21st April 2011


0715 GMT


Leftenant Mustapha Abbas

22nd Regiment,SAS


It’s been several hours since the beginning of this operation.Despite some setbacks along the way,in the end,we’re successfully destory those missiles,saving our beloved nation from oblivion.However,our joy are immediately cut short.While Gaz and I busy finding any evidence that could bring down Ultranationalists for good,Sergeant Harkov radioed us.His tone is tense,’Halo Six,this is Harkov.Zakhaev is fleeing the scene with a helicopter.I repeat,Zakhaev is leaving the site.’When he mentioned Zakhaev,we look towards each other.We know,Zakhaev will relentlessly pursue us in order to exact his revenge.Gaz immediately radioed all teams involved,’All teams,this is Bravo Five.Get your asses out of here.Rendezvous with us at vehicle depot now.Out’


All teams including the old man,Soap and Griggs reach the depot,preparing for the ride of our lives.However,as we leaving,Ultranationalists forces closing in on our location,blocking our way out.’Damn it.Sir,we’re being pinned down.I don’t think we can reach the primary extraction point in time.’I voiced our concern to Captain Price.Knowing we’ll be minced meat if we continue to stay,he radioed our HQ,’Command,this is Bravo Six.We’re being pinned down right now.I’m afraid we cannot reach the primary exfil point.It’s too risky.We’ll headed to secondary exfil point,over.’After several minutes,HQ replied,’Solid copy,Bravo Six.Extraction team will be ready at secondary exfil point.’We thought we might be dead in this particular place.But,suddenly,the remaining Loyalist forces outside the depot,led by Harkov,slaughtered every last Ultranationalists,allowing us to escape.As we leave,I can hear Soap screaming to him,’Sergey,come on.We need to leave now.’However,he declined and replied,’No,you have to leave.Don’t worry about me.We’ll be fine.Just go!!’More Ultranationalist appeared on site,trying their best to carve their way past them,but the Loyalists stand firm against this particular wave.I screamed to Harkov,’Harkov,don’t be a fool.Come on!’I urged him and his team to join us.But he stands with his decision and replied,’Mustapha,my place is with my men.Just go!We’ll be fine…’Reluctantly,we being forced to leave them behind.Their sacrifice will never be forgotten..Then,we heard a massive explosion from the base…Soap can only shake his head in disbelief..


As we headed towards the highway,several team leaders including Wallcroft and I had a brainwave.We all aware,it’s very risky but then again,it’s the only way to increase our chances to escape.’Sir,let me,Helix and Delta Team distract them while you and the rest move.’The old man shake his head,denying my request,’That’s bloody suicide.We’re doing this together,we’re leaving this place together son.’That’s the first time the old man called me in such way.Still,I insists,’Sir,we don’t have a choice.We have to split up.This is the only way,sir.Don’t worry about us.We’ll be fine.Just go!’Eventually,he let us go.I know he’s reluctant but there is a time where hard decisions have to be made.He knows it,iwe all know…Three jeeps led by me headed to the north,trying our best effort to distract them away.While the rest,led by Captain Price,headed to secondary exfil point…


Sergeant ‘Soap’ MacTavish

22nd Regiment,SAS


As we separated with the others,the remaining Ultranationalists relentlessly pursuing us,determined to finish us off.Abbas’s decision,bold and stupid,yet it worked to certain extent.Their numbers are dwindling,easing the pressure over us,allowing we to retaliate,putting some distance between us and them.However,everything change when that bloody bird suddenly appear.That Hind…’Hind.Six o’clock high..’Griggs shouted to us as the chopper continue its pursue over us.Using every weapon in our disposal,we tried our very best to take it down but that Hind refuse to go down.Eventually,the Hind is moving away from our distance,much to our relief.The old man commented,’The Hind’s buggered off!’Gaz agreed and added,’Must’ve run out of ammo! Good enough for me!’However,our hopes are immediately dashed when that Hind destoryed the bridge,our chance for safety.


After a few moments,we recovered and immediately leave the bridge.The old man urged us to go,’The bridge isn’t going to hold, move move move!’Griggs added,’It’s about to collapse! Get your ass outta there!’The bridge slowly collapses as another lorry blocking our movement.As we reach safety,more Ultranationalists flooded the scene,leading to a fierce firefight.Our fight for survival..Gaz immediately radioed HQ for assistance,’Command,this is Bravo Five.We are under heavy attack at the highway bridge at map grid 244352. Request helicopter gunship support! Over!’However,their answer to our call,are not very pleasant.’Working on it,Bravo Five.Loyalists forces in the area may be able to assist but we cannot confirm at this time.Out.’Furious with their response,he swears,’Useless @#$%^&!’Noticing his frustration,the old man asked him,’Gaz, gimme a sitrep on those helicopters!’He replied,’Captain Price! We are on our own sir!’As situation looks bleak,a familiar voice radioed us,’Bravo Team, this is Sgt. Kamarov, I understand you and your men could use some help.’Gaz immediately inform about our predicament and asked them to come to our location immediately.After a few moments,he replied,’ Standby, we’re almost there, ETA 3 minutes Kamarov out.’But,as things look more brighter,that bloody Hind appear once more,unleashed its barrage of missiles towards us….


That explosion knocked us briefly unconscious..Apart from Griggs,all of us are badly wounded.Our comms are badly ruined,no longer able to contact for any assistance.Griggs pulls me away from the wreckage as he fires his machine gun towards Zakhaev’s advancing forces.However,a bullet hit his neck,killing him on site.As I turn,I see the old man suffering from his wound.So does Gaz and my other team mates.Then,I see Zakhaev along with his bodyguards approaching them.Gaz tried to raise his head,only to be shot by Zakhaev.While my teammates,Barton and Eames are being shot mercilessly by his men.I thought this is the end.But then,that Hind is suddenly destroyed by Loyalist Hind with Abbas and his men attacked the remaining Ultranationalists on the other side of the bridge.Enrage with unnecessary interference,he tell his men to open fire and destroy that wretched Hind.Slowly but surely,the old man slide his M1911 to me before he eventually passed out.Using my last strength,I release several shots towards them.And so does the others.That day,Zakhaev is finally fall to the ground,this time for good…If I have still have enough strength,I just want to remove Zakhaev’s corpse away from my mates.I will not let his corpse touch them.


Slowly,I started to succumb to my wounds when Kamarov and his men arrives on the scene.Immediately,he spotted me and Price,urging his men to provide medical assistance for both of us.’Этот еле дышит!You’re going to be alright,my friend.Мы нашли одного оставшегося в живых!Заберите его отсюда! Быстро, давай! Мы должны доставить его в госпиталь немедленно!’As I being placed into the helicopter,I see Abbas and Loyalist medics trying to revive the old man…Somehow,I just want him to live on…To enjoy this victory..You’re still needed,old man….