January 13th,2013


1435 GMT


Kravchuk Elementary School



Leftenant Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley

Task Force 141


I wish everything that occur years ago is just a dream.And yet,it seems like these images refused to go away.And now,I’m being forced to remember everything..All in order to calm the children’s mind while buying my squadmates enough time to breach the area,taking down these pathetic @#$%!&^& at once.


‘Mister,they will not kill us,right?’A little girl asked me.She asked a very,very difficult question to answer.But somehow,I managed to muster some strenght by telling her,’Listen,everything will be just fine.You and your friends will be alright.No ones gonna hurt you.’The truth is,I’m not so sure.Fools that taken this area are highly efficient,well coordinated and very dangerous.One damn mistake and the kids will die,something that truly scares me.


Then,one terrorist enters the room and immediately beat me with his AK-47.He said to me,’You fool.Nothing will stop us from murdering them.Not even you.’Enraged with his statement,I replied,’You and your mates are dogs.Just like Makarov!’He punched me once again and delivered a simple warning,’Don’t act like a fool like this man!’He then announced by three o’clock,every single one of them will be killed.After hearing that announcement,I know I have to act fast…But how?!


I watched them in fear,I never seen them in that kind of condition.And so,I telling them stories about an old friend,who I called Ghost.Truth is,I’m telling them about my own past…


May 15th,2011


Baja Peninsular,Mexico


Barely a month after the end of Second Russia Civil War,Hereford choose me to be part of a new task force,consists of Marines,Delta Force and SAS members.Our task,capturing one of the most wanted man in the area,Manuel Roba.As we prepared to head out,several figures inside the regiment felt Hereford’s decision is absolutely shocking.Among them,survivors of the civil war,Captain John Price and Leftenant Mustapha Abbas and of course,my commanding officer,Colonel Scott MacMillan.All of them voicing their concern about this operation.Especially Leftenant Abbas.Back then,I was just a Sergeant in his team.’Listen,I don’t think this is right.I smell rat..’,he said to me.However,I disagreed,’Sir,everything will be just fine.Besides,I don’t think we have rats in our team.Have faith,sir’


In turns out,his worst fear become a reality..A team consisting of me,Private Kevin Sparks and Lieutenant Washington and other members of the task force,stormed an abandoned beach house,we believe might be used as Roba’s safehouse.Since 2005,Roba become public enemy no.1 in Mexico for his involvement in the assasination of President Hugo Alcaraz as well as a number of high profile assasination and terrorist attack thorughout Mexico.The reason we’re in is because the man that Roba hired for Alcaraz’s assasination is the enemy of the Crown,Vladimir Makarov.But much to our dismay,the man in question is not there.To make things even worse,as we searched the area,members of Roba’s cartel surrounded the safehouse.’Sir,Roba’s men are outside.’Sparks tell Washington about it.As I peek into the window,I know we’re become minced meat if we do not act fast.However,there is one damning question appeared in my head.’How the hell they know our whereabouts?’Then one of the commandos,known as Harris,pointing his gun towards us.I angrily asked,’Why you’re doing this to us?!’He gleefully replied,’Working with Roba provides me with plenty of opportunity..’Enraged with his confession,I pulled my gun and killed him immediately.


When Roba’s men heard the gunshot,they immediately burst through and triggered a massive firefight between us and them.We tried to escape but somehow,I collapsed along with the others including Washington and Sparks.That’s the last thing I remembered….


May 18th,2011


Somewhere in Baja Peninsular,Mexico


‘Arghh…!!’I screamed in pain as my captors continuously torturing me for information.But I will never revealed anything to these fools.Not even a single penny.Then,the man in question,impressed with my determination,asked me,’I’m impressed with your ability.I need a man like you in my organization,Mr.Riley.’Instead of cooperating,I spit towards him and announced,’There’s no way I’ll do that.If I do that,it means betraying everything that I believe.’Angered with my rejection,he orders them to continue…


It was midnight and at that time,I was badly battered,bruised and wounded.Then,without warning,one of my captors injected a tranquilizer,forcing me to go asleep…As I regained my consciousness,I realized I’m now inside a shallow grave with another member of our task force.Our commanding officer,Major Vernon.With his corpse decaying,I noticed that some of his lower jar bone still intact.So,I used it to escape from this nightmare.It took me almost thirteen hours to dig myself out from the grave.As I emerged from it,I thought I was dead.But then,I heard a very familiar voice.’Ghost,can you hear me?You’ll be fine,mate.Just hang in there,ok?’Leftenant Abbas’s voice ignited my will to survive.


July 31st,2011


21 SAS Credenhill,Great Britain


It took me quite awhile to recover from that beating.During that period,I continuously haunted by Roba’s taunt and his threats to my family.I fear what if everything he said will be a reality.Still,my colleagues including my COs lending their hand to help me recover.They tell me to ignore it because it’s just a hallucination,probably existed due to my traumatic experience back in Mexico.However,some like the old man and Abbas tells me to be ready for anything.Like the old man said,’The future is uncertain.Anything can happen.Watch your six,son.’


During my recovery,I used that opportunity to mend my relationship with my family.Due to my involvements in the civil war and that botched operation,in some ways,my relationship with them is a bit strainED,to say the least.But to see me in that condition,is not easy.No matter what,they’re still my family.Everything is put aside.All feuds are buried completely.It’s a clean slate now.We’re patched things up and the normal atmosphere surrounding our family return once more.However,everything change…


August 3rd,2011


Sparks and Washington appeared in Credenhill by surprise.I assume at that time,it’s just a social visit.And so,we headed to the pub,trying to catch up old stories involving us.Then,their attention immediately switched towards the waitress.Sparks whispered to me,’We should ‘try’ her.’I tried to stop him,’Are you crazy?You want us to be in jail for this?’Washington backed him,’Oh,come on,Riley.Don’t you want to try her as well?I’ll bet you’re a sissy.’Such insult like that might put them in hospital beds that night.Fortunately,my patience remains intact…


As we left the pub right before midnight,we saw the same waitress leaving her workplace.Seeing this opportunity,both Sparks and Washington slowly approaching her,with very sinister agenda in their mind.Then,out of nowhere,a patrol car appeared,forcing them to retreat..Unknown to them,I called the local police to ensure the girl was safe…


As we headed back to their room,a sudden revelation shocked me.’I have a secret.Please don’t tell anyone about it.’Sparks made me promised that night.I agreed with his condition and urge him to reveal it.’You see,Washington and I are actually working for Manuel Roba.The reason we’re here because of you,Riley.’I’m stunned with his revelation,but I assumed it’s just a gag.But no.As I see Washington with a gun,I know something terrible is happening.Noticing my sudden change of reaction,Washington tried to kill me,but I managed to escape by leaping through their window and steal a cab to make my escape.As I reach my house,everything was engulfed in fire.There’s no sign of my family anywhere…Then a police asked me,’Is this your home,sir?’I nodded,’Yes..Where’s my brother?Where’s my mother?!’The man in uniform can only shake his head and offered his condolence,’I’m really sorry,sir.No one survived the fire.’That tragedy scarred me permanently…


October 20th,2011


0205 GMT


For the last three months,I used my leave to pursue anyone who has ties with Manuel Roba.To ensure everything went smoothly,sometimes the old man or Leftenant Abbas feed me with information regarding Roba or his organization.In that period,I tracked Washington to Afghanistan..Disguised myself as one of the Marines,I slowly approached him and killed him swiftly without alerting anyone.Before I left the barracks,I left behind clues that could tie him back to Roba..


The whole base was on alert.But it’s already too late.I managed to elude everyone to ensure my escape is perfectly executed.While I was satisfied with his demise,I noticed tears start to come out.I know Washington’s death will not bring them back to the very least,that will stop him from hurting anyone…


October 16th,2011


0230 GMT




‘Before you’re proceed,just one simple question,is this giving you the comfort you seek for?’Leftenant Abbas asked me before I engaged with Sparks.I know the answer,yet I refused to answer it.Tears will appeared everytime that question popped.Knowing his question will remain unanswered,he allows me to go in but he warns me,’Listen,if you continue doing this,you may no longer the same Riley everyone will know…Including me.’


Inside,I mercilessly beat Sparks before eventually killing him.I’m so furious with his actions.The fact that he raped my sister in-law before he killed her really breaks my heart into pieces.That night,in retaliation to his deeds towards my family,I burned down his house in rage.I even left behind a grafity as a warning shot towards Roba,that I’m gunning for him now.No one stands between us now,Roba!……


October 30th,2011


0330 GMT




That night,a strike team consisting of Captain Price,Leftenant Abbas and me assaulted Roba’s safehouse in the jungles of Chiapas.I remember it like it was happen yesterday.’Alright,let’s split up.I’ll deal with the guards.Both of you,get Roba.’The old man use himself as a decoy while we assaulted the safehouse.Before we entered,my CO reminded me,’Suppressed weapon only.’Slowly,we entered the safehouse and swiftly killed any occupants inside.Then,we find Roba,still enjoying his Cuban cigar..I removed my silencer and killed him with my gun.However,my decision proved to be costly.


As Roba’s men heard the gunshot,we know we’re in the bad way.Furious with my decision,Leftenant Abbas chided me,’You fool.Look what you’ve done.’I tried to apologize but he said to me,’You can apologize later as long as we can escape from these fools.’Eventually,we managed to escape the house with the old man in the driving seat.Roba’s men tried to chase us but we use some of our grenade launcher,destroying them in the process…


Present day


1500 GMT


The terrorists is starting to worried.The deadline have passed but nothing happen.Their leader,the man who punch me earlier,asked,’Why your comrades refused to rescue you,soldier?’Instead of speaking,I shoot him several times using my suppressed UMP .45.Everyone is stunned including the children.Unknown to these fools,Captain MacTavish inserted a hidden knife and a suppressed UMP .45.Everything was just a ruse.That shot means they’ve been cleared to engage the terrorists.


The terrorists tried to kill the children but sniper team led by Archer aka Leftenant Wayne Gaines killed them instantly.With the team breached,I know things might turned ugly.The team,led by the Captain searched every room and secured the hostages while nulfying any hostiles.As we head to the last room,I see a terrorist hold a little girl as a hostage.Captain MacTavish immediately issued us an order,’Hold your fire!’I tried to reason with the last terrorist,’Let the girl go.You’re alone now.’He tried to shoot but Archer spotted his movement,putting an end to their nightmare…


As we prepared to leave,the little girl asked me about my story,’Is it really about you?’I bluffed,’No,honey.It’s just a story.’To be honest,that’s exactly what happened over those turbulent period.After escaping to Texas,a fine gentlemen by the name Shepherd offered me a spot in his task force.At first,I was hesitant,fearful that I might make another disasterous decision.But the old man said to me,’Give it a try,son.This might be the right time to start a new chapter in your life.’He’s right..Perhaps,starting fresh is the best for everyone including me…