Yesterday,as I continue surfing social networking site,I’m totally taken aback when I read an article posted by mainstream press.The article mention that several students,calling themselves reformists,have stripped a flag containing emblems,associated with our Prime Minister.This impulsive move,resulting a backlash from every students around the country.For the next several hours,instant reaction appeared on the site,calling these lads idiots,lack of respect and traitors to our ideals.In fact,some even resorted creating a page on Facebook,demanding these fools to apologize publicly.As a student myself,I feel ashamed.Why?!These fools have tarnished our reputation to the eyes of the world.What makes me even more furious is that their leader is somehow hiding,away from the spotlight.Let’s be honest.If you dare to commit such action like that,you should also be ready to accept the full consequence from it.You call yourself a leader,yet you fail to show those qualities.The fact that you hide yourself from the spotlight prove to us that you’re nothing more than a coward.Despite of those objections,it seems some continue to support the group’s action.Me?!I dubbed them narrow-minded,idiotic comrades,who I believed have lost their bearings.This is why I want to post this today.I would like to remind people,there’s a limit for every action.If you cross that fine line,then you might end up in the hot water with authorities,or worst.If you have any problem,such as voicing your dissatisfaction,use a proper channel to channel your misgiving.Not acting like a juvenile!Because of them,we’ll be labeled as immature,naive,idiots and fanatics.Our good name is tarnished completely.On the behalf of every university students in this country,I demanded these fools to apologize publicly over this incident and remove foreign elements that shrouded your method.Be a responsible citizen and show your integrity and manners like a student.If anyone feel my post a bit harsh,I apologized for that.But I need to voice this because what they did are absolutely intolerable,humiliating and shocking.Where exactly those manners,our code of moral,taught to us while we just a child?Being thrown out of the window,I presumed!If you really are a fighter,then fight for your ideals and your rights with sheer determination and boldness.Not performing that cheap stunt like that!