After last night’s defeat at the hands of relegation rival,who happens to be our neighbor,Bolton Wanderers,the situation looks bleak.For the last couple of seasons,I assume they should finish comfortably with their squad.But after the arrival of the Venkys and the appointment of Steve Kean as the new manager replacing ‘Big’ Sam Allardyce,many seemly unaware this is the start of chain of events that bring us to this.Appointing a rookie is a huge gamble in this league,yet the Venkys took a huge risk by appointing first team coach,Kean to succeed Allardyce.As a result,until the end of last season,they were struggling and almost relegated to the Championship.With that gone,many expect the Venkys to correct things right and bringing their club back to the glory days during the Walkers reign.However,all that become a distant dream.With Blackburn Rovers struggling,many expect Kean to be sack after several poor results in the early stage of the new season.However,much to everybody’s surprise,the Venkys continues to throw their support behind their battling manager despite continuous call for his head.In fact,they even rewarded him a new contract despite the turbulence surrounding this club.The Venkys themselves are being served by Barclays Bank for their failure to serve their debts.And so,questions will be asked,why handed the rein to these farmers as they do not possess any knowledge on managing a football club?And despite they have their chance to make some profit by selling it to Middle East investors,it seems they refused to budge.As a neutral supporter,I’m absolutely disappointed with the current development surrounding the club.To see the club in this quagmire is absolutely shocking and humiliating.If I’m the owner of Blackburn,I will put my house back in order by sacking Kean and put a new structure to the club.I’m also ensure every debt will be served perfectly to lift some gloom away from Ewood Park.Sacking him of course forcing me to part with a huge sum of money but it’s a small price compared to maintaining the club’s status in the top flight.After that,I will provide a reasonable war chest to help the new manager to stabilize the ship and continue our fight to stay.If only these farmers dare to make these decisions……….