Recently,several bloggers and NGOs reveal a stunning statistics about America’s administration.It turns out that a large number of funds were allocated to military bases around the world.Others were channeled to healthcare services while the rest goes to bankers..For Americans,these stunning stats is absolutely baffling.At times like this,those funds should be used to as part of reformation program,designed to pull them out from this quagmire.What Americans need right now is an economic reform that can bring prosperity to its citizens,not to some unknown investors and bankers.They struggling to get a job.They struggled to deal with their mortgages.They fighting just to survive in this cruel situation.If I’m an American,I’ll be absolutely ashamed with my country?Why?!These so-called politicians failed to lighten their burden.All they care is to look after their interests here and abroad.Where exactly is the love and passion for the people?Why should we feed these bloated sectors at the cost of seeing our beloved country fall and being forced to rely on other country just to survive?If I’m a President,one of the steps being made are to recall every soldiers,returning to Stateside and help guarded our border from the likes of smugglers to terrorists.I rather see them there rather than waging another bloodbath that cost us nothing but trouble.Has anybody remembered Vietnam,Afghanistan and Iraq?These places are filled with nightmare for our soldiers.Their failure to understand local custom and to respect other people’s jurisdiction tarnished our image so badly in this other part of of this world.I rather used funds available to help our people rather than feeding these bankers.The fact they tried to gain quick profit by charging a much higher interest on their clients showed there’s a need to change the trend.It’s better for a nation to focus itself on recovering from its slump rather than interfering with other people’s matter.I would like to ask you,where exactly your allies at times like this?Instead of lending a hand,they still relied on you over funds and other materials.What kind of a friend is that?Stop acting like a fool and change your way fast.Otherwise,not only you’re running out of friends but you might have to rely on your own to pull yourself from this bloody quagmire…..