To say those words

require sheer bravery

an iron will

and immense strength

sound simple

but for those

under its spell

it’s one of the most

difficult thing

a man will utter

To say those words

utter it

with sincerity

with honesty

without a single fear

it doesn’t matter

whether those words

will be accepted

or vice versa

one thing is certain

utter it

provide a massive relief

for tormented soul

To say those words

things might be different

it will be

no longer the same

everything will change

like it or not

embrace and live on

for another day

if she reciprocate

it will be

one of the happiest day

a man will felt

if not

let it go

and move on

life can be cruel

wielding that axe

without any mercy

at all

and yet

maybe it’s the best

thing for us

there is a reason

behind it after all