Image of General Shepherd

Sept. 1st,2011


2045 GMT


Hilton Hotel,

Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia


Lieutenant General Hershel von Shepherd

US Army


As this part of the world celebrating Eid Mubarak,one of the celebration in Islamic calendar,I’m here for a different reason.Today,I’m supposed to meet with some of the most powerful men on the planet.They’re not politicians,they’re just businessmen.However,from my observation,these men and women are opportunists,pouncing every opportunity to gain enormous profit or to further advancing their own interest.I’m also aware,with everything at stake,they will do whatever means necessary to preserve it,even murder…I always asked myself this question,why should I accept their offer,which endanger my position in the army itself as well as the safety of my loved ones…I can reject it on site..But my ego step in..My pride and honor as a soldier,as a leader in the US Army is was badly bruised…The scar from that trauma is still lingering in my mind…Maybe their proposal may not sound bad after all…


2100 GMT


Lounge 130


As expected,these people that I supposed to met are finally arrived.I have to say,their personality are very charismatic.No one could not resist that kind of charm.’Are you General Shepherd?’One of them asked.I replied,’Yes,I’m General Shepherd,US Army.’Satisfied with my answer,they introduced themselves.The man who asked the question is Harold Jackson,the head of Torchwood,one of the biggest defence contractors in America.Next,his associates,Gail Stephens,an owner Ravenclaw and Associates,one of the powerful law firm in Washington,Nathan Stanton,one of the leading senators in Capitol Hill and of course,the man who introduce me to this,military advisor for Torchwood,my friend,General David Hines.


‘Before we start,I would like to know if you’re still interested with our offer.’Jackson asked me.I immediately replied,’To be honest,I’m still interested with your offer.I find it very difficult to resist.’Satisfied with my response,he tells Hines to start presenting their proposal.’Hershel,we like to offer you vast resources you need to restore our country’s pride as one the most powerful nation in the world.You name it,weapons,manpower,resources,everything will be on your fingertips.Consider this as a way to seek revenge for your men who perished in Kuwait several months earlier.’Stunned with what they offering,I asked,’It’s easy for you to say but surely the government will not allow such resources like that to be wasted.Unless..’Jackson continued,’Unless war will occur between us and the Russians,to be exact Ultranationalists.’


Shocked with what they planning,I objected their proposal,’Mr.Jackson,you know waging war against Russia is suicidal.At the moment,hostility towards us are minimal.There’s no reason for us to wage war against them.’Despite my reaction,he waived my objection and replied,’Not when we use someone as our scapegoat,to trigger one of the most bloodies conflict in human history.To be exact,the man that we talking right now is Vladimir Makarov.’After a few moments,he continued,’Makarov is now waging a power struggle with Vorshevsky.We shall use this moment to ensure our goal will be achieved.’Sounds intriguing,still the reason behind these suicidal moves puzzling me a bit.This is when Stanton step in,’General,you may think me and my other associates as fools.I’m fully understand your reason to doubt us.You see,ever since that incident,our image,our reputation is eroding.No one respected us anymore.No one feared our strength.Our enemies laughed at our ability to strike back.To make matters worse,Taylor’s administration seems failed to restore our pride as one of the most powerful force on the planet.I believe you may shared our view in some way,General.’Everything he said is true…Every word strike that chord hard..Very hard…Hines concurred with his point and add,’Tell me,Hershel.What exactly Taylor’s administration did to those who perished in that explosion?Nothing..Only words and a small compesation..Promises to drag those were responsible never been fulfilled.So why you should continue have faith in this government if they cannot fulfilled their promises?’Slowly,but surely,I accept his point of argument.I know I won’t regret this….


Eventually,I concurred with their points.’Alright then,I accept your sticking point.But,we need to do this my way.’Stephens asked,’Why?Let me remind you,General.Our cabal consists of many notable figures inside the government and the military.With one snap,any trails will erased in no time.’Irritated with her tone,I angrily replied,’Yours maybe but what about me?The last thing I want to worry about is my own fate,either in jail or being persecuted like rats on the street!’Eventually,Jackson steps in and assures me,’I can assure you ,you will not end up like that,General.I can understand your concern,Gail.But this is a military operation,errors can occur.No matter how perfect we cover our tracks,in the end they will know.This is why I bring him in.So that our involvement will not be known to the public itself.’Eventually,she relented with my condition.However,she asked,’What kind of conditions you have in mind?’With situation now swinging to my way,I replied,’Allow me to set up a new task force with Vladimir Makarov as our intended target.I need the government backing and whatever resources I need to ensure this is a success.Last,I need my own security personnel,just in case things turned bad.’After hearing my request,a small giggle burst from him.’If that’s what you want,no problem at all.When you shall contact him?’He asked me about our ‘friend’.I replied,’When the time is right,I shall make contact with him.For now,we just let him loose in the wild.Enough to justify the existence of my task force.’After a few moments,I asked Hines,’Do you have anyone in mind?’Hines presented to me several dossiers,containing information about military personnel around the world.Then one dossier attract my attention.’I choose him.’At first,Hines surprised with my choice,fearful it could jeopardize the entire operation.But I convinced him,’Don’t worry about it.He’s perfect as our scapegoat…’The man that I choose is John MacTavish aka Soap.