April 10th,2016


2125 GMT


Bagram Air Base,Kabul,Afghanistan


Lieutenant General Hershel von Shepherd

US Army/Task Force 141


As I look in through several names recommended by Hines,a phone call suddenly interrupt focus.As I see the caller,I know he want to know if any progress has been made for ‘Operation Bolt’.’Comfortable with your position,General?Hopefully it doesn’t ruin your focus for our cause.You know how capable I can pull things around.With one phone call,you know what will happen.’From his tone,I know he’s getting anxious.Immediately,I assured him,’There’s nothing to be worried about,Harry.While you’re calling,I’m checking through every personnel that could fit perfectly for our operation.I have a name in my mind.In a few days,I’ll be heading to Phoenix Base in Kandahar to check on him.After a few moments,I asked,’Is your man in CIA can be relied on?’He replied,’There’s nothing to be worried about him.Once you put forward a name,he will handle it from there.’


After a few moments,he continued,’As requested,the satelite has been brought down in Kazakhstan.Both Kazakh and Russian soldiers have now bring it back to their military base in Tian Shan Mountain.’Then I asked,’How about the ACS module?I just want to give them a head start,Harry.’I can hear him laugh for several minutes.After his laughter finally diminished,he replied,’I can assure you,General.My sources in the Russian army tells me that the module has been removed and analyzed at this point.They should get everything they needed.’


Then,we discussed over Makarov’s involvement in our operation.’You should know,once he play his part,he’s a liability to everyone.And I believe he’s fully aware over his fate.I don’t want him to haunt us,Hershel.’Jackson voiced his concern.To be honest,I’m quite surprised because he’s the one who suggested Makarov’s involvement in the first place.’Harry,you should aware with my task force is on the deck,everything should be according to plan.You even allowed me to set up my black ops regiment in case something went wrong.I’m sure Makarov will be in our hands soon.’I assured him over our odds compare to Makarov.


Satisfied with my answer,he relented,’Alright then.I trust your judgement on this.’After he hang up,I know the odds are not on our side.But,if we do this properly,the blame will be on Vladimir Makarov,not on me,Jackson,Hines and other members of the cabal.We don’t have to look our shoulders everyday because as far as we know,any loose ends will be tied up immediately or removed permanently.When that time comes,both Makarov and my task force will be eliminated while any paper trails will be destroyed.Without a shallow doubt,I convinced that this theory will last for years.The biggest lie ever played on humanity itself.


‘Operator,Phoenix Base please.’I called the base to speak with Allen’s CO,Sergeant James Foley.After several minutes,operator on that base replied,’This is Phoenix Base,sir.Who would you like to speak to,sir?’I answered,’Operator,I would like to have a word with Sergeant Foley.It’s about one of his men,Private Joseph Allen.’



April 12th,2016


1000 GMT


Phoenix Base,Kandahar,Afghanistan


The man that I choose to be our fall guy is PFC Joseph Allen from 75th Ranger Regiment.At that tender age,his proficiency with his weapons is absolutely incredible.But most importantly,he’s oblivious and easily to be fooled.He’s assuming that this new assignment is just another ordinary operation.But,he never know that the reason I picked him is to ensure America’s involvement in Makarov’s latest op is known to the Russians.I don’t care what happens to him as long as Uncle Sam’s involvement is known to their officials.


‘Corporal Dunn,I believe you have one of the best marksman in your squad.Where is he?I thought Sergeant Foley want to present him to me several hours ago.’I asked Corporal Dunn,vice-leader for 75th Regiment who is in the shooting course.Dunn immediately apologized,’I’m really sorry,sir.Sarge is currently with him,training newest recruit for the Afghan National Army.We’re thought you’ll be arrived several hours later.’I accept his apology and said,’Apology accepted.But I’m here now.Please inform your CO that I need to see Allen in action after they finished training ASAP.Understand?He nodded and immediately tell a soldier to bring Allen to the course.I head back to observation area to continue evaluating his skill and ability.


After several minutes,I see a very enthusiastic,determined soldier entering the course.I asked the officers around,’Is he the best?’One of them,Colonel William Bond replied,’He’s the best in every way,General.’Then I heard a conversation is occured between Dunn and Private Allen.’Hey Private. Welcome back to The Pit. Heard General Shepherd wants to pull a shooter from our unit for some special op. Anyway he’s up there in observation. Go ahead and grab a pistol.’After several minutes switching his gun and assault rifle,he’s ready to take this course out.And my word,I’m somehow surprised with his performance.42.1 seconds,which is very impressive.


Before I could convey my intention to Private Allen,Colonel Bond approached me,’Sir,we just received a distress call from one of our units in Kandahar.It looks like they are heavily assaulted by the Taliban!’I’m shocked to hear that news and asked,’Can you give me a sitrep on their situation?!’The Colonel replied,’Well,at least we have ten casualties.Five badly wounded and receiving treatment at the moment,sir.’I can only shake my head in disbelief.We all aware,we need to teach these combatants one hell of a lesson.’Colonel,mobilized our best men to that site immediately!We need to give a them a very painful lesson they’ll never forget!’


