All of us fully aware,with Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA) no longer exist,Internet is no longer shadowed by fear and anxiety.Still,while we still celebrating that victory,it gives me some food for thought.

In a campaign,one suggested that Internet should be free from any sort of influence or restriction.I partially agreed with this point because these days,Internet becomes a new medium for users to express themselves and to voice their opinions on critical issues around the world.For example,Arab dictators,supported by Western powers,being overthrown by their own people using social network sites.I don’t think no one can match that kind of feat,even the idiots in the White House.And recently,as we know,both SOPA and PIPA were immediately shot down by majority members of the Senate.Kingmakers and corporate players are seemingly stunned with an overwhelming online campaign against these acts.Despite being backed by some of the most powerful corporate players like Rupert Murdoch,it seems like ordinary people succeed once more,giving them a massive boost on their fight to defend the Internet.

But at the same time,such luxury like that have to be restricted for a reason.For example,the existence of porn sites on the net.Why I’m uttering this petty matter?Because unknown to all of us,these sites become a cancer to our own society.Haven’t we realized,despite regulations made by government worldwide,most visitors are actually children and teenagers?It might be surprising but this is the truth.One of them is me.Due to that exposure,it corrupts me so badly that at times,I can no longer concentrate on doing things that I like.Some of you might say,there’s nothing to be worried about but think about this very carefully.Imagined yourself as a parent,one day you entered their room and realized they currently surfing these sites without your knowledge.On that day,you can see horror and fear appear on your face.Tell me,do you want them to be perverts or worse case scenario,sexual offenders or in some cases predators?Some might say,online users must have guidance from their loved ones on how to use it.But I will like to take this even further,banning these sites just like the Chinese government did several years ago.The Chinese fully aware such impact of these materials towards their people especially for young generations.In certain aspects,I may disagreed or remain neutral but on this matter,the Chinese government should deserve some credit in their effort to protect their society from these bad influences.

On copyright materials in the net,I would like to remain neutral.Major companies and corporate players must fully aware that these criminals will always find a way to copy their material and selling it in the market.They know how to bend the rules to fit seamlessly to their plan.Despite attempts being made to shut them down,they somehow survived and start all over again,using their profit as a new capital to establish themselves once again.You cannot stop them unless you change the goalpost i.e amending the current existing law by putting tougher sentences towards offenders and worked closely with members of the Silicon Valley,something that should be done years ago.That way,these criminals might find it hard to maneuver and users might contemplating the risk before committing such crime.

On file sharing websites,I totally disagreed with the Justice Department’s decision to shutdown Megaupload and issued arrest warrants to its founders and associates.Haven’t these honorable men and women realized,by shutting down that site,it means online users may no longer able to access their files.Some of these files may look useless,worthless in their eyes but for these users,it means a lot to them.Some of these files contain materials such as childhood pictures,important documents and vivid videos.Do they realized,failure to gain access on that document may resulting someone to be fired.Or it will leave some users in tears after fail to access some of the most precious items they treasured so much.Recently,some sites reported that some of Megaupload users might filed an unprecedented lawsuit against the government and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) not only to recover their belongings but to ensure their rights will no longer be violated in such manner anymore.No further development on this matter yet but it looks like authorities and online users might be on the collision course once again.Who knows,this might be even bigger than the SOPA and PIPA protests made last week.