Several weeks ago,everyone is taken aback after listening to Newt Gingrich’s remark towards Palestinians.As a result,a massive backlash is launched towards Gingrich.Both Fatah and Hamas,representatives of Palestine’s struggle for independence lashed Republican’s presidential candidate very hard.Gingrich himself is left behind in a race to be the new challenger to incumbent President Barrack Obama.To be honest,Gingrich should carefully tread everything because in these days,perception is everything.Everyone is paying attention.One wrong step,and you might face a very long way to redeem yourself in their eyes.Gingrich’s remark,calling Palestinians an invented people is absolutely shocking and provocative.Is he realized he’s actually stirring a hornet’s nest?Is he realized his remark could potentially damaging Republican’s chance to unseat Democrat in the White House?I assume he never aware that remark could do such damage like that.If he based this allegation on 1300 year Muslim rule of Palestine which ended with the fallen of Ottoman Empire,then the same can be applied towards Americans themselves.Before the arrival of European settlers,the original occupants are Native Americans.And so,I would like to ask one damning question,isn’t the so-called ‘White American’ an invented land occupied by invented people?If I’m one of the presidential candidate for my party,I will carefully tread my actions especially my words because who knows,things like this can be exploited that could potentially profiting your own rival.I much rather focus on my manifesto and my campaign rather than issuing blunt statements that could potentially damaging.Focus your effort to rebuild your country,focus your effort to unite your nation as a whole,not producing tasteless and irritating remarks like that.If figures like Mr.Gingrich continuously issuing statements like that,I can assure you,not only voters will reject them but their reputation,their good name will be in jeopardy.At times like this,one simple folly that could prove to be the catalyst of your own downfall.Anyone remember Allahyarham Muammar Gaddafi’s remarks before Tripoli fall?Well,if you do,then you being warned about the consequence behind it.My apologies if some words here sounds a bit harsh.