First of all,I would like to thank to all of you who contribute interesting comments on my post.With those comments,I can use that as a reference to improve my writing skills,creating new,fresh and more quality article that you desired.To be honest,my English is not so good.That’s why you will noticed many errors on my grammar pretty quickly.Still,I’ll take that on board and vowed to improve both my writing and speaking skills in English.All this for you,mates.If you’re not happy with several posts,I apologized for that.During that period,I suffered what people called a writer’s block.I have no clue on what exactly I’m writing.Instead,I let my own desire gaining control over my own intelligence.Furthermore,at that time,I suffered depression.All because of unrequited love….But,I can assure you,it’s all in the past now.I can assure you,it’s no longer affecting my posts.You have my word about that,mates.Thank you once again for your support.Without you,I’m nothing….