1200 GMT


As we reached the Red Zone,one of the most dangerous area in Kandahar,the battle is intense.The local militias,despite using AK-47 and RPGs as their main weapons,is seemingly unstoppable.Taking vantage points across the destroyed bridge,they relentlessly assaulted my men without any mercy at all.These men are very lucky.Without reinforcement and air support,they will be dead in five minutes.


Then an explosion hit us very hard,causing several soldiers shell-shocked including Private Allen.As I reload my M4A1,I help him to get up,’Get up, Private Allen! Rangers lead the way! Move!’Allen along with other Rangers immediately reinforce our position,allowing us to extract the wounded out with ease.But we all know,in order to eliminate this threat completely,we have to cross to that area immediately.As we covering fire for Big Foot to lay the bridge,I asked Colonel Bond,’How much time we need,Colonel?If that tank failed to finish the bridge in time,we’ll be toast in five!’Colonel Bond assures me,’There’s nothing to worry about,sir.The bridge should be finish in time.’However,he added,’But as long as they continued targeting Big Foot,that will slowed us down!’


With more soldiers targeting our position,Foley ordered the men to up the ante,launching our own grenade towards them.And as expected,with one hit,all or most of them are dead.I thought that’s the end.But one soldier screamed,’Sir,two technicals with ten tangos on the other side of the bridge!’Knowing things might turned ugly,Foley ordered several men near to that position,’On the bridge,10 o’ clock high! Multiple targets, take ’em out!’After several more minutes,hostile forces slowly withdraw from their position.Still,I do not take that for granted.’Sergeant Foley,continue to hit them hard until they completely withdraw from their position!’After several more hits,they finally retreat with the bridge is finally completed.


With the bridge completed,everyone is up there with some taking this opportunity to record our air strike over their position.Then I overheard several disgruntled comments about me,’Hey, isn’t this danger close for the task force?’.Foley’s number two,Dunn cynically replied,’C’mon, since when does Shepherd care about danger close?’I thought I just want to give them a piece of my mind.But by then,the air strike is initiated,destorying our intended target.I asked,’Casualty?’The Colonel replied,’Possibly fifteen to twenty hostiles.’I commented,’That should soften them up a bit!’


As we head towards the neighborhood,several teams are split up with one heading to the east side while the rest of us using the streets.As usual,the atmosphere is quiet,too quiet.From their reaction,I know they are afraid.With the streets are getting narrower,claustrophobic can be a big issue.Then,a soldier inform us,’Sir,three tangos,balcony twelve o’clock.’I asked Foley,’Sergeant,tell your men to watch your fire.We do not want to fire towards civilians.Over.’After a few moments,he replied,’Solid copy,sir.’


However,as we passing thorugh a school,all of us heard sniper bullet richochets our Humvee.Foley then announced,’All Hunter victors,this is Sergeant Foley.Prepare to engage,we’re taking sniper fire from multiple directions.’One Ranger said to us,’Get ready,sir.It’s going to be ugly!’Using the mounted minigun,we unleashed a barrage of bullets towards the militias on the roof of the school.Suddenly,a huge explosion occurred before us,resulting everyone briefly shell-shocked.In the midst of chaos,we tried to escape but with that kind of damage,it’s impossible.To make things even worse,militias pinned us down.In the midst of chaos,at least ten Rangers are killed,including Colonel William Bond.


Knowing things will get worse,one has called for help,’2-1, we are combat ineffective up here!We’re taking heavy fire from the school,can you assist,over?’After a few moments,Foley replied,’Keep it together,2-3!We’re on the way!2-1 out!’Our radioman,Corporal Booth informs me,’Help is under way,sir.’With that kind of news,I know there’s still hope for us to survive this ordeal.’Best of luck to them.In the meantime,let’s hit them one or two shots.We can do this!You’re with me,Rangers?!’They replied simultaneously,’We’re with you,sir!’With our remaining ammunition,we shoot towards the school,hoping to buy Hunter 2-1,Foley’s team to eliminate the remaining hostiles.


After fifteen intense minutes,our ordeal are finally over.Hunter 2-1 successfully eliminated the remaining militias.Then,Hunter Three Humvees apeared after hearing our plea for help.’Sir,your transport is already here.’One of the soldiers inform me.After we leave the compound,I’m informed Hunter 3-1,’Tell them to take the wounded first.I don’t mind waiting for several minutes.’Baffled with my decision,Hunter 3-1 asked me,’Are you really sure about it,sir?’I insists,’Soldier,those men needed those treatment immediately.Don’t worry about me.’


We reach the rally point with the rest of team leaders gathered,monitoring the area.I approached Sergeant Foley and tell him,’Sergeant,Private Allen is taking orders from me from now on.’Fully understand my order,he ordered Allen to follow me.As we entered the chopper,he asked me,’I’m being informed that I’ll be part of a task force,sir.Is it correct?’I replied,’Yes,you are.I’ll explain everything along the way.’