April 13th,2016

1500 GMT

No.10 Downing Street,London,Great Britain

Adam Lang

Prime Minister of Great Britain

It’s just another day in the office.That day,I had a meeting with my Malaysian counterpart,Dr.Yusuf Qutb here in Downing Street.This is his second visit to Britain this year,further strengthen our relationship with them.Due to this close relationship,allow us to establish our image as a moderate,developed nation to other countries.Today,both Yusuf and I held a meeting to discuss issues involving our nation including ways to deal with the Ultranationalist led-government in Moscow.’In my opinion,Adam,despite I’m fully aware that clouds of war is looming once again in this hemisphere,there must be a way to defuse the situation.Vorshevsky is different,compare to Zakhaev or his rival,Vitaly Kerzhakov.He’s a peace lover,Adam.’Yusuf voiced his opinion on the Ultranationalists.However,I immediately shot down his optimism,’It’s true Vorshevsky is far more different than Zakhaev and Kerzhakov.However,you have to understand,inside Duma and the Cabinet itself,most of them are hardliners,Zakhaev supporters since the beginning of the first civil war.For them,having peace with us is absolutely impossible.’But he retorted my assumption,’I have to agree on you that.But don’t you want to give them a chance?Believe me,the Russians had enough watching bloodsheds and feud between them.At least,give them a chance.’His words give me a food for thought.Perhaps,the Ultranationalists should be given a chance,with certain conditions will be imposed should they want to proceed.

Then,a phone call interrupt our meeting.’Forgive me,sir.I have to take this.’My Chief of Staff,Anthony Dann apologized before answering the call.After a few minutes,his face is changing.I know something is going on….’Forgive me,sir.But I believe you need to have a look on something.’I asked,’Is this something to do with your phone call?’He nodded instantly.He then switched on the telly and change the channel to BBC News.And my word,on that day,both Yusuf and I,my Cabinet members,Malaysian delegates and other personnel are speechless.On that day,our sworn enemy,Vladimir Makarov and his crew launch a devastating attack on Zakhaev International Airport,killing at least 250 people.Most of these victims are civilians and security personnel.However,one information from that news strike us hard,very hard.

Vladimir Makarov starting to shoot civilians at Zakhaev International Airport.

‘Russian officials believe this attack may have been sponsored by the United States.This is because one of the terrorist who died during the firefight with authorities is an American soldier.Authorities identified the deceased as Private First Class (PFC) Joseph Allen of US Army Rangers.Officials also claimed in order to cover their involvement,US government send a clean up team to eliminate Vladimir Makarov.Amateur footage shows a firefight ensues between Makarov’s men with foreign operatives several kilometre from the airport.No comment from Graham Taylor’s administration at the moment.But with this new development,any talks for reconciliation is being put off indefinitely by Vorshevsky’s administration.’

Russian authorities identified the deceased as CIA operative,Joseph Allen.

Knowing we had to act fast,I decided to end the meeting early.’I’m sorry I had to call it early.I need to address this matter immediately,my friend.’I apologized to him for taking such measure.But he fully understand my reason and said,’If I’m you,I will do the same thing.’After a few moments,he continued,’I’m also had to juggle my options as well.I do not want choose a side.In times like this,if war erupted in this hemisphere,everything will be in jeopardy.It’s very volatile now with these new development.’I can hardly denied his opinion.With such accusation and pressure from his own people,even Vorshevsky might declare an all out war against United States.The whole population thirst for revenge must be quenched.What better way to do that by declaring war against us?I’m sure,somewhere out there,Makarov is laughing non stop over his attack.

1800 GMT

Cabinet Room

No.10 Downing Street,London Great Britain

‘Ladies and gentlemen,today the world become a witness to a terrible event that killed 250 people.The massacre at Zakhaev International Airport is a tragedy to humanity itself.On the behalf of the government,I will like to offer my sincere condolence to the Russian government.We will lend a hand in their effort to apprehend the mastermind behind this tragedy,Vladimir Makarov and his accomplices.Vladimir Makarov is a terrorist.There is no place for him in our society.Rest assure,we will work on this together to bring this madman down and bringing him to justice for his crimes against humanity.Thank you.’

That’s my initial statement to the press in reaction to that attack.To be honest,it’s hard to issue those statements after witnessing those heartbreaking footage.Still,that speech is enough to make Vorshevsky to make a phone call to my office.’I appreaciate your condolence,Mr.Prime Minister.I really do.’I replied,’I’m just carrying my duty,Mr.President.I hope Makarov is captured as soon as possible along with his accomplices.’He concurred and said,’I hope that as well,Mr.Lang.’

After that brief conversation,it’s time to focus on that attack.Everyone is demanding an answer.Along with me are members of the Cabinet including Defence Minister,Alastair Dulwich,newly appointed Foreign Secretary,Thomas Raj,SIS Chief,Jason Clarkson,Director of MI-6,Muhammad Bakr and Director of MI-5,Gavin Sterling.’Gentlemen,as I fully aware,several months ago,all of you have warned us about Makarov’s impending attack.How he managed to do that?!’Clarkson asnwered,’Sir,we believe Makarov may received some assistance in order to succeed in this attack.It’s possible someone is feeding him information,enough for him to elude us and other Western operatives,sir.’After a few moments,he continued,’I’ll let Captain Abbas to explain.’Clarkson then tell his men to setup a link between us and Istanbul.Thomas asked,’I’m being informed that your operative is in Moscow.Why you setup a link to that location?’It’s Bakr’s turn to reply,’Well,sir.After all this commotion,I decided to tell them to leave Moscow immediately.We cannot take any risk,Mr.Secretary.’

