The new season of Malaysian Super League (MSL) is already begun,yet it’s already marred with controversies.First,issues surrounding foreign players.According to original registration date,all football association must registered their player before December 8th.Associations must fulfill certain requirements that has been stated in FIFA regulations to bring in these players.Failure to fulfill these requirements resulting these players will be disqualified and ineligible to play in the league.As a result,out of 36 players being registered,9 of them are ineligible to play due to their failure to fulfill these requirements.Then,early in January,Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) banned two foreign players from representing Terengganu in the league.This decision irritated the association so much that the state government,the main benefactor for both Terengganu and T.Team,threaten to pull the teams out from the competition.Eventually,FAM decided to end the complication by extending registration date for foreign players until February 13th,much to the relief to all sides.That’s done and dusted.Then,it’s still early days in the league,yet some teams are contemplating to change their foreign player due to their failure to perform well on the field.To be honest,this conundrum should be put to bed now.Before recruiting a player,officials and coaches must do their homework by assessing every data available and watching their intended target in matches.It seems like nothing is done.As a result,replacing these players with another proved to be costly,creating a huge hole in their pockets.If this measure to be implemented early,then associations,officials,coaches,agents and players should not have a problem at all.One thing I noticed on our footballing scene is that coaches have that tendency to sack foreign players for their failure to deliver a terrific performance on the field.To be honest,put ourselves in their shoes.Although some have experiences playing in other Asian leagues,the atmosphere is much different.They have to adapt themselves to our culture and lifestyle,which is alien to their view.Besides,in order for them to succeed,they also must understand the way their respective team played,allowing them to gel and blend in smoothly with other players.Give them some time.I’m sure with that expensive price tag,I’m sure they want to prove themselves to fans that the money is well spend.For coaches,these players have their certain playing style.If they can use their skills to good use,then I see him as valuable addition to their squad.For example,Negri Sembilan coach,Azraai Khor used Effa Owona so effectively that the player become a huge threat to any teams that came to Seremban.