19th May 2011


0900 GMT


Muhammad Bakr

Director of MI-6


When I heard the news that al-Assad is executed,at first I was furious with Price’s action.With the death of al-Assad,we might lose our chance to know who exactly detonate that nuclear bomb in Kuwait City.However,the man responsible for his demise is still optimistic.’I understand my action might incur London’s wrath.In some ways director,I regretted my action.But we should not dwell on the past.I believe the real mastermind is still out there.His name is Imran Zakhaev.’John Price briefed me with latest information they have.When he says Imran Zakhaev,I know the man is out there,plotting his revenge against us.’It looks like Imran Zakhaev is still alive and well.But you have to be fully aware,Captain.This man has eluded every intelligence agency for the past 15 years.What makes you believe he will make a reappearance?’I questioned his optimism,doubting whether Zakhaev will appear.However,his optimism remains unchanged,’Sir,I believe I have a plan.We can use Viktor Zakhaev to lure him out from his hiding.It’s risky but it’s worth a shot.’When I heard about it,I know it’s absolutely suicide.Yet,my desire to capture Zakhaev is much stronger than I’ve ever anticipated.Eventually,I approved his action,’Alright,Captain.I shall informed SIS and the Cabinet about your plan.But I’m warning you,if this fail,then Zakhaev will use this as an excuse to wage an all out war against us.You will have everything you need for this.’


1730 GMT


Sergeant ‘Soap’ MacTavish

22nd Regiment,SAS


That evening,everyone is gathered to discuss our plan to apprehend Viktor Zakhaev.Joining us,several field commanders for the Loyalist,including Sergeant Sergey Harkov and Kamarov.At first,we all worried those ill feelings between us and Kamarov might cause some problem,but in the end,Kamarov admitted it was a right call.’I’m sorry if we have to do that on you.But we have our own specific task at that time,mate.Hope you understand that,Kamarov.’Gaz apologized on our behalf for our past action towards him.However,he shrugged off our concern and replied,’Well,it is I who should apologize for delaying you.Either way,let us take this as lesson for future operations,my friend.’Then the old man appeared,’Alright then.Let’s begin,shall we?’


‘Kamarov,what do you have on Viktor Zakhaev?’Kamarov then presented us with a thick dossier,containing information about our intended target.’Viktor Zakhaev,born in 1975,is a field commander for the Ultranationalists.Apart from Makarov and other field commanders,he’s the most influential among all.’Gaz intervene,’Do you know his whereabouts?’Kamarov replied,’Well,he’s now in the small town near Volgograd.He’s heavily guarded with several armed convoys and a tank escorting him everywhere.However,we used it to our advantage.’He later shows several checkpoints in that area,with a mark area on one of the checkpoints.’This checkpoint is highly vulnerable.Perfect for us to launch an ambush on Viktor.’The old man concurred with his point,later warned all of us,including Loyalist forces,’Alright then,we shall attack that before dusk.But remember,we need him alive.He’s no longer useful to us if he’s dead.’


20th April 2011


0400 GMT


Early in the morning,a joint effort is launched between SAS,Marine Corp and Loyalist forces.Our task:apprehending Viktor Zakhaev alive.Anything other than that outcome is considered a failure by our superiors.This is our best chance to force Zakhaev out from his own hiding,allowing us to put an end to his reign of terror over Russia.Still,some members are doubtful about this.Putting the whole egg inside a basket is not a wise option.Among them who discreetly voiced their doubts are Abbas and Harkov.Still,in the end,if the HQ feel it’s the right choice,they have to obey it anyway.Still,while heading to our designated location,some of us noticed their discomfort about this operation.Even the old man himself started to contemplate whether this is a right move.


Still,there’s no turning back.It’s now or never…As we slowly approached the checkpoint,Kamarov whispered,’This is the best way in. The vehicle checkpoint is directly ahead.’Seemingly satisfied with the condition on our side,Captain Price radioed our position,’Vulture One-Six, we’re in position.’Vulture One-Six replied,’Bravo-Six, this is Vulture One-Six. Radio jammers are active, you’re cleared to engage the guard station.Out.’The old man then ordered me to kill sentries on the tower while the rest with him going loud.’I’m in position,sir’I informed them on my position.’Alright,take them out.’Two shots hit those sentries but at the same time,due to my sniper rifle is not equipped with silencer,I’m letting our position to be known.’Damn it.Go loud!’Gaz led the charge,engaging hostile forces.After several minutes,we immediately secured the checkpoint with the old man issued us a new order,’All right, let’s get this place sorted out. Change into enemy uniforms and douse the fires. Kamarov, I need your men on the ground if the drivers start asking questions. Just keep them busy until we locate Zakhaev’s son. We don’t have much time, so get to it.’


