January 16th,2016


2130 GMT


Room 195

Hyatt Regency Hotel,Moscow,Russia


Captain Mustapha Abbas



Ever since the old man’s disappearance in Ukraine 4 years earlier,everyone assume that he’s already.In my opinion,not so much.I know lies deep in my heart,there’s still hope he might possibly alive.If I do have some spare time,I use that opportunity to find him,using my contacts in the underworld and the world of espionage.Unfortunately,no one is talking.It seems like they feared if they leaked this information either to me or Kamarov,they might find themselves in a very sticky situation.Makarov may be ousted from Vorshevsky’s administration but it seems he’s more powerful on this level.



Suddenly,my phone is ringing,shooting my thoughts over the old man..’I’m coming…!’As I reach it and read the caller’s name,I know something is up at the moment.’привет,my friend.You have anything solid,mate?’At the other end,Kamarov can only laughed.He knows,with that kind of phrase,I’m not in the mood to entertain any petty matters.’Yes,I have something for you.A warning to your government and to our allies.But I cannot speak here.’From his tone,I know it’s really important.’Usual place,I presumed?’I asked…However,Kamarov disagreed,’No.I don’t think we should meet there.Meet me at Moscow Cafe in fifteen minutes.Just be there.’


2145 GMT


Moscow Cafe,Moscow,Russia


As promised,here I am.However,much to my dismay,Kamarov is not present.After several minutes,he finally arrived.However,his body language suggest otherwise.From his looks and gestures,I know he’s being followed by several people.’Hope I do not make you wait,Captain.’He quietly apologize for being late.’No..you’re not.I’m only being here for several minutes.’I shrugged off his concern.Then I asked,’I assume your lateness is to elude people who follow you?’He nodded and replied,’Your assumption is correct,Captain.I believed I’ve being followed by Makarov’s men.’I make a guess,’Is this something to do with your intel?’He nodded again.Then,we see a couple entering the cafe.Their behavior seems normal but Kamarov warns me,’Don’t be fooled by their appearance.That couple is working for Inner Circle.I heard they mention Makarov’s name while making a call ten minutes ago.’


We decided to leave,testing whether Kamarov’s theory is correct or not.But as we hit the street,the same couple followed us once again.’Let’s split up….I’m gonna intercept them in that alley.Just get ready.’I explained my plan to him.With situation is not in our favor,Kamarov agreed to become a bait to lure them towards the trap.As we pass the Red Square,I leave Kamarov and use a shortcut to intercept the couple before Kamarov.And as expected,they continued to follow him with the woman hiding her supressed pistol behind her purse.’Abbas,now.’He tells me to act,which I did.She tried to shoot me but I immediately incapasitate her with ease.As for Kamarov,he doesn’t face any problem as well.’Called the police…I’m sure they want this.’He tells me to call the authorities.As I called them,I realized how valuable this information is.If not,why Makarov will go to such length to prevent it from being intercepted either by the Loyalists or Western intelligences.


‘Now,we’re in the clear.Tell me what you’ve got.’Noticing my impatience,he spills it.’Alright then.I received intel from my men in Makarov’s camp.It’s about his latest op.According to my sources,Makarov’s planning big.He said his operation will change everything that we know.Enough to force global powers into war.’When Kamarov mentioned its aftermath,I knew this is much bigger than the assasination of Grigori Markhov itself.I pressed him,’Did your source give any details about his op?’However,much to my disappointment,he said no.To be honest,his intel is too general.How I gonna supposed to issue a warning to MI-6 by providing such little intel like that in my report?Surely,my superiors in London will shrugged off such report and put it aside immediately.Still,after considering the mishaps that occurred to us this evening,I might have to give a shot on that.As we separate both ways,I said to him,’I cannot promised anything.I will relay your intel to the Circus as soon as possible.’I knew my response is a bit disappointing but with that kind of intel,there’s nothing more I could offered to him.He said,’I’m sorry but this is what I could grasp from my men.I hope you understand,Captain Abbas.’I persuaded him by saying,’Hei,I understand your situation,Leftenant.I really do.One intel is better than nothing.’


January 17th,2012


0900 GMT


Room 195

Hyatt Regency Hotel,Moscow,Russia


The next morning,I relay that information to the Circus.And as expected,I’m being ridiculed for relaying such information to them.However,the newly appointed head of SIS,Jason Clarkson has other opinion.’Captain,is this intel solid or is this just another ruse by Vladimir Makarov?’I dismissed his suggestions and replied,’No,sir.If it’s true this is just another ruse,then why Makarov send his men to kill me and Kamarov?I suggest,we should keep a close eye to any high valuable targets around the world especially in Europe.Kamarov wants us to take this matter seriously.If we don’t prevent this from happening,global superpowers might find themselves at war with each other.’Director of MI-5,Gavin Sterling however blasted my assessment,’Your assessment is poor,Captain.With that information,how we supposed to put ourselves ready against this so-called imminent threat?Surely,the government and the Parliament may questioned the need to use those funds.’However,Director Clarkson retorted his suggestion,’I agree with you.But,it’s best to be sorry now rather than later.At least,we’re on guard to deal the threat,created by ‘Kingfish’.’Other directors including my own boss,head of MI-6,Muhammad Bakr supported his stance.


After discussing for several minutes,the Circus inform me to conduct full inquiry over Makarov’s latest operation.Personally,it’s a huge victory against these so-called bureaucrats.At least,they take note and acted immediately to eliminate any threat towards us and our allies.However,Kamarov’s words really disturbs me..Is he really serious to drag us into that bloody quagmire once more?!…