January 10th,2012


1000 GMT


21 SAS Credenhill,Great Britain


Leftenant ‘Soap’ MacTavish

22nd Regiment,SAS


It’s been several months after I returned to Credenhill…Everything is changing.I thought everything will remain the same.But no.It turns out after my departure,Mustapha was also leaving.According to the old man,he’s being assigned to a special mission in Moscow,probably acting as undercover agent,monitoring Ultranationalists movement there.Most specifically,monitoring  the enemy of the Crown,Vladimir Makarov.I’m not surprised at all with his appointment.With his Russian background and his fluency in Russia,there’s no doubt he’s the right man for the assignment.


‘You’re ready,son?’Captain Price asked me that day.To be honest,I’m not so sure.But after the last several months,fighting my addiction and depression,I think I’m ready.I replied,’I’m up for it,old man.’Back to work once again and I’m raring to go once more.As I entered Credenhill,the old faces warmly welcome me.Wallcroft,Griffen,Newcastle and of course,my mentor,Colonel MacMillan.He hugs me tightly and said,’Welcome back to the fold.Don’t waste this opportunity.Use it well,son.’I silently agreed with his words.I know I cannot repeat that mistake again.The fact they still giving me a chance shows me that they still believing in me.I promised,I won’t repeat it again…


January 15th,2011


1230 GMT


Everyone is present in the meeting room..Today,we’re just receive intel from Mustapha that Makarov is spotted in the outskirt of Mount Koshka,Ukraine.It is believed that Makarov is hiding there after conducting several terrorist attacks throughout Europe and Middle East.One of these attacks was the assasination of Anatoly Vaschuk,a prominent Russian journalist.No one knows why Makarov assasinating him but many assume some of his enemies hired our ‘friend’ to silent him for good.


‘Alright then,gentlemen.As we all fully aware,Vladimir Makarov is reportedly hiding in his safehouse somewhere in Mount Koshka.The government want us to capture him alive.I repeat,they want him alive.It is believe,with his capture,we can start gathering information,enough to topple down the current Ultranationalist government.’Colonel MacMillan briefed us on our intel.One of the officers,Leftenant Simon Riley asked,’Sir,is this our op or there are others will be involved?’The old man answered,’This is a joint operation,Ghost.We’re not alone on this one.The Americans will send their own Delta Force to assist us.’Then,Colonel MacMillan tell us to check the dossier given.’We’ll be the one who lead this operation.Captain John Price will lead this operation.He will be aided by Leftenant John MacTavish,Leftenant Simon Riley and Staff Sergeant Thomas Harris aka ‘Sandman’.Remember,we want this man alive.No exception.Understand?’We simultaneously said,’Yes,sir.’After a few moments,he continued,’Alright then,pack your stuff.You’ll be leaving in 8 hours time.’As we leave,Riley approached me and said,’Looking forward to work alongside you,sir.It’s an honor to be alongside you and Captain Price.’I just smiled and replied,’It’s nothing really.Welcome aboard.Looking forward as well,mate.’


January 16th,2012


0945 GMT


Mount Koshka,Ukraine


As planned,we reunited with our fellow Deltas in Mount Koshka,Ukraine.However,there is another person joining us,much to our surprise.’Hope you still remember me.If not,I’m might shed some tears.’The person I referring to is Mustapha Abbas.We thought he still in Moscow.But it turns out,he volunteered to join us here to ensure everything went smoothly.Or as the old man called,’Acting like our babysitter.’Still,everything between us is good.Especially between me and him.’Soap,are we cool?I don’t want any bad blood between us.’He asked me.I just smiled and replied,’Hei,it’s alright.We’re cool.Don’t worry about that.’


‘Overlord,this is Delta Six.We spotted sentries around the safehouse.Permission to engage,over.’Sandman radioed Overlord,asking clearance to eliminate hostiles.’Delta Six,you’re cleared to engage.Out’Overlord cleared them to shot,allowing us to execute our operation perfectly.After a few moments,Delta team led by Sandman unleashed several precise shot,killing those sentries on site.’Weapons free.Suppressed weapon only.’Price tell us to engage.Still reeling by that surprise assault,we stormed the compound,leading to a fierce firefight to reach the safehouse.But after several minutes,with assistance from Spectre 6-4,codenamed Zeus,we cleared the area with ease.


