For the last decade,the whole world is shocked with the abuse,committed by these so-called honorable soldiers against prisoners or enemy combatants,as they called.They intimidate the prisoners with dogs,they called them names,such words like that,there’s no way I will describe it inside my post.They pee on the Koran,they sexually assaulted these men and women.Now,they pee on deceased enemy combatants.I have to say,if I’m the leader or die Fuhrer for that nation,knowing that such action existed,I’ll be absolutely ashamed and outraged by their actions.These so-called men and women,they do not deserved to be in the army.It seems like they failed to uphold other people’s right,even after they meet their demise.They say they have that code of honor but to be honest,I don’t see that particular code applied apart in TV shows or mainstream movies.That seemingly code of honor is neglected and forgotten.Next,are these soldiers are fools while committing these acts?True,these prisoners of war may not utter a single word about their misery but not their colleagues,their superiors and the public itself.This is the age of globalization,the age of technology.There is no boundary now.Even the most guarded secret on the planet can be uncovered compared to these disgusting image.The people will vented their frustration and anger towards these fools,disgracing their honorable uniform and image as soldiers for their beloved country.The people will perceived that if these attitude and behavior continue,their country will lose more allies and establish new hostility with other nations,further tarnishing their good name and reputation as one of the most powerful nation in the world.I would like to quote what Vladimir Makarov said in Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 3 launch trailer,’It doesn’t take the powerful nation on Earth to create the next global conflict.Just the will of a single men.’And right now,that kind of will,full with hatred and grudge,is now starting to haunt that nation itself.Wonder if their leader could get some sleep at all….