I just watched Insha Allah,Maher Zain’s hit single on YouTube.While listening to that song,as I watched the comment section,and my word,I’m absolutely shocked and angry.Several comments posted on that section by unreliable users really made me crossed!Why?!They insulted my religion,Islam and beloved prophet,Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.As an online user,I’m absolutely furious with those comments.If you do hate us,then there’s no need to publish it in public.I believe those who watched the video will also feel sick with those downgrading comments.Is it really necessary to go to that kind of level to gain immediate popularity?No,I don’t think so.Your comments represents your personality to others.If you posted such comments like that,names will be called and people’s perception towards you will turn sour.Where exactly your tolerance towards us?We respected your rights as stated in our religion.And yet,it seems these users failed to implement that in our daily lives.What exactly we did that we deserved to receive such disgusting and outrageous comments like that?Stop behaving like a dim-witted lad and show some maturity.If your family and friends aware such comments like that exist and posted by you,will they proud over your action?No,not at all.And so,I’m begging to all users,please show some responsibility while posting your comments,either in YouTube,social network sites and blogging sites.The last thing we want is to invite controversies to our doorstep.Show your maturity and implement those virtues in our daily lives.That way,tolerance and respect will grow,killing off any prejudice that linger for some time….