As we breached the safehouse,more hostile appeared,tried to ambush us…But all resistance are futile.No one stand between us and ‘Kingfish’,Makarov’s codename.However,much to our disappointment,Vladimir Makarov is not present.I teased Mustapha,’Bad intel,mate?’He can only shake his head,pretty disappointed with the outcome.Still,the old man tell us,’Cheer up.He may not present.But there’s plenty of intel here.It should be useful for future operation.’We inspect room by room,seeking anything that could tie him back to his crimes.Plenty of pictures,probably a target for future attack,names,mostly his associates and personal items only.Then,as we check the last room,we’re stunned.’Sir,come down here.You have to see this.’Mustapha radioed him.As we regroup in that room,we find pictures of Bravo Six and other operatives who involved in our previous operation several months ago.Most of it have been crossed,probably being killed.We shake our heads in disbelief with Mustapha vented his anger,’How he managed to do this?Bloody bugger!’Then,we heard a ticking sound inside the room.As we leave the safehouse,a huge explosion destroyed it in no time.


Knowing this is just a ruse,I radioed Delta team,’Delta Siz,this is Bravo Five.Get your asses outta here!It’s a trap!’As we fleeing the scene,Ultranationalist forces relentlessly pursued us.Fortunately,Zeus covered our escape until those fools,using several Stingers,bring it down to earth,much to our horror.As we reached the exfil point,a sudden explosion briefly knocked me out.I did not know what happen but from their reaction,I know,I’m in bad way.’Sir,Soap’s badly wounded.Ghost,with me!We need to get him outta here!’As we finally inside the Sea Knight,I realized the old man is not there.I tried to scream but nothing happen.I can hear Riley screaming,’Sir,come on.We need to leave now!’But the old man shoved away his request,’Go!Get out of here now!’I tried to leave but the others prevented me from doing so.Mustapha and Sandman tried to reason with the pilot to stay for several moments to retrieve him but he denied their request,’It’s too late.If we stay,we all died!’As we leave Koshka,the mood is sombre.Mustapha punched the wall several times,venting his anger….If only we stay behind,maybe there’s a slim opportunity for him to join us….


January 30th,2012


0630 GMT


Somewhere in Petropavlovsk,Russia


Captain John Price

22nd Regiment,SAS


I thought I was dead back then.Being shot several times,at my arm,my shoulder and my knee.But to see me here in this facility,I know I’m being captured.But,one damning question appeared in my head,who exactly betrayed us that led to our ambush and my incarceration here.Then,a familiar figure entering my room.The man the entire country despise for what he have done,Vladimir Makarov.


I tried to punch him but then I realized,I’m shackled around my bed.’It’s been awhile,Leftenant.Or should I called you Captain?’H e started the conversation with a wry smile.’What do you want from me,Makarov?’I asked him back.Then,he started laughing to see me in that condition and replied,’Revenge,Price.You and your men murdered my General.One of the most honorable man in Russia.’I immediately spit on him and said,’Imran Zakhaev is a terrorist,not a leader that the Russians admired!’Enraged with my insult,he punched me.So hard that I feel I might lose some of my tooth.’Watched your tongue,Price.’He warns me.Despite the pain,I still asked,’How do you managed to track them down?Those operatives?How do you that?’He laugh once more and replied,’I have men out there,Captain Price.Men that are willing to do my bidding.’Angered with his statement,I angrily replied,’No one will served you,Makarov!’But he ignored my objection and calmly replied,’In this new world,as long as you have money,you can do anything.Me?They’re become my pawns,Price.They don’t care why I’m doing this as long as they’ve been paid!’After that,he leaves me,’Enjoy your new home,Captain.Hope you’re comfortable there.’Then,he started laughing again,mocking my fate while his,remain as a free man.Laugh all you want,Makarov.Next time,I might be the one who had the last laugh…