Two nights ago,David Moyes was present in Ewood Park,scouting his next opponent,Bolton Wanderers for their next Barclays Premier League encounter.However,after 45 minutes,he immediately left the site while voicing his anger towards the fans.Why?Because while he was busy assessing Wanderers strength,fans of Blackburn Rovers hurled abuse towards their beleaguered manager,Steve Kean and Rovers players.As a fellow Glaswegian,he’s absolutely shocked with what he saw,the way the fans treated Kean.Other figures like Harry Redknapp and Michael Owen were astonished with the way fans treated their team.They said this incident was absolutely unacceptable and fans should targeted instead the owners,the Venkys for their failure to assist Kean at times like this.Moreover,Blackburn fight to the death despite have to contend with injuries that decimated the squad.As a fan,we all have rights to be angry when our favorite team play poorly.However,never use that excuse to that extend that could damaging the club itself,leading to its demise.We’ll concurred that Kean may not be the best appointment made by the management.We’ll concurred decisions were against us,costing us the points.However,the people that we should targeted instead the manager,we should targeted the owners.The Venkys have failed miserably managing the club ever since it’s acquisition last year.It seems they do not have the knowledge on how to manage a football club and failed to build strong relationship with the fans.The fact that they used those transfer fees to serve their debts further proved that they may not possess the wealth after all.Remember Phil Jones saga?After Manchester United successfully bid him with a price reported to be 16.5 million pound,the Venkys tried to drag the transfer by asking more money.How about last week when Barclays Bank told them to pay 10 million pound or facing a huge crisis.Despite those warning,their chairperson,Anuradha Desai insisted that they should not pay that amount.As an observer,I’m shocked to see this kind of reaction.If the bank served you with a notice,you will be scrambling,figuring out ways to settle it.But her,no.This is the reason why fans should targeted the Venkys instead.You cannot just blame Kean for putting Blackburn in this quagmire.Instead,the owners should take a stick as well because their naivety and arrogance have ruined Sir Jack Walker’s legacy.Letting these farmers to buy this club was a huge mistake.I’m sure in some ways,John Williams might feel guilty for letting a club for its stature to fall in such kind of manner.