0830 GMT


Griggs and I stationed ourselves on the tower while the rest of the team taking position.Mustapha along with several SAS soldiers taking position several metres away from our checkpoints,providing sniper fire.Gaz and the rest of Loyalist including Kamarov and Harkov change their attire to blend themselves as foot soldiers for Ultranationalists.The old man is with them,observing the road with other Loyalists,making sure our attack is a success.While waiting,Griggs and I joked about our attire.I have to admit,putting us inside the tower is a right call.Otherwise,we might jeopardize the entire operation.I shouldn’t make that haircut….Griggs even joked,’Man, you look like a clown in that outfit. Good thing you’re up here, ‘cuz you look nothin’ like a Russian.’


After several minutes,our guest of honor is finally here.Heavily guarded as Kamarov anticipated.’Sir,I see three trucks approaching.Tank’s behind two clicks away.’Abbas radioed us about their presence.’Nice work.Kamarov,with that kind of convoy,I’m expecting there’s gonna be battle between them and your men.’Gaz whispered to him.He concurred and continued,’Not before we cutting them first…’Then Vulture One-Six reported their findings,’Bravo-Six, this is Vulture One-Six, we’re tracking an enemy convoy headed your way. I count six vehicles in the convoy, over.’Captain Price then tell us to stay put,waiting for new instruction.Then,the convoy arrived on our checkpoint,with Viktor Zakhaev is part of them,one of the passengers inside a jeep.’Nice…Sir, I have a visual on the target in the third vehicle, I’m walking by it right now.’Gaz radioed his findings.After verifying the man is indeed Viktor,he slowly ordered,’Copy that. All teams standby. The target is in the jeep in front of the BMP. We need to take him alive, so watch your fire. Standby. Standby… Smoke ’em.’Firefight ensues between us and the Ultranationalists with the Loyalists successfully destroyed the tank.


Suddenly,out of nowhere,Viktor drives his jeep towards the tower,causing the tower to collapse.’He’s gonna hit the tower! Hang on!’Griggs shouted to me as the tower falls to the ground.In the midst of chaos,enemy reinforcement arrives,providing an opportunity for Viktor to escape.’Damn it,Viktor is escaping.I repeat,Viktor Zakhaev is fleeing the scene.’Abbas radioed the old man.Fearful that Viktor might escape from our clutches,the old man screamed,’The target’s is making a run for it! Soap! Take Griggs and chase him down. We’ll handle the enemy reinforcements and catch up. Go go!’


Griggs and I immediately pursued Viktor and after several blocks,more Ultranationalists appear on the scene,triggering a fierce firefight.At first,we thought we will be overwhelmed but then,Griggs shout,’Cavalry’s here.’The rest of the team are on the scene,providing us a much needed respite.After half an hour,Viktor is fleeing once again.Knowing we cannot let him escape,the old man ordered me,Griggs and Gaz to pursue while the rest will deal the remains of Ultranationalist forces.As we pursued Viktor,more firefights ensues between us and his loyalists.But,eventually,we managed to eliminate them all.


We then reached an apartment but our movement is immediately blocked by the presence of machine gunners on the balcony.Gaz immediately radioed Vulture One-Six for assistance,’Vulture One-Six, we’re taking heavy fire from a fortified position on the fifth floor!’Vulture One-Six then sprayed its minigun towards their position,eliminating any remaining hostiles.’Ok, all targets neutralized. You’re good to go. Bravo Team, do you have a visual on the target, over?’Gaz confirmed Viktor’s whereabouts and we continue our relentless manhunt to capture our intended target.


More soldiers appearing,trying their best to buy their leader some time.But,every single one of them met their demise,at the hands of us.We thought Viktor might escaped through another set of ladders on the right side of the building but the rest of the team managed to catch up and secure that exit.Then,Vulture One-Six radioed us,’Ok, all targets neutralized, you’re good to go.I have movement on the roof,standby.Yeah, positive ID.Target is on the roof.He’s all yours.’We surrounded Zakhaev,demanding him to surrender.Grigss suggested,’I can put one in his leg sir!’However,the old man waived that suggestion and tells me to grab Viktor’s weapon.Abbas tried to reason him but as I tried to reach it,he shouted,’Вы всё равно все скоро сдохнете..’He killed himself on side.Gaz later voiced his frustration,’Bugger,his son was our only lead, sir!’The old man retorted his suggestion,’Forget it. I know the man…he won’t let this go unanswered. Let’s go.’As we leave,Abbas whispered,’Sir,is it just me or am I hearing a sniper rifle is being shot at the same time he committed suicide?’Perplexed with his question,he asked,’Why do you say that,Mustapha?’Slowly,he lifted Viktor’s corpse and my God,we are shocked.Either he committed suicide or someone else murdering our target……