19th April 2011


Sergeant Soap MacTavish

22nd Regiment,SAS


0500 GMT


As we wait for our extraction,Captain Price revealed a connection between him and Zakhaev.’It all started 15 years ago.I was just a “Leftenant” back then…doing some wetwork. Chernobyl. Christmas for the bad guys. Even a decade later, lot of them still used it to get their hands on nuclear material. A lot of ’em…including one,Imran Zakhaev. Of course we couldn’t just let that happen. Cash for spent fuel rods? That’s one hell of a recipe for destruction. It was the first time our government had authorized an assassination order since the Second World War…I was under the command of Captain MacMillan…’Abbas intervene,with his curiosity filling the air,’What do you mean this is the second time our government authorize that order,sir?’He replied,’Well,in the past,the British Empire was worried with Hitler and the Third Reich.You know at that period,Germany secured a large teritory thorughout Europe,waiting in our doorstep,an opportunity to hit us hard.So Neville Chamberlain and later Chuchill preparing a contigency plan to strike Germany hard by assasinating their Fuhrer.Churchill ordered our intelligence to eliminate him,however we’ve been beaten to the punch by other factions,notably German Resistance.Do you know Colonel von Stauffenberg?’Harkov answered his question,’One of the plotters who attempted to assasinate Hitler on July 20th,1944.’The old man continued,’The government do not fully aware about their plan until the last minute.When they do and realized Hitler survived,they immediately canceled it,focussing instead on destroying German armies.’Then,it’s Gaz turn to intervene,’How do you know about all this,sir?’When he heard his question,a proud grin appear on his face.’Because one of the agents being assigned for that is actually my grandfather,Captain John Price.’


As we take a glimpse of al-Assad’s corpse,prepared by Abbas and other soldiers,the old man continued his story,’15 years ago,we sneak through Pripyat,Ukraine in order to reach one of the vantage point there.Our assignment,eliminating Imran Zakhaev.After we reach the hotel and waited for several days,our target is finally appeared.I’m the one who shoot Zakhaev with MacMillan confirming the kill.That bullet should finished him off 15 years ago.’When we heard that tone,we know he is very disappointed.It’s very frustrating to know that our intended target is still alive and well.Still,failure is all part of life.There is a time that we win some and lose some.Maybe,if opportunity presents itself,he will pounce it and eliminate Zakhaev with his bare hands.


After half an hour,our ride is here where we are welcomed by Staff Sergeant Harold Griggs.’Welcome aboard,gentlemen.’After a few minutes,Captain Price asked,’We thought every psychos in Zakhaev’s pocket will appear on our position to reclaim al-Assad,Sergeant.’Griggs concurred with his point and continued,’Yes,so do we sir.But there’s a surprise for them back in the capital.Let’s just say the local resistance,aided by the Loyalists managed to secured their position there.I believe,they’re might be so busy that they forgotten to reclaim his remains from you,sir.’Then,he switched his view towards Harkov,’Are you sure you do not want to join us,Sergeant?You know those bastards far too well.’Harkov can only smiled and replied,’Sir,I can assure you,we should be fine.Besides,I’m expecting another regiment to join us and assist them in our fight against those fools.Even if we’re captured,we have other clothes to blend ourselves with them.’He then showed us those clothes,similar to their opponent’s uniform.I have to say,Harkov is very intelligent and well prepared against them.Satisfied with his answer,we leave Azerbaijan,heading to US military base in Bagram,Afghanistan,carrying al-Assad corpse with us.


Because our trip will take several hours,some members decided to take a nap,a much needed rest we seek for several days.However,others like the old man,Gaz,Griggs and Abbas remain awake.As I prepare to sleep,I can hear Abbas slowly recite prayers like Sura Fatihah and Sura Yasin towards al-Assad’s corpse.I do not understand why he will pray for the man responsible for the death of 30,000 Marines?I approached him and asked with a firm tone,’Mustapha,why you recited those readings to a man responsible for many deaths in Middle East?You know what he did.’At first,he quite surprised with my question,but then,he replied with a calm tone,’Soap,about his deeds.That’s between him and Allah.Let Him decide about that.Me,I’m just a Muslim carrying my responsibility towards others.He may died,but I still have my responsibility towards him.’The old man,overheard our conversation and silently agreed with his view.


0745 GMT


Bagram Air Base,Afghanistan


We arrived and immediately delivered al-Assad remains to US soldiers.Before we land,Abbas seek permission from the old man to accompany his corpse to ensure it will be dealt according to Islamic tradition.Although Griggs assures him that his corpse will be dealt accordingly,but he rejected his assurance,’I appreciate your assurance.But I want to ensure his corpse will be dealt carefully according to Islamic tradition.In the past,your country’s deeds cause other Muslims no longer able to believe you.We learn our lesson and tried our best not to cause anymore harm to our cause.’Eventually,the old man step in to prevent this row from intensified and permitted Abbas to overlook the proceedings.


As we look al-Assad’s corpse,accompanied by Abbas and other soldiers leaving our ride,probably Muslim Marines,we wonder what will happen to that.’Sergeant,let’s hope your country do not do anything stupid regarding al-Assad’s remains.Yes,he is a dictator and yet he’s a Muslim.You know their reaction far too well.’Griggs responded with a slight anxious tone,’I’m not so sure about that,sir.President Taylor’s administration want to seek revenge for our fallen Marines.You know well about revenge.Revenge can make people do the unthinkable.’The old man sigh with frustration,’Let’s hope they don’t do it.I feel more guilty if they do that on his remains.Yes,he’s responsible for the death for your Marines but he also deserve to have his rights,even after his demised.’


That evening,Abbas return and telling us that the proceedings are complete.’Khaled al-Assad is buried in unmarked grave somewhere in the desert.Only a handful of locals,mostly are tribe leaders who are aware about his identity.’Gaz asked,’What about the possiblity of his tomb might become a shrine to his followers?’He replied,’There will not be a shrine on his grave.Trust me,these locals promised to keep their mouth shut.Besides,they’re key allies to Americans.The last thing they need is to cross their allies,putting their position in jeopardy.’After a few moments,he continued,’Besides,even if they managed to track him down,I don’t think identification would be possible.’Then I asked the old man,’What now,sir?’Captain Price replied,’Now,we targeted Zakhaev.’