SAS and Marine forces engaging Ultranationalists in Altay Mountain.

20th April 2011


1730 GMT


Adam Lang

Prime Minister of Great Britain


It’s very gloomy today.Our forces,aided by Marine units and Loyalist forces failed to secure Viktor Zakhaev alive.What’s even more disturbing is that there are conflicting reports over his death.According to our operatives on the ground,they believe Viktor committed suicide before they were able to restrain him.However,after they found another wound on his back,it’s difficult for them to assume the cause of death.Now,Viktor’s corpse is at the hands of our experts,trying to determine his death was suicide or murder.Either way,I know Imran Zakhaev will not let this incident go unanswered.And my assumption is correct.


As we reconvene to discuss our option regarding Russia and it’s war against this terrorist movement,our meeting is suddenly interrupted by the head of MI-6,Muhammad Bakr and Director of SIS,Baljit Singh.’Sorry to interrupt but I’m afraid this is an urgent matter that need to be addressed immediately.’Baljit Singh announced it,much to the surprise of all of us.Baffled with his announcement,I asked,’What is going on,Mr.Singh?’Instead of answering my question,he ordered Bakr to play a video.’We’re just intercepted this video from reaching the media.You’re not going to believe this.’As the video started to play,a familiar figure appeared on the background with a very disturbing announcement.’Our so-called leaders prostituted us to the west…Destroyed our culture…Our economies…Our honor. Our blood has been spilled on our soil.My blood… On their hands.They are the invaders.All U.S. and British forces will leave Russia immediately… Or suffer the consequences…’


All of us are shocked to hear such announcement.Then Baljit continue,’Several hours ago,Loyalist representatives reported that their forces have been overwhelmed in Altray Mountain.We believe Zakhaev may commandeer the base and use it to launch several ICBM towards Western targets in Europe and United States.’I then switched my focus towards newly appointed Defence Minister,Alastair Dulwich.’Estimated time for those missiles to reach us and evacuation?’Dulwich replied,’Approximately 14 hours.If we want to evacuate our citizens,I believe Zakhaev will use every opportunity to increase the damage.I assume between 8-10 hours.’I asked Baljit once again,’Tell me,is there any other nations who received the video apart from us?’He replied,’NATO countries especially United States.They also decided not to allowed it from ever reaching the surface,fearful that will create a mass panic.Americans have deployed their forces in Korean Peninsular and the Pacific in an act of retaliation if those missiles reach the East Coast.’Knowing that preventing those missiles will save a lot of lives,I look to Dulwich and said,’Mr.Dulwich,use whatever resources we have to deal with that threat.’Then I switched my focus towards Baljit and Bakr,’Gentlemen,failure is not an option.Use whatever means necessary to shut them down.Even if that means killing Zakhaev and his lieutenants!’


Everything is at stake.All bets are off.Our hope for survival is now at the hands of some of the most skilled soldiers in our disposal.Still,it’s still a dangerous bet,that could potentially disasterous for our country and our neighbors….


2130 GMT


Bagram Air Base,Afghanistan


Sergeant ‘Soap’ MacTavish

22nd Regiment,SAS


As we still reeling from Viktor Zakhaev’s demise,a new order is in store for us.As we gathered outside Bagram Air Base,the old man started his briefing.’Gentlemen,just now Imran Zakhaev issued an ultimatum towards NATO countries to pull out any foreign forces from Russia.Otherwise,the entire Europe and parts of America will be at the receiving end of their ICBM.It’s now or never.If we do not stop this,the world we know may not be the same.Failure is not an option.Understand?’We nodded,agreed with what the old man said.It’s now or never…


Ten teams are assigned for this monumental assignment.Due to our immense knowledge about Ultranationalists,SAS is appointed as the head of the operation.Captain John Price is appointed as field commander with Gaz and Abbas as second in-command for our task force.Many are surprised with Abbas’s appointment because of his rank as Sergeant.But the old man explain,’I believe some of you might surprise with Abbas’s appointment.But from now on,he will no longer be known as Sergeant.I believe you have to address him as Leftenant starting today.’Still,the man in question himself is surprised with his promotion.But after several minutes,he regain his composure and duly accept his responsibility.


0015 GMT


We reached the wilderness of Altay Mountain and quietly regroup with our team.However,while we descended down the area,Staff Sergeant Griggs is missing.’Where’s Griggs?’Captain Price asking all of us.Gaz shake his head,’No clue,sir.’Then the HQ radioed us,’Bravo Six, Griggs just activated his emergency transponder. He’s half a klick to your southwest, over.’From that information,we know,Griggs is in the hands of Ultranationalists.’Solid copy.Bravo Six out.Alright,let’s move.’The old man tell us to get moving.


As we move towards the road,Abbas radioed us,’Bravo Six,this is Halo Six.Be careful out there.We just reach our intended position.At least,thirty Ultranationalists is heading towards your way,probably looking for you,over.’The old man replied,’Thanks for the information,Halo Six.Watch your six,gentlemen.’As we closing in to an abandoned house,Ultranationalists soldiers appeared,still searching for our presence.Gaz whispered,’Suppressed weapon?’The old man nodded.Then,a brief firefight ensues between us and Ultranationalists.After several minutes,all hostiles are eliminated and we slowly entered the house.’They must have Griggs in one of these houses.There’s an entry point through that basement door. We’ll go room to room from there. Keep it quiet. Move out.’Slowly we engage the enemy one house after another,looking for our missing comrade.Eventually,we entered the last house and from there,we can hear a conversation between Griggs and his interrogators.’Where are the others?’His captors asked.The only answer Griggs provided is his name and his serial number,much to their frustration.Then,much to their surprise,we breached the room and killed them swiftly.As I untie Griggs,I said to him,’Sorry if we have to take some time.’He can only smiled and replied,’I know you’ll be here for me.’


As we leave the house and heading towards the base,several teams are already in the perimeter.’Charlie Six,what’s your status?’The old man asked.Charlie Six replied,’We’re in position,sir.Waiting for you to kill the power,over.’Several team members and I planted several explosives over that tower.After we cleared,the old man said to me,’Soap,do it.’The tower collapsed,disabling the facility’s power.’Charlie Six, the tower’s down and the power’s out. Twenty seconds.’Seconds later,Charlie Six replied,’Ok, we’re through. Bravo Six, we’ll wait for you at the rally point. Out.’Satisfied with their progress,the old man ordered Gaz to cut the fence,allowing us to move inside the facility.


As we closing in to the base,we see more choppers appearing in the sky.We know,they fully aware over our presence.’Gaz, take Soap and the rest and scout through this base. Griggs and I will look for an alternate route.’The old man and Griggs,scouting another route to pass these obstacles.The rest of us,with Gaz,will use every trick in our disposal to make further grounds to reach the rest of the team.As we headed towards seemingly abandoned warehouses,the atmosphere is quiet.Too quiet…’I don’t like this.’I commented on our situation.’Still,mate.One way or another.There’s no option.This is the only way.’Gaz replied.Out of nowhere,Ultranationalists appear on the scene,leading to a fierce firefight.Despite managing to kill all of them,somehow they managed to recover and send more troops to deal with us.Still,in the end,the presence of other teams with the old man and Griggs helped us to nulify their threats.


As we reached the facility,we reunited with Charlie Team,our sniper team.’Glad to see you all made it.We’ll give your cover once you’re inside the perimeter.’However,the serenity surrounding the base is immediately crushed when an ICBM is being launched from the facility.’Sir,we might have a problem here.’Griggs commented.Captain Price immediately radioed the HQ,’Command,this is Bravo Six.We have a missile in the air.I repeat we have missile in the air.’Then,another missile is launched,leaving the base probably heading to Britain or America.Realizing how dire our situation is,the HQ replied,’ Uh…roger Bravo Six, our satellites are tracking them now. Get your team inside the facility and retake the launch control center. We’re working on getting the abort codes from the Russians at this time. Out.’Knowing this is a race against time,we know failure is no longer an option.If we failed,then thousands of lives will meet their demise at the hands of one of the most powerful weapon on the planet.


The old man immediately divided us into three groups,Abbas along with other SAS commandos will find another route to reach the site.Gaz is being tasked to distract the Ultranationalists with the Loyalists while we’re heading to launch control center.And immediately,a massive fierce firefight ensues.To make matters worse,BMPs blocking our movement as well.Running out of time,we’re getting desperate.Using every explosives in our disposal,we blow our way pass them.Eventually,we reach the ventiliations and immediately cut it with buzzsaws.From there,we could breach the center,providing us enough time to stop the missile.


Abbas and the Loyalists stay behind while we continue our relentless drive towards the launch control center.Although it hurts to leave a friend behind,he assures me,’Don’t worry,we can still perform the great escape.’He said gleefully,much to our amusement.W know,he just trying to relief that mounting pressure on us.Perhaps,we can still perform this great escape.Still,we move forward,eliminating anyone that stand between us and the launch control.’Sir,how far is it?’I asked him.The old man replied,’We’re nearly there.Come on,we can make it.’He continuously rallying us to ensure we achieve our goal,destroying those missiles before it reached its designated location.While we’re busy dealing the remains of the Ultranationalists,Gaz and the Marines secured security room with assistance from SAS and Loyalist forces up below…


Eventually,we reached a blast door that separate us from the launch control room.With Gaz assistance,the door is slowly opened,much to our chagrin.’Ooh…you’re gotta be kidding.’Griggs voiced his frustration.The old man radioed him,’Gaz, can’t you make it open faster?’Gaz immediately replied,’Negative sir. But you can try pulling it if it’ll make you feel better.’Griggs and I could not held our laughter as the old man shake his head and smiling.But we know,he just trying to lighten things up.I have to admit,it’s a bit tense.Having that kind of joke lifted our spirit especially at times like this.Once the door is widely open,we engaged the last remaining hostiles and breached our way through the launch control room.


As we entered the room,the missiles is now in the air,heading to respected targets.The old man urged me,’Soap, enter the codes! We’ll watch for enemy reinforcements.’I nervously type the abort codes over the computer with guidance from our HQ.Minutes later,much to our relief,HQ announced,’Standby for confirmation. Standby…standby… Bravo Six, all warheads have been confirmed destroyed in flight. We got a ton of debris, but most of it is landing in the ocean.’We’re briefly celebrated our success.However,we know this is just the easy part.The hard part,as I recalled,pulling off the greatest escape in human history.Escaping from Zakhaev’s full wrath….