5th May 2011


1000 GMT


Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham

Birmingham,Great Britain


Sergeant ‘Soap’ MacTavish

22nd Regiment,SAS


I thought I’m already dead.I thought everything that happen over the past week just a nightmare.But,those events were real.The last thing I remember before I lose my consciousness,I killed Imran Zakhaev and my friends trying their best to revive the old man.Tell me that this is just a dream..Somebody please..


That day,I regain my consciousness.I thought I’m still in Russia but no.Instead,I’m back here in Britain,in this hospital.As I look around,nothing is change.Everything looks normal.Thank God we prevented that missile before it’s too late.If not,everything will change…The world that we know will change forever…


As I tried to adjust myself to the surrounding,Mustapha appeared in my room,carrying several gifts.’Glad to see you back in good shape.’I can only smile to hear him that.It looks like he never lost his sense of humor.He knows how to deliver.Then I asked him,’How’s the old man?I hope he’s fine as well.’He concurred and added,’The old man is recovering well.He’s not regaining his consciousness yet but he’s stable.If you want to visit him,he’s in Room 125.’


We used that moment to have that kind of chat.It’s been awhile and while my absence,there must be something going on either in Hereford or back in Russia.But then,I noticed his reluctance when we want to talk about Russia.It seems like he does not want to discuss it with me at all.’What exactly you’re hiding from me?It seems like you refuse to talk about Russia.What exactly going on there?Please tell me,Mustapha.’I asked him to reveal it…Eventually,he relented and tells me to be ready for this revelation.’You will not like this.’


‘Several hours after the death of Imran Zakhaev,the Loyalist government have been overthrown.While Zakhaev and his men chasing us back in Altay Mountain,his lieutenants led by Vladimir Makarov rallied the soldiers to claim power,leading to their downfall.’I’m absolutely shocked with his explaination.There is no way they managed to pull such feat.But he retorted my opinion,’Believe it,Soap…It did happen..Once Baseplate fully aware about that situation,we’re being told to leave Russia immediately…You know what happens if we stay…’Then,I started to wonder whether the Loyalists survived this event as well.However,Mustapha shot down my concern,’If you worried about the Loyalists,there’s no need for that.Kamarov and his men retreated to the forest,swear to seek revenge against traitors of Mother Russia.’


Leftenant Mustapha Abbas

22nd Regiment,SAS


The truth is,what the Ultranationalists did were far worse than the Communists did in the past.By the time they secured Moscow,Makarov ordered his militias to hunt down Grigori Markhov and members of the Cabinet.Almost every single one of them murdered including President Markhov.Prime Minister,Mikhail Kasparov,with the help of Loyalist forces,managed to escape from their clutches,seeking refuge in America along with other important figures in the movement.Although the newly formed government led by Boris Vorshevsky denied any wrongdoings during their rise,we shall never forget their atrocity towards their fellow countrymen.


They know,in order to stay in power,they have to cut loose Makarov from the government.Makarov’s method reminds Russians to atrocities committed by Ultranationalist Party in the past.Moscow bombing,assasination of Joseph Arnett and two civil wars against the Loyalists.Makarov is part of the past.With his violent behavior,there is no way Vorshevsky will keep him in the government.Markhov’s murder is the last straw.No one will ever tolerate such behavior towards your fierce enemy,not even one of your own.If anyone to blame for his removal,it should be him,not Vorshevsky.He’s the one who cause his own fall from grace.


I heard rumors among the Loyalists that another reason behind his removal from the government is that his vision to see Russia return to the age of Tsars,the age of kings.For every Ultranationalists,proposing that idea is absolute suicide.His own comrades will shot down that kind of suggestion immediately,without a doubt at all.To let someone else to lead the nation is a disgrace.Especially for the ones who possess the royal blood.Ultranationalists viewed his opinion as a threat to their ideals,to their power.


It’s been a week after his removal but he’s still seething over his removal.According to our sources back in Russia,Makarov threatened to kill Vorshevsky and other members of his inner circle.He felt Vorshevsky’s action a bit harsh,a treachery to their cause and Zakhaev’s legacy.But despite the threat,Vorshevsky is adamant,removing Makarov is necessary to cement their position and further establish their position as legitimate representative for the Russian people.It maybe true we lost in our war,but to the very least,under Vorshevsky’s leadership,he tried his best to limit criminals like Makarov from ever been involved again.Perhaps not all Ultranationalists are bad after all just like the late Sergey Harkov once mentioned,’My friend,never judge a book by it’s cover.Believe me,not everyone agreed with Zakhaev’s method.Some like Boris Vorshevsky and Josef Bierko felt everything that have been told were lies.Trust me,when time comes,these men and women will overthrown fools like Makarov and Zakhaev.’At first,I doubted his statement,I felt it’s just a dream.But Harkov’s word is finally become a reality.