January 30th,2012


1015 GMT


Somewhere in Petropavlovsk,Russia


Official Insignia for Vladimir Makarov's terrorist cell.

Vladimir Makarov

Inner Circle


A huge satisfaction to see the man responsible for the death of Imran Zakhaev is now locked up in the Gulag.He may not be the one who pull the trigger that claimed his life but still,his capture satisfied my lust for revenge.Captain John Price,according to my men,a living legend among British operatives.It looks like not all stories being passed through are true after all.I wish I could put a bullet inside his head but to ensure my involvement remain invisible,my allies in the government forbid me from doing that.If Price is murdered,our secret arrangement will be blown and Vorshevsky has a very good reason to launch an all out purge against us.A right call,I say…


As I leave Petropavlovsk,I make a call to thank the man who responsible for saving my skin from those fools.’Thanks for the information.If it wasn’t you,I might find myself behind bars somewhere in Britain or America,Mr.Jackson.’Mr.Jackson is actually Harold Jackson,the head of Torchwood,the biggest defence contractor in America.Due to his background as an operative,he managed to gain access to various intels for my operation.Those information allows me to execute everything to perfection.But he remain humble and said,’It was nothing,Vladimir.Just doing my role,that’s all.’After a few moments,he continued,’You know,you owe me a huge favor,Makarov.’I can only smiled to that phrase.I fully understand what exactly he meant.’I can assure you,my friend.You can ask anything that you required.I’ll see what I can do.’I assured him.


Convinced with my words,he said,’Listen..The Americans had enough with your action.I heard rumors that they along with several countries will form a new task force to apprehend you.’When I heard about that,I could not resist to laugh out loud.However,he’s not impressed,’What so funny,Vladimir?You better watch out.From what I heard,even if you delivered a hammer blow towards the West,they will relentlessly hunted you down like dogs.’Noticing his tone is changing,I apologized for my behavior,’I’m sorry,my friend.Thank you so much for that information.I’ll assure you,they’ll never catch me.They’ll never know our partnership.’After a few moments,he accepted my apology and continued.’Apology accepted..I’ll do whatever I can to slow them down but not much..You have to do the other part on your own..’Noticing his tone remain tense,once again I assured him,’Don’t worry about that,Harry.As long as we covered our tracks well,no one will find us…’


Convinced with my assurance,he immediately hang up.With the existence of this new task force,I know I have to change my game to elude these fools.Sooner or later,I can no longer relied on him or my other associates across the border to save my skin.I do not want to be end up like Zakhaev.Instead of hiding,I should strike back relentlessly to ensure no one stand between me and the new Russia…


Mei 15th,2012


0930 GMT


21 SAS Credenhill,Great Britain


Official Insignia for Task Force 141

Lieutenant General Hershel von Shepherd

Task Force 141


It took me several months to gather new members for this new task force.True,for me,they’re just pawns to me to further advancing my own interest.At some point,sacrifice has to be made…Once they’re no longer useful to my cause,then death is certain to all of them.Still,for now,they shall not foresee such circumstance like that.I need them,I demanded their loyalty,I need their skill in times like this…Who knows if they did correctly,my status as honorable military leader will be secured..No one will questioned about it..Not even them…


Today,I’m here in Credenhill,seeking new members for Task Force 141…With John MacTavish is certain as field commander and Simon Riley as second in command,I need more new bloods to further strengthen our task force.MacTavish and Riley did suggest some names to me,but I’m not satisfied with these candidates.This is the reason I’m here,assessing every SAS member,fulfilling my parameters as one of the elite soldiers on the planet.


‘General Shepherd,we’re honored to have your presence here.’Their former CO,Colonel MacMillan warmly greeted me and the boys.Both MacTavish and Riley can only smiled.’I’m here because I believe there are some soldiers who might qualified to join our task force,Colonel.I hope you could help me with that.’I addressed my concern to him.He smiled after hearing my request and replied,’Of course,sir.I think we have..Please come with me.Mind if I use them for awhile?They’re still my men.’He asked my permission to have their service for awhile.Since they’re familiar with the surrounding and the soldiers,I agreed with his request.


First,he bring us to Killhouse,a place where SAS members trained to commit raids aboard places like freighters or warehouses.After several minutes,using information provided by Special Intelligence Service (SIS),one soldier attract my attention.At first,I’m quite hesitant to call him due to the fact that this young man might not suited to our demands.However,MacTavish convinced me,’Sir,you should take him.He reminds me of myself.’I reminded him.’Never let nostalgia influenced your judgement,Captain.’However,he remain defiant and said,’Sir,I can assure you,I’m not letting it influenced my judgement.He may lacking in several aspects but trust me,his accuracy and loyalty..you cannot find it anywhere else.’Eventually,I relent and accept his argument.But I warned him,’He’s under your responsibility the moment he join us.I just want to ensure we make a right call.’He assures me,’I’m sure he will not disappoint us.’


I ask the Colonel to call him to have a closer look on that fine young man.According to his dossier,his name is Gary Sanderson aka Roach.’Sanderson,stop what you’re doing.These fine gentlemen want to have a word with you.’As he goes down from the tower,I asked the MacMillan,’How can you describe about him,Colonel?’MacMillan replied,’Well,his record is clean.No disciplinary record as I’m concerned.Personally,he reminds me to several people that I once trained.’He approached us and salute us as a sign of respect.’Private Sanderson,will you like to join 141?A chance to be part of one of the most elite strike team on the planet.’I begin my case,trying to entice him with the prospect of joining us.Instead of asking more question,he asked,’It’s an honor,sir.Where should I sign up?’To be honest,I’m surprised with his reaction.To see such dedication that is a blessing.If only he’s on my side someday,he might not become part of that sacrifice..Then MacTavish whispered to me,’I told you,picking him was not a mistake.’


After several more rounds,I decided to call it a day.With sixteen more personnel is confirmed to join my task force,my work here is done.To be honest,I’m surprised with their dedication.No wonder some of my colleagues called them the best special force in the world.Unfortunately,they’re not realized that they will be part of one of the biggest lie ever played on global scale.Everyone will suffer from that kind of beating..Not only the Russians..but to others as well..They’re doing nothing…Wait till disaster in their doorstep..Then they will know how I felt…