Today,the world witness the demise of North Korean dictator,Kim Jong-Il.His death leaves behind a huge power vacuum in Pyongyang.Everything is uncertain.The world held its breath.Where will North Korea will go following the demise one of the most powerful figure in the North?Whatever path North Korea choose,the path will be even rockier than ever.Either to stick with the clan or allow a more charismatic figure to assume control in the country.Whatever the option,North Koreans have to follow as well.Unlike their brothers and sisters in the south,it seems North Koreans is more comfortable having the Kim clan to lead the nation.However,this comes with a price.Famine and oppression marred the country’s reputation completely.Furthermore,North Korea seems lagging behind it’s neighbors especially South Korea and China.Poverty and illiteracy become nation’s worst enemy.Fanaticism seems shrouded this country completely.However,with Jong-Il’s demise,experts perceived his replacement,Kim Jong-Un as inexperience and are not ready to put himself on the line of fire.Worst,Jong-Un might facing resistance not only from his own family members but members of Jong-Il’s administration himself.Many seemly aware,for the last several years,the rift between Jong-Il and his children are widening apart.In fact,one of his own son was removed from the party and the government for no apparent reason.Despite official announcement mention that this move made to strengthen the country,many perceived this as a hint that the eldest son is not fit enough to led North Korea,replacing his ailing father.Of course,when Jong-Il named Jong-Un as his replacement,a few eyebrows were raised at that time.Some suggested that Jong-Un’s appointment fit his father’s criteria to continue leading North Korea.Others however sees it as the start of the decline for the Kim clan or an attempt to strengthen Jong-Il’s position as the head of the nation.Now,a massive responsiblity awaits the young Kim.The destiny of a nation lies on his hand.It’s now or never.This is the time the young Kim make his mark on North Korea.Who knows,behind his naivety,he could reunite the two nations,putting an end to the bitter war,separating both nations apart.