‘Comms in 3,2,1.Director,you’re with Captain Abbas.’Satisfied with that,Clarkson allows me to speak with him.’Captain,I believe everyone is looking for answers.Can you brief us on the attack?’Abbas nodded and said,’No problem,sir.As far as we know,based on the footage and evidence recovered from the scene,Makarov’s the one who committed this assault.There are things that still puzzling us.First,the presence of CIA mole on the scene.Then,how they managed to obtain those American weapons because we know America will only sell it to their army only.They have acts that prevented them from selling to other foregin countries.’I asked again,’What about the firefight outside the airport between the terrorists and American operatives?’He immediately replied,’Sir,that firefight is from us.We’re the ones who attack the ambulance.One of my operatives spotted that one of Makarov’s crew happens to be working in a local diner.He tells me that he’s the one who drove the ambulance,leading to that attack.’Still not satisfied with his excuse,I asked,’Any other reason that justified your assault because of that,America is suspected for organizing that attack!’He instantly replied,’Sir,with all due respect,we act based on informations that we gather.In his safehouse,we found several photos about it.We know in order to cover their escape,they need a vehicle to blend themselves in.An ambulance will suit their needs perfectly.Sir,they planned everything about it!’

After a few moments,Captain Abbas continued,’Sir,we also seize several US passports from the ambulance.These passports are genuine.It’s not a forgery.I don’t they have such luxury like that unless….’Then Bakr continued,’They have assistance inside US government.Thank you for your time,Captain.’I asked,’What’s that supposed to mean?’He replied,’I’m afraid to say this but Makarov may have assistance inside America.I assume these people who aiding him at these times are very wealthy,powerful and influential.If he can infiltrate Washington,he can do the same anywhere in the world.’It’s hard to swallow that damning fact but it is the truth.Then Dulwich asked,’Who assigned PFC Joseph Allen for this deep cover operation?’After several minutes checking the files,Clarkson replied,’Lieutenant General Hershel von Shepherd,sir.Do you think he’s involved as well?’He answered,’Unlikely.But for a man who still haunted by his ghost,there is a possibility.’After hearing their opinion,I know there is a need for an inquiry as well as another deep cover operation to observe Shepherd.If it’s true he’s involved,then he’s already play the biggest lie in human history.’Clarkson,Bakr,I want you to assign your best men to conduct full investigation on Shepherd.I don’t think he’s working alone.If he’s involved,then the lives of our soldiers are under threat.You shall have every resources available to fill in your needs.’Both of them nodded to my request.Before these intelligence chiefs leaving,I said to them,’One more thing,I want you to check any leaks in your department.We don’t want that to happen in our soil.’I look to Sterling and remind him,’That should also be applied on yours too,Sterling.’

My deputy,Alan Manning continued our discussion,’That’s one done and dusted.I think we should reconsider our relationship with Russia,ladies and gentlemen.’Before we can even utter our opinion,one of Raj’s staff barged through our meeting.’Mr.Clark,what exactly going on?’Raj asked him.Based on his looks and body language,we assume it’s the news that we dreaded for.’I’m sorry,sir but this announcement has just come in.Vorshevsky is declaring war towards United States!’All of us are shock with that announcement.Some can only shake his head in disbelief.’Dann,will you please open the telly?’I ordered my chief of staff to switch on the television.And my word,all of us are speechless to hear that announcement…

‘With the power presented to me by the Russian people,I hereby declare an all out war towards United States of America.Colluding with Vladimir Makarov to commit such attack like that is a disgrace to all.My people want justice to be served and they shall have it.Every American will pay their government’s mistake with their own blood!’

I asked Raj,’Mr.Secretary,your opinion on this?’He replied,’Well,sir.I believe this is a statement from the Russian government itself,not from Vorshevsky himself.I think he’s been outmaneuvered by his officials.It’s possible these officials are colluding with Makarov as well,sir.’Then I switched my focus towards other members of the Cabinet,’Ladies and gentlemen,I think we need to decide what is best for us and for our allies.We need to make a right call on this.’For the next hour,every single one of them deliver their opinion.At times,we argued about certain sticking points that could drag us to this.But in the end,all is well.After the meeting is over,I tell Dann,’Call the press.I have an announcement to made.’

2030 GMT

Outside Downing Street,journalists appeared,waiting patiently to throw some questions to me.I don’t have a mood to take any question today,not only because what happen today.I’m still reeling from that revelation,made by our intelligence service.It looks like Vladimir Makarov is starting to increase his influence outside Russia.I just hope there are no traitors in our ranks.Otherwise,this is personal.He’s my enemy!

‘I will not take any questions today.From this moment,any kind of relationship with Russia will be suspended indefinitely.Our ambassador to Moscow will be recalled home.This will also applied to Russian ambassador as well.Although I have to admit,this decision is very painful but I believe I do what is the right thing to do.Thank you….’

The press swarmed me,trying to get any comment from me.But their efforts are futile as I remain silent and head back inside.Once inside,Manning asked,’It’s a huge gamble,Adam.Not sure people will take that easily.’I replied,’Alan,we know Taylor’s administration is innocent.They’re just a scapegoat for Vladimir Makarov.Trust me,the truth will prevail…..’