April 14th,2016


0900 GMT


Room 195

Hyatt Regency Hotel,Moscow,Russia


Captain Mustapha Abbas



Two days ago,several 141 operatives led by Soap manage to retrieve the ACS module in Tian Shan Mountain,Kazakhstan.It’s a huge relief for United States because if the Russians manage to crack it,their entire defence will be jeopardy.However,there are things that still troubles me.Why that bloody satelite,in this case,happens to be near to Russian military base in Tian Shan?According to analysts in London and Langley respectively,there’s nothing wrong with the satelite.Even closer examination on the module reveals nothing at all.Everything looks normal from our view.However,the Circus wants me to continue investigating this incident because they fear the module may have been compromised already.In these times,anything can happen including possibility of a new World War….With Makarov is on the loose,even a small spark is enough to ignite a wildfire……


0930 GMT


‘Sir,Makarov and his crew are leaving their safehouse.All of them are boarding a white van,probably heading downtown.’One of my operatives,Michael Gates reporting Makarov’s movement from our safehouse.With them gone,this is a chance for us to inspect their hideout.’Gates,send several men to that address.I want them to record everything inside.’After a few moments,I continued,’I’m gonna try to tail their vehicle.Is our tracer on?’Moments later,he replied,’Tracer is on.But I doubt its effectiveness.By the way,sir,I already send Mahon,Chu and Donner to inspect his safehouse.You should get everything in your phone now.’


As I continue monitoring Makarov’s movement,I also check the photos in my phone.It looks like Makarov have destroyed anything that could tie him back.One wrong step,and he knows,he’ll be dead in no time.I contact Gates once again,’Tell me if there’s anything that can be salvage.’However,much to my dismay,he disagreed,’I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do.There’s no documents,photographs,not even a single hair.He’s thorough,sir.’After a few moments,he continued,’All we found is this picture in the furnace.’I examined the photo thoroughly and find there’s nothing wrong with it.It’s just a photo of an airport.


But then,a memory appears on my head.A reminder from an old friend,a few months ago….’I received intel from my men in Makarov’s camp.It’s about his latest op.According to my sources,Makarov’s planning big.He said his operation will change everything that we know.Enough to force global powers into war.’Then,I see our tracer stop at Zakhaev International Airport.I know immediately,with a massacre occurred on Russian soil,possibility of war is starting to become a reality.I knew I need to act fast.’Gates,notified the Russians ASAP!Makarov is planning a massacre in the airport!’I tell him to report Makarov’s presence in the airport,hoping that their presence could halt his plan.But I know,it will not be easy because Makarov is very determined to ensure its success.


1130 GMT


Zakhaev International Airport,Moscow,Russia


Vladimir Makarov

Inner Circle


Vladimir Makarov shoot Yuri with his Desert Eagle

‘Check your weapons and ammo…Today,we make history.’As we step out from our vehicle,I reminded them,’There’s one matter that need to be addressed immediately.’All of them are puzzled including our latest member,Alexei Borodin.Yuri asked me,’Is there something we did not do,Vladimir?’Instead of answering his question,I tell Kiril and Lev to hold him.Realizing my intention,he tried to resist them but fail.I quietly approached him and said,’I know what you have done, Yuri.I know what you have told them.My friend.My ally.My betrayer.What happens here today,will change the world forever.Nothing can stop this.Not even you.’A loud sound echoed that parking area.As Yuri slowly lose his consciousness,one of my men,Viktor asked,’Is it enough to kill him?’I assures them over him,’With that kind of wound,he will not survive.’


Preparation for the massacre.

As we enter the elevator ,I can feel the nervousness among my men.I can understand Borodin’s concern but not with the others.They’ve been doing this for years,yet those expressions tell the different story.Perhaps,killing civilians might allow their conscience to influence their judgement a bit.To erase that feeling from their mind,I held Kiril and said,’С нами Бог.’With our weapons cocked,I said to them for the last time,’Remember..No Russian…’

CCTV footage over the massacre


Civilians and security personnel become victims of Makarov's lunacy.

That day,I lost count how many people that we murdered.But with thousand of rounds being unleashed towards them,casualties will reach the new heights.I don’t have any grudge with any of them.For me,their deaths will create a path that could restore our superiority over the West and our greatness as a nation itself.For me,their deaths are just statistics.Trust me,people will forget these stats when Russians slaughtered the Americans….

Escaping from the persecution.

As we leave the airport,FSB personnel started to flood in the area.Borodin asked,’It looks like FSBs are waiting for us,Makarov.’To see their huge presence is intimidating but their numbers are nothing compare to our firepower.I can only laugh and replied,’With these weapons,Alexei,nothing could stop us from escaping.Not even the FSB!’I then tell them to check their weapons and explosives before we leave the terminal.Viktor commented on their presence,’I’ve waited a long time for this.’I replied,’Haven’t we all.’As we reach outside,FSB approaching us with their formation,forcing me to said,’F.S.B. – take ’em out.’At first,it’s very difficult to break their resistance but then Borodin suggested,’Makarov,we can use these shields to force our way!’Borodin,Viktor and I use the shields while Kiril and Lev use their machine guns towards them.It work like a charm…..After that intense thirty minutes,we finally made it to our escape vehicle.One of our escape driver,Anatoly approached us,’Good you made it!Get in!We sent a strong message with this attack,Makarov.’All of us including Borodin entered our vehicle,an ambulance.When it comes to Borodin,he thought I will help him to climb inside.Instead,I shoot him in the same manner like Yuri.Everyone is shocked but I tell them,’Move.His death will be a message to all.’As we leave,I continued,’The American thought he could deceive us.When they find that body… all of Russia will cry for war.’


However,our joy only lasted several minutes when our vehicle is suddenly under attack.Gunfire showered our vehicle.’Stop the vehicle now!’I ordered them to stop.But Anatoly angrily dismissed my request,’Are you crazy,Vladimir?We’ll be dead if we stop!’Angered by his refusal,I point my gun to him and said,’Just stop the vehicle!’As we stop,I can see several operatives,possibly Western operatives shooting towards us.One of them happens to be part of Bravo Team,Mustapha Abbas.Knowing the firefight will attract a lot more attention,I said,’Throw some smoke bombs along the way.That should buy us some time!’Several smoke bombs are throwed towards them,forcing them to wear gas masks and stop firing….While they’re busy with that,we hijack another car and make our escape……..