19th April 2011

Sergeant Paul Jackson

Force Recon,Marine Corp

A new day and a new challenge awaits us.According to our superiors today,it should provide us a great opportunity to press forward and put an end to Khaled al-Assad’s reign of terror over Kuwait.Reinforcement should be here in matter of hours,in the mean time,with everything we have left,we need to deal the continuous presence of al-Assad’s militias.Fortunately,by that time,engineers managed to revive War Pig,allowing us to secure our defense and crush every last opponents.

‘Bravo Six we’re clear of the bog, thanks for the assist. We’ll hold down the left flank and provide supporting fire, out.’War Pig crew inform us over its condition.And it comes at the right time.More militias appear,rappelling down from their chopper,to increase the pressure.’Jackson,take out those choppers.’Lieutenant Perez ordered me to take out those choppers.Several Marines and I immediately take position and destroy those choppers using rocket-propelled grenade (RPG).With that gone,we crushed every last opponents and press forward.

As we move forward,we know these firefight will take us to a new level.In this urban environment,since we’re in the open,I know we’ll be easily targeted by them.That’s why our CO remind us,’Watch for silhouettes on the rooftops!’And it did.As we carve even deeper,more hostiles appear,attacking us mercilessly and relentlessly.Still,having that M1-Abrams on our side,allowing us to crush every last opponents.’Marines stand clear. We’re gonna get some rounds into those buildings!’War Pig crew warned us before firing towards possibly,full with hostile forces.’Suppressing fire,eliminate any possible resistance!’At times,Staff Sergeant Griggs shouted to us,to tread our move very carefully.We know well,inside these abandoned buildings,militias will use every opportunity to ambush us without fear at all.Still,everything went smoothly and we manage to pass through with ease.

As we thought our day is over,there is an element of surprise in form of a T-72 tank appear on the street with al-Assad loyalists not far behind.’Damn it.Sir,T-72 appear from 1 o’clock.’I immediately reported this predicament to Lieutenant Perez.With urgency,he radioed War Pig,’War Pig, Bravo Six! T-72 behind the building at your 10 o’ clock! Can you engage, over?!’After a moments,they replied,’Roger that Bravo Six, I got him on thermal, switching to manual.’As the tanks approaching,Griggs warned us,’Hold it.Wait until War Pig give an all clear signal.’Both tanks appear on the approximate range,with hostile tank is aiming its target towards us.But,War Pig proved to be much quicker,destroying the tank with accurate precision.The remaining al-Assad forces are immediately overpowered and we knocked them down with ease.

As we move towards the capital,the evidence of al-Assad’s tyranny is overwhelming.’Sir,this is horrific.Why they doing this to their own kind?’I asked that question to Griggs.Seemingly disturbed with the view,he replied silently,’Paul,he did this to consolidate his position.He doesn’t care who his victims.’Among the horrors of this war,there are survivors.But,I believe they’re absolutely traumatized with the tragedy that they could not utter single words regarding it.We all sympathize with their fate.We want to lend a hand to help them go through this traumatic experience but it’s best to leave them to relevant experts.They know the symptoms,they know what is best for these victims of this atrocity.’Sir,we need to bring him down.This atrocity must be stopped at once.’I voiced my disappointment towards our CO.Seemingly understand my tone,he replied,’Patient,Paul.When the time comes,we shall bring this regime down.After that,we will lend our strength to help them recover and rebuild their country once again.’


1800 GMT

Strait of Hormuz

Lieutenant General Shepherd

Supreme Commander for Operation Twilight

It’s been two days now and Kuwait City is now in our reach.Nothing could stop us,not even al-Assad himself.With the border is secured and most of the American forces control Kuwait,it’s just a matter of time before al-Assad is finally captured and presented to International Criminal Court for his crimes against humanity.Everything is according to our plan and if this operation is a success,that should boost my career as well.

‘Sir,tanks moving in fast to Kuwait City.However,al-Assad’s ground forces continue to cause problems for us.Should we use aerial bombing to decimate them?’One of the officers,Colonel James Reagan briefed me on the situation and provide me several alternatives.One of them happens to be an aerial bombing.’You know our government stance on this.Though I want to see those fools to be eradicated as soon as possible,allowing such move will further tarnished our reputation and created more problem in Washington D.C.Stick with the choppers until there’s a development on our situation.’I replied back with a stern tone towards him.In today’s world,allowing such idea to exist is suicidal…

Minutes after our forces entering Kuwait City,NEST Team Four make an astonishing discovery,’Overlord,this is Team Four.We’ve found our package in al-Assad’s palace.’When I heard the word package is mentioned,I know we have to disarm it fast.’Team Four,how much time you need to disarm it?’After a few moments,they replied,’Sir,we cannot give you any timeline.However,we advised that every single personnel to leave the area immediately and be in safe distance,over.’I then ordered every soldiers to leave the capital immediately.However,it turns out to be more difficult than I’ve ever anticipate.’Overlord,this is Bravo Six.A Cobra is down on our sector.We see some fire down there.Request to bring back the pilot over.’A startling report from Bravo Team forced me at first to deny their request,’Negative,Bravo Six.If you do that,you might failed to reach safe distance over.’However,their team leader insists,’Sir,we’re not leaving anyone behind.I assured you,we can reach it before you know it.’Eventually, I relented,’Bravo Six,I can only give you 90 seconds.After that,get your asses out of here,over.’After a few moments,he replied,’Solid copy,Overlord.’

The extraction is a success and the team along with the rest of the forces retreated to a safe distance.Moments later however,everything change.A sudden event that shocked everyone to its core,change my perspective towards this world forever…


1830 GMT

Vladimir Makarov

6th Division,Ultranationalists


Americans are fools.They fail to realize that someone is more powerful behind al-Assad’s rise.They even send their troops to this area to eliminate him.Unknown to them,they’re actually fall to our trap.For all these years,their egos never been tarnished.Today,everything change.We shall see whether they still dare to show that again….

‘Today,Yuri.We shall show the world our true strength.Perhaps it will give you some as well.’For all these years,Yuri has been a coward.In some ways,he’s much different than any of my comrades.He’s still somehow restricted to that code of honor,a code that I still despised until today.’Why you say that,Vladimir?What do you mean showing our true strength?’He questioned what exactly the meaning of my phrase.Instead of answering his question,I answered my call,’ Is everything ready? Do it.’Moments later,a massive explosion engulfed Kuwait City,killing every American soldiers and the remaining occupants.’Yuri,that’s your answer.’I can see horror appear in his expression.He thought we just gonna bluffed the Americans,not using it.

”You have to understand Yuri.This is only just the beginning.’I tell him what exactly we did today is just a baby step for our cause.Enraged with my words,he punched me,saying,’You’re a mad man,Vladimir.We may achieve glory over them,but I can assure you,they will hit us very hard.You’re actually stirring a hornet’s nest.’I shrugged off his words,assures him that the West will never know our role behind al-Assad’s rise.However,days later,I might regret my decision and blame myself for what happen in years to come.Perhaps,I should listen to Yuri for once…..