18th April 2011


2000 GMT


Graham Taylor

President of United States


Everyone is taken aback.Everyone is shocked to see the horrors of this event.No one predicts al-Assad will go to that extreme length in the first place.Not even me.I thought with our superior numbers,we should beat them with ease but it turns out al-Assad outwit me in this battle.He doesn’t mind losing his nation as long as he can leave behind a huge scar on our face.Ruining our ego and further tarnished our pride as a nation itself…….


‘Mr.Secreatary,any news about our forces?’I asked Secretary of Defence,William Cullen about any latest development over our forces.Cullen can only shake his head and informs me,’There are no survivors,Mr.President.At least half of our forces were decimated.30,000 Marines killed in Kuwait City,sir.’I’m astounded with that report,I never expect to see that figure.’How about civilians and hostile forces there?’I asked again.With sombre tone,he replied,’100,000 people killed as well,sir.’


‘Mr.Secretary,he’s gone too far.Any news about our ‘friend’?’I asked him about al-Assad’s whereabouts.’Sir,there are reports suggested that al-Assad might perished in the explosion.However,according to our intelligence and the British,they say it’s unlikely al-Assad might stay in Kuwait.’Cullen later shows me a transcript between Loyalist informant with MI-6.’It is believed al-Assad might seek refuge in Azerbaijan and receive protection from Ultranationalist Party.’Despite the fact that I’m still reeling from that incident,it doesn’t stop me to fulfil my role as the head of the nation.’Mr.Secretary,it seems the British might heading there to take him down.I want you to use every resource available to assist them.I want al-Assad at any cost,dead or alive!’



19th April 2011


0030 GMT


Sergeant ‘Soap’ MacTavish

22nd Regiment,SAS


It’s midnight in Azerbaijan,in this location what possibly be Khaled al-Assad’s safehouse.Although,technically we’re still tired after fulfilling our assignment,but after receiving news about that explosion,we know we have to find al-Assad and bring him to justice.However,we know this will not be easy.’According to Nikolai’s intel,before his rise to prominence,this location used to be his safehouse.Furthermore,for the last several days,Azerbaijan is now controlled by Ultranationalist’s sympathizers.You have your work cut out,Captain.’Director Muhammad Bakr briefed us on that situation.After a few moments,he continued,’I know I’m sending you to a meat grinder…Still,we need to have al-Assad in custody.’The old man then asked,’Once we secure him in custody,what shall we do,sir?’Director Bakr replied,’Extract any valuable information from him.Anything that could tie him back not only to the coup but for that bloody incident as well.’


Before we leave,Director Bakr held Captain Price back.At first,we thought there is something wrong but eventually we leave Hamburg,heading to our designated location.’Mustapha asked him,’What exactly the Director want from you,sir?’He replied,’Well,he wants my assurance that we should not do anything stupid especially towards al-Assad.’We know that request is a huge ask to us.Still,we need to put aside our emotion to ensure everything went smoothly as planned.


0330 GMT


We arrived on site and immediately regroup at a gas station.After a few minutes,several Loyalist members appeared,giving signal about their presence.One of them,happens to be an old friend.’It’s been quite awhile,Soap.’The man who greet me is Sergeant Sergey Harkov,one of the Loyalist who receive training in Credenhill before the start of this conflict.Although his training stint is short,we still maintain contact since.’It’s been awhile,Sergey.’However,we have to cut short our reunion when Harkov briefed us,’ Al-Asad is in the village.The Ultranationalists are protecting him.’After confirming our HVI’s location,the old man tell us to move out.


As we head up the hill,we heard plenty of screams and gunshot from a distance.’What the bloody hell’s going on up there?’Gaz immediately asked Harkov.He replied with sombre tone,’Ever since they assume control over the governemnt,minorities become victims of their atrocities.’Gaz shake his head in disbelief and say defiantly,’Yeah well,not for long they’re not.’Soon,we engage the hostile forces and a fierce firefight ensues.’Soap! Call in air support on that building.’Captain Price ordered me to call air support to clear any resistance.After a few moments,a MI-24 Hind appear and attack the hostile forces.Surely,we secured the first building and search for any sign for al-Assad.However,it’s very disappointing.


Soon,we engage more Ultranationalist forces while clearing every building to find al-Assad.Fortunately,the Hind continue providing assistance to ensure we achieve our cause.Finally,we reach topsite and see there’s a barn at the end of the village.We know,this is it.If he’s not here as well,then Nikolai’s intel is utterly rubbish.’Hopefully,Nikolai’s intel is correct,otherwise this is worthless.’I voiced my frustration towards the old man.’Not yet,let’s check the barn first.But from my past experience,Nikolai’s intel usually correct.’He assures me that al-Assad is indeed here as Nikolai stated.And I have to admit,the old man has a point.As we stealthily closing in to that barn,we can hear al-Assad’s voice,conversing in Arabic with someone else.Knowing we’re closer to nab him in custody,he quietly remind us,’Remember, we want Al-Asad alive. He’s no good to us dead. Let’s go.’The old man immediately tossed a flashbang,surprising the occupants.He immediately killed al-Assad’s guards and secure him single-handedly.


After preparing al-Assad for interrogation,the old man tell Mustapha and Gaz to examine his belongings while the rest of us monitoring the area.Despite repeatedly being punched by the Captain,it seems he refused to divulge any information at all.At times,Mustapha intervene in Arabic,pleading to al-Assad to provide any information to end his ordeal.Then,we have a breakthrough.’Sir,check his e-mails.You’re not going to believe this.’Mustapha shows his discovery to him.Then,out of nowhere,al-Assad’s mobile is ringing.Gaz immediately tossed the mobile towards him.As the old man answered the call,his face suddenly change.We know,something is horribly wrong.Then,he pulls out his M1911 and execute al-Assad in cold blood.We’re absolutely surprised and baffled with his action.It must be something to do with that phone call.’Who was that, sir?’Gaz asked him over that phone call.As he utter the caller’s name,we’re surprised.We thought he’s dead 15 years ago.But somehow,he survive until now.The old man’s answer is Imran Zakhaev…..