to say,he calculate his action very well.Makarov knows if he strike at the right place,then everything will fall to its pieces as he predicted.’We’re the only one’s who know it was Makarov’s op.Our credibility died with Allen.We need proof,sir.’I voiced my concern over this particular matter.

The old man then show us full analysis on the ammunition along with a picture,possibly our best lead to find Makarov.’Analysis show several traces of foreign elements that can only be obtain in Rio de Janeiro.One person,accroding to CIA and MI6 is the one responsible for that.Alejandro Rojas or Alex the Red.’Then Roach checked Rojas records and said,’Wanted in a dozen country including Britain and United States for providing arms to terrorist groups around the world.Pretty long rap sheet,sir.’The General agreed and continued,’That’s true.We need to grab him first.He’s our ticket to Makarov.’

As we discussed plans for our operation,a phone call suddenly interrupted our concetration.’Forgive me,sir.But there’s a phone call for Captain MacTavish.The caller said it’s urgent.’An operator apologized for that interruption.At first,I just want to tell him to ignore the call but Shepherd said to me,’Take the call,MacTavish.It might be important.’As I take the call,a familiar voice greet me,’It’s been awhile,Soap.The caller happens to be none other than Captain Mustapha Abbas.Surprised with his call,I asked,’How do you get this number?’I can hear him laughing several minutes,probably as a response to my question.’I’ll take that as a no.’Once he finally stopped,his tone becoming serious,’Listen,whatever you do,watch your own ass.Caterpillar cannot be trusted.’I surprised with his warning.Before I could retorted his suggestion,he continued,’If you want to know more,ask Nicholas Chen.He’ll tell you everything.’Then,he immediately hang up,leaving me puzzled.Is it just another joke by my old friend or a genuine warning?When I return,Shepherd asked,’Is there something wrong,Captain?’I calmly replied,’No,not at all.It’s just a warning from an old friend.He knows we’re pursuing Rojas.He wish us all the best of luck.’

April 14th.2016

0830 GMT

Rio de Janeiro,Brazil

Sergeant Gary ‘Roach’ Sanderson

Task Force 141

As planned,in order to find his whereabouts,we decided to look Rojas assistant,Carlos Morales.Morales acted as his intermediary between his boss and customers around the world.In order to find him,we tailed a white van,who we believed might be leading us to him.’Sir,any sign of Rojas’ right hand man?’Ghost asked us through radio.Captain MacTavish can only shake his head and replied,’Negative.They’ve stopped twice already.No sign of him.’Then,the van stopped once again with Morales standing in front of a building.I whispered to him,’Sir,it’s Morales.’The Captain radioed Ghost,’Wait, they’ve stopped again.Standby.’Then,in meer seconds,mayhem ensues…

Suddenly,out of nowhere,Morales shoot the militias.Then,he shoots to every direction including our vehicle.We immediately duck to escape from that barrage of bullets.During the shootout,our driver,Cobra is shot dead by Morales.With the shootout stop,we know he’s running out of bullets.The only option is to flee from the scene.In this ensuing chaos,he can escape completely.We immediately leave our vehicle and started chasing him.At the same time,Captain MacTavish radioed the rest of the team,’Ghost, our driver’s dead!We’re on foot!Meet us at the Hotel Rio and cut him off if you can!’After several minutes,we regroup and continue our chase.’Sir,he’s heading to that alley!’One of my teammates,Balboa screamed.Knowing he’ll escape completely,the Captain urged us,’Non-lethal takedowns only!We need that bloody lad alive!’Within seconds,Morales is in my scope and I immediately shot him on the leg,causing him to fall.’He’s down.’

After several minutes,we find a workshop,itching to interrogate Morales.Ghost and the Captain interrogate him while we search through his belongings.’Tell me about your boss whereabout,Morales!’Ghost pressed him for answer.However,much to our dismay,he swearing to us,probably in Portuguese,calling us various names.’Sir,permission to kill him.’Ghost whispered to him,asking permission.However,Captain MacTavish immediately dismissed his suggestion and said,’Patient,Ghost.Sooner or later,he will talk.When the time comes,you can put many bullets as you want.’Then,one of my teammates,Royce uncover a piece of paper,possibly an address.’Sir,found it.It looks like he’s inside the favela.Looks like we have to force our way through.’However,the Captain have other plans.He called someone for several minutes,possibly asking for some favor.After a few minutes,he said,’Royce,Meat and Roach,find that piece of meat in that area.Police will be there to assist you.’I have a glance towards Morales and asked,’What about him,sir?’As Ghost sparks car battery cables,the Captain said to us,’That will take some time.All of you,proceed as we planned.We’ll catch up on you later.’

As we heading through the favela,Royce reminded us,’Be careful.Remember,there are civilians in the favela.Watch your fire out there.’With a lot of civilians in this area,we know this is going to be very difficult.Royce then tell us to shoot several times to the air to scare them away.And as expected,all of them are fleeing.At the same time,we know that gunfire will attract a whole lot of attention.As we entered the favela,firefight ensues between us and Brazilian militias.But the gunfight lasted for several minutes when we heard several police sirens approaching the area.Knowing authorities entering the area,the militias concentrate their fire towards them instead.With that distraction,we safely passed them and headed to the higher parts of the favela.

More firefight ensues by the time we reach the area.But much to our relief,Captain MacTavish and Ghost also join the chase.It looks like they’ve got what they want after all.From one firefight to another,it’s an uphill battle.To make things even worse,the militias started to use sniper rifles.This predicament forcing me,Royce and Meat to split up.’I hate to say this,but as long as these fools firing on us,there’s no way we gonna find Rojas under this circumstances.We need to split up.’I suggested to them.With back up still far away,Royce and I continue using the same route while Meat headed to the other direction to put us some distance away from these militias.And the strategic works perfectly to our favor,with Meat continue distracting them away from us,we managed to locate Rojas in a short time.

As we continue our chase throughout the favela,Rojas continues eluding us.As Meat rejoin us,Meat asked,’Where this guy got that extra energy?’Royce replied,’You have to be aware,he’s also happens to be a former Spetsnaz operative.He knows how to escape from someone’s grasp.’I can only smiled and continued,’Well,he better pray luck on his side today.’As we finally reach the highest part of the favela,Rojas is firmly in our sight.’Sir,we see Rojas.It looks like he’s heading towards an abandoned building on your section,over.’I inform him on his location.With Rojas on the top,we thought we will catch the stairs and cornered him but the Captain has it own ideas.It’s like we’re watching a scene from a movie when he crash through the window and push Rojas towards the car.We thought Rojas would die or badly wounded from that resulting impact but no.Despite being shackled,Rojas swearing to us and even managed to headbutt Ghost.We know it’s going to be a very difficult interrogation.

Captain John ‘Soap’ MacTavish

Task Force 141

As I monitored members of my squad preparing Rojas for interrogation,Ghost radioed our headquarters for our extraction.However,his effort is futile.At the time we’re busy chasing Rojas throughout the favela,Russian forces invaded East Coast of United States,putting everyone by surprise.To make things even more difficult,Brazil refuse to allow America using its airspace as part of a counter attack against the fleet.’Sir,I can’t get anyone on the horn.Look’s like those fools cutting our escape avenue.’Ghost voiced his frustration.With militias starting to close in on our position,I know we have to act fast.’Let’s get Rojas talk first.I have a friend who can help us.’

‘Where’s Vladimir Makarov?’I asked Rojas.He replied,’I don’t know about him.’Then Ghost starting to press him even more,demanding an answer,’Stop bluffing us!We know you’re the one who supplied those weapons for the massacre!Cut the bloody crap and start talking!’However,he refused to divulge any information,much to our disappointment.But he did give us a way to find that piece of meat,’You should know that the only person Makarov despise,much worse than those Americans are locked up in the gulag.’Using that prisoner as a bait could lure him out from his hiding.I pressed him for more,’Can you give us the identity of that prisoner?!’Rojas answered,’The only thing I know is that Makarov called him Prisoner 627.’

With that in mind,I contact Nikolai and asked him to give us a ride,out from this hostile teritory.I thought he will forget everything about us but no.He’s still the same person that I met five years ago.’Don’t worry,my friend.I will get you and your men out from this area.’He assures me.

We leave that abandoned building,leaving behind Rojas.As we heading towards the market,Roach asked me,’What will happen to him,sir?’I replied,’Well,with those wounds,I’m not sure he can last long.If he survived,with those militias on our heels,one way or another,he will die.’And as expected,firefight ensues between us and the militias.Even with the presence of the police,it seems these fools refuse to give up.As we heading towards the market,our original exfil point,the militias use technicals,machine guns and snipers,relentlessly trying to kill us.To make things even more difficult,when we did reach our exfil point,Nikolai could not land his Pave Low due to heavy fire from these b@#$%!)(.’Nikolai wave off,wave off!We’ll meet you at the secondary LZ instead!Go!’I tell him to leave and wait for us at secondary exfil point.

We climb the rooftops and headed straight to the Pave Low.However,between us and Nikolai,lies an alley that separate us from our building.All of us managed to jump past it except Roach.I shouted to him,’Roach!Roach!Wake up!’As he started to recover,more militias closing in on his location.Ghost pointed his finger towards their location,’Roach!We can see them from the chopper!They’re coming for you,dozens of ’em!’The only way to escape is by climbing the rooftops and make a run to the chopper.We have only a window and with gas running low,Roach had to act fast.’Roach!There’s too many of them!Get the hell out of there and find a way to the rooftops!Move! Run for it! Get to the rooftops!’As Roach continue running towards us,I tell them to drop the ladder.’Sir,I’m in position in ten seconds!Get ready!’Roach informed us.Despite continuous gunfire,Roach managed to jump on the ladder and hold it very firmly.’Where to,John?’He asked.’Just get us to the sub.’After a few moments,I continued,’By the way,I need to use your mobile.I need to contact someone.If you don’t mind?’Nikolai accepted my request,’No problem,my friend.’