For the last couple of weeks,some of my mates recently watched Ombak Rindu,a Malay movie directed by Osman Ali,starring Aaron Aziz,Lisa Surihani,Maya Karin and Bront Palarae.There are many positive reviews about it and to be honest,some of them break down and shed some tears watching this movie.However,there’s a scene in that film that immediately give me a very bad taste.For those who watched the movie,I believe you fully aware which scene exactly I’m implying about.To be honest,there’s no need to have that scene in that film.The film stand itself with it’s excellent storyline,tremendous performance by the actors and beautiful visuals that colored the mood inside.And so,what exactly the point having it around?The director can choose to discard it or if he still insists,the scene can be represented symbolically.Several weeks earlier,as I sieve through posts in Facebook,I’m shocked to hear how grateful she is after performing the scene.To be honest,such admission like that might put you in hot water.First,your comment represented your own personality,if your fans hear such comment like that,don’t be mad if they called you names and felt you are actually downgrading yourself.Second,there are other ways to make yourself a versatile actress,but not with that method.Trust me,it will not last long and you might put yourself at that receiving end…Lastly,as a moviegoer,I’m asking to all filmmakers and producers,to be responsible while producing your piece.I did not say there should be a restriction for filmmakers to utilize their creativity.But they should use that license responsibly because some elements like that could influence our generation especially our young ones.They do not know what exactly they watching but they copied it to its core,implemented it in real life…With parent guidance,that should not be a problem.However,that can be prevented if these scenes are immediately erased with ease….