When we mention that particular word,it reminds us to those old days.We thought that particular act will mean no harm to our intended target.During those times,we let our own foolishness gain the upper hand,leading to actions that might not be our finest hour.We thought these so-called pranks will bring nothing than humor to ourselves.But haven’t we realized,such actions like that left behind a huge traumatic experience to the victims.In some cases,these victims even resorted to suicide to put an end to their misery.When that happens,no one dares to come forward,admitting their mistake or apologized for their actions towards the victim.No one dares to admit their fault,which is very selfish and cruel in my opinion.You let your victims tormented for so long and then when tragedy strike,no one step out and admitting it.Where exactly your morality?At least,those words will bring some comfort to the victims or in some cases,their families.I’m fully aware,by admitting your mistake will make you a human target among the society itself.But what exactly more important,your pride or your morality itself?As long as you admit it and seek forgiveness for your past misdemeanor,I’m sure you’ll be given a second chance.Ignore those detractors because I believe these detractors are nothing more than cowards.By admitting it,guilt will no longer lingering your mind and soul.Admitting it will paved a way,a road to redemption for yourself.Of course,in the commenting section,people will ask why I’m buzzing about this petty matter?Because this is related to people’s pride and honor.Tell me,put yourself in their situations?How do you feel when you have to face the same situation like that everyday?I’m sure you’ll be angry,frustrated,disappointed and bitter towards these so-called popular students.At the same time,you will despised every moment of these incidents.Humiliation and embarrassment will follow you everywhere.Laughter and cynical grin is common.Tell me,how the will of a single man will take this battering?I’m sure you know the answer far too well.Let’s put an end to this unhealthy practice because it will bring nothing but trouble to offenders and misery to the victims.Stop being a victim and fight for your rights.These fools must know every act has its own consequences.Bullying is not something we should proud of.It’s a crime,a tainted spot in our history.And personally,I felt every bully is a coward,a traitor to themselves and to their loved ones.Why I issued such labels like that?These fools gambled their future for a small price of power on others.I can assure you,your reign will end prematurely and you might find yourselves in a very tight spot……………….