I’m absolutely furious with the Senate’s decision to bring forward two most dreaded bills by Internet users and providers,Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA).Despite White House issued a very serious statement about it,it seems these senators or power brokers and corporate players shrugged off these concerns.Tell me,by passing those bills,is it will provide security and comfort that you’re looking right now?I don’t think so!Internet experts have argued about it time and time again.It’s impossible to halt copyright infringement,which is its main goal.Haven’t these fools aware by passing these bills,they actually denying every online users around the world their respective rights?Their freedom will be restricted and there is no room for creative and innovative thinkers and writers like me to maneuver around.Moreover,service providers and site owners have to face huge liability bills that could jeopardize not only their own profit but their daily operations as well.Tell me,who exactly have to pay the bills if sites like Facebook and YouTube gone bust?Are these fools willing to take that burden?Then,what about a provision that clearly forced site owners to remove users or specific contents that threatened others?Clearly,the ones who gain advantage are major corporations.These fools can use this provision to crush their competitors and further monopolized the market.As a result,nations will become slaves to multinational companies,further putting strain to their economy.Third,there’s that bloody Corporate Right of Action.Copyright holders can still remove infringement materials as long as they have an unopposed court order.But if these bills passed,they can even shutdown the site which is I called disturbing,disgusting and heartbreaking.Stop hiding behind your lawyers and associates!What you’re trying to establish is a new form for oppression!Furthermore,by passing these laws,you’re actually violating your own Constitution,to be precise, the First Amendment.Don’t you have any guilt towards online users especially your own citizens?!Such actions like that is a betrayal to your own countrymen!Before even you entered that bloody chamber,will you please clarify what exactly the definition for Expanded Attorney General Powers?Everyone is puzzled and baffled with this bloody provision.I don’t want those technical terms!Clarify it to the people before you entered the chamber!If you failed to do that,then I have several words for these bills.Utterly rubbish,useless,stupid and idiotic!Put yourself in our shoes before voting on that bloody wretched,useless,rubbish bills!Before tasting power,you’re also happens to be in that kind of situation as well.Think carefully before making a decision.Otherwise,our world will never be the same.And trust me,I don’t think people will take those bills very kindly!Remember what happen to Malaysia?!