On that day

men,women and children

stand together as one

answering that call

to rescue a nation

from meeting its oblivion

to salvage their pride

badly beaten and battered

one call it

a rebellion

but for others

a path for redemption


On that day

everyone gathered

united as one

fighting a common enemy

no matter their whereabouts

they chanted

down with the revolution

this is our time

return our rights

return our beloved nation

this is our time

emerging from your shadows

we’re no muppets

we’re still have feelings

we’re still have pride

never take us for granted

or this is the end

for your reign….


On that day

despite continuous bombardment

despite being mercilessly beaten

despite being sprayed relentlessly

with ammunition

by unethical fools

all of you

stand together

as one entity

despite the fact

death is looming

in horizon

it’s just a small price

for the long lasting

freedom and justice



take note to these men

Gaddafi,Mubarak,Ben Ali

you’ll have two choices

stepping down from the throne


meet your fall

at the hands

of your own countrymen

someone once mention

the day of dictators

are now numbered

in this new age

in this new world

there is no place

for all of them

time for people power

to